June 16th, 2019
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Nigel and Rosa

Hello! We are Rosa & Nigel.

Dear Birth Mother: We want to thank you sincerely for considering adoption and taking the time to get to get to know us! We respect that your decision is beyond difficult, but we hope we are the family that can bring you peace and comfort. Your courageous act will forever bond us together, and we would be honored to get to know you, so we can share that with your child. Our promise to you is that we would always provide your child with a home full of open hearts, open minds, and unconditional love. We are honored you have considered us and hope we can meet you soon!

Our Love and Life

Our story began almost 15 years ago! Rosa lived at home in Brookfield, Connecticut during college and during her senior year, Nigel moved to town! While playing on the same softball team, we found an instant, undeniable connection that’s still there today! We had always hoped to raise a big family but after the birth of our daughter, Isabella, Rosa was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. After surgery and radiation treatment, that scary time in our life is over and all of Rosa’s doctors are confident this will not affect her lifespan or general health. However, another pregnancy places great risk in that confidence. We decided adoption was an equally beautiful way to grow our family!

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Getting together for family gatherings as much as possible is always a priority!
  • Travel is a big part of our lives. We believe experiencing other cultures is important and enriching but we also love taking advantage of everything beautiful New England has to offer!
  • We rarely skip a Taco Tuesday!
  • We love to binge-watch a good TV series!
  • Education is a priority and we’ve chosen our home and Isabella’s pre-school with great care.
  • A typical week usually includes playing at the park, watching Isabella play sports, swimming in our pool with friends, Friday night picnic and concerts in the park or a movie and pizza at home!

Meet Rosa

A Little About Rosa, by Rosa: I was born and raised in Connecticut and have called Brookfield my home since I was 12. Whether it’s pursuing an advanced degree, running a marathon, or for a political office, I’ve always been known as someone who never backs down from a challenge – I even seek them out! I really hope that kind of courageous spirit is something I can teach my children as it’s helped me so much in life. When our daughter was born, I found that being a stay-at-home mom provided me with plenty of the challenges I crave as well as being deeply rewarding. I love being available and involved so completely in my child’s development. I wouldn’t dream of anything different for another child.

By Nigel: Rosa is the most passionate person I know, it’s the reason I first fell in love with her. Her passion for her family is what drives everything she does and every decision she makes. Rosa has always been close with her family and was quick to welcome my family into her heart when we met. When Isabella was born, Rosa’s heart expanded. She strives to ensure Isabella knows she is always loved and works every day to foster a bond so that Isabella knows there is nothing she can’t talk to Rosa about. I know there is nothing that would make Rosa happier than to have another child in our loving family and further expand her heart.

Things That Make Rosa Smile:

  • People who quote movie lines (at just the right time!)
  • Exploring a new city
  • Watching Isabella play
  • Running and a good workout

Meet Nigel

A Little About Nigel, by Nigel: I am an optimist to the core and can always find the positive in every situation. I enjoy my work in the pharmaceutical industry, but family, friends and pets have always been my true source of happiness. Travel is a passion, especially if it involves the sun and a beach. I am not much of a chef in the kitchen, but am pretty handy with the grill and can make a mean omelette. During the summer months, I enjoy hitting the golf course and hope to one day teach my kids how to play. In the winter, I love to ski and snowboard and am looking forward to sharing this with my kids (Isabella will be old enough to try skiing this year). I am also a movie buff with a fondness for comedies, superhero movies and now thanks to Isabella, Disney movies.

By Rosa: It’s undeniable that his family is his first priority and all he does is for us. No matter what he’s doing, if Isabella runs up with excitement needing to show him something, he completely drops everything and truly makes her feel like she’s the only thing on his mind. In evenings and on weekends, when I’m sure he’s exhausted from a demanding week, he’s always ready for whatever adventure we have in mind. I want nothing more than to see his heart grow again with another child!

Things That Make Nigel Smile:

  • Cheering on Villanova men’s basketball team (especially when they are playing Rosa’s Seton Hall Pirates!)
  • Playing Golf
  • Relaxing with Rosa and Isabella
  • Quoting movie lines
  • A cheesesteak from Pat’s in Philly!

Our Loving Families

When we got married, our two families really became one! Holidays and special occasions almost always include celebrating with both sets of parents and siblings under one roof. Nigel’s family lives a few hours away but visit frequently, and we also enjoy visiting them in their seaside community near Cape Cod. Nigel’s sister has two boys, 11 and 9-years-old, who have made great big cousins to Bella. We usually take at least one winter vacation with them skiing and a beach vacation with them in the summer! More often, we are able to do fun family dinners like homemade pizza night or BBQs with Rosa’s mom, brother, and his family. They all live in-town and our family gatherings always extend to Rosa’s sister-in-law’s parents and family – even Rosa’s sister-in-law’s, sister-in-law’s parents! We know, it’s a mouth-full, but all of them really are our family and we LOVE opening our hearts and homes. We believe family are people you choose to love! Our friends also have similar aged children that we’ve known since Isabella was born and we’ve truly become extended family. Many of our friends are having their second or third child so there are always lots of babies and little ones around and everyone is very excited to welcome yet another baby to our group!

Meet Big Sister, Isabella!

Isabella will soon be celebrating her “5 ½ th birthday”! She is a very kind, gentle, and creative little girl. We always encourage her to try lots of different activities, but she has really gravitated towards Taekwondo (she just earned her blue belt) and dance! She has grown wonderful and diverse friendships with kids in our home town and at her Montessori school in the next town over. She just became a big cousin this year and it has been beyond heartwarming to see her genuine pride and love for him. Ever protective, Bella always makes sure to let everyone know they need to wash their hands before touching her baby cousin. There is no doubt of her excitement to be a big sister!Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: Our town is a truly wonderful place to raise a family with great schools, a small-town feel, down-to-earth people, yet we are easily accessible to everything. Brookfield, CT is nestled between two beautiful lakes where we can rent power boats, have lunch waterside, or enjoy our town’s lakeside beach. There are new playgrounds, walking paths, fun community activities, and an emerging “Main Street” village area. We love our home and love telling Isabella the story of how Nigel proposed in our living room under our first Christmas tree! Our home is a 2-story colonial with plenty of room inside and out, an in-ground pool, and a mini movie theater in the basement. We even converted our dining room into a main level playroom which makes prepping dinner and doing the usual household chores much easier – kids will always be in sight!

Meet Chui: Our “fur child” is Chui, our lap dog-like cat. Chui is very friendly and inquisitive of everyone who visits and loves to invade your personal space if it is comfortable for her. We rescued this polydactyl (that means she has extra toes!) purr-machine as a kitten over 9 years ago and she’s been a snuggling part of our family ever since!

Our Parenting Philosophy: We feel our jobs as parents is to guide our kids into who they will someday be with our only expectations being that they are kind, honest people. To do that, we follow five simple rules. Firstly, always play a sport because it’s important to be healthy, and to value determination, effort, as well as the importance lessons in defeat. Second, always appreciate the arts and the need and usefulness of creative self-expression. Third, always be engaged in philanthropy! Be involved with something that is bigger than yourself. Selfless acts are the most noble and we should all practice kindness and acceptance. Fourth, always make mistakes! They are a good thing! Mistakes not only help us grow academically but personally as well as teach us about who we are and what we want to be. Lastly, always be ready to learn something new! Explore the world, search for new experiences, find new passions, but never forget your roots, your values, and where you came from.

A Special Message to You: Thank you for taking a glimpse into our little world. We hope it is one you can envision for your child. We know choosing a family can be painful and truly difficult, but we also know that you will undoubtedly make the right choice for your child by following your heart. That is what has brought you here and if that also brings your child to us, we promise to embrace everything about your child. Where they come from, your love, and everything that makes them who they are, will become part of us.