October 21st, 2018
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Norah & Kenny

Fun Facts!

  • Favorite Hobby

    Kenny Soccer

    Norah Dancing

  • Favorite Movie

    Kenny Shawshank Redemption

    Norah Footloose

  • Favorite Actor

    Kenny Tom Cruise

    Norah Kate Winslet

  • Favorite Food

    Kenny Burritos

    Norah Ice cream

  • Favorite Holiday

    Kenny Halloween

    Norah Christmas

  • Favorite Animal

    Kenny Monkey

    Norah Otter

  • Favorite Destination

    Kenny Hawaii

    Norah Palm Springs

  • Favorite Band

    Kenny Radiohead

    Norah Jimmy Eat World

  • Favorite TV Show

    Kenny The Wire

    Norah Friday Night Lights

Hello from Los Angeles, California! We are Norah & Kenny and this is us

Dear Birthmother: We want to THANK YOU for choosing to make another family’s dream come true. It shows amazing kindness and strength to undertake such a truly selfless act. Having a child was always something that was very important to us, and we are excited to move onto the next phase of our lives. We know your decision will not be easy and it has not been easy getting to this decision. Hopefully, by providing you a glimpse into our lives, this booklet gives you a sense of peace and confidence in your decision knowing all the love and kindness your child will receive from us with the support of our friends and family.

We have been together for 9 years and married for almost 3. We met in a fairly common way — a mutual friend’s birthday party. Despite Norah’s early resistance, Kenny’s sense of humor and our mutual love for living in Los Angeles and Mexican food spots won her over. Our first date was the next week and we have been together ever since.

Kenny proposed on our trip through the Pacific Northwest. We were riding bikes through Stanley Park in Vancouver, Canada. After a long hill, Norah wanted to rest and take photos under this amazing bridge. That’s where Kenny took the ring out and said “we should do this, right?” It was a perfect way to join two lives that had been full of humor from the start. Of course, our families were thrilled.

We are both from Southern California and our families still live very close. Norah is born and raised in LA and Kenny is from Orange County (actually lived his entire childhood down the street from Disneyland watching the fireworks from his front lawn). We are so grateful to have our mothers living nearby as we know they will want to be a big part of helping raise our child. Also, our young nephews Charlie and Ben are ready for another playmate.

Why We Chose Adoption: We can’t put into words  HOW EXCITED WE ARE TO BE PARENTS & be able to complete our family. We both have friends and family that were adopted. Seeing what a positive experience adoption can be for both adoptive parents an d children, we always planned on adopting a child. Initially, we intended to conceive a child naturally and then adopting a second child into our family. However, despite being healthy and young, infertility issues have prevented us from conceiving naturally. As was always the plan, we are excited to adopt.


Meet Norah

About Norah, by Kenny: Norah is my best friend. She is a naturally caring and nurturing person and I’m convinced that she will be a spectacular mother. Norah works hard at her design job, where she helps people make their homes beautiful. But she works even harder at being a wonderful partner for me, a great sister, a loving daughter, and a supportive friend. All this and (after nine years together), she’s still really fun to hang out with. I cannot wait to see her become a mother and begin the journey that she’s been waiting her whole life to begin.

Norah Loves: Taking hip-hop dance classes. Hiking with our dogs Damon and Riggins. Hanging with her girlfriends that she’s been close with since junior high. Mexican food. Brunch with her Mom on Sundays. Interior designing and home styling. Rooting on School Boys United (Kenny’s soccer team)


Meet Kenny

About Kenny, by Norah: KENNY IS MY ROCK, and the support and love he has given me throughout our marriage can’t be put into words. To say we are opposites would be an understatement. His rational and calming personality balances out my emotional nature. Well, he’s a lawyer and I’m an interior designer. He has so many friends throughout all walks of his life because people love being around him. He’s funny, never takes life for granted and is up for anything.

Wherever we go in life I will always feel safe and protected, a quality that makes Kenny the perfect fit to be a father. His relationship he had with his Dad, the way he nurtures and loves his nephews even down to the extra cuddles and walks he gives our dogs, I have no doubt he will be the BEST DAD to our future child.

Kenny Loves: All things Los Angeles Dodgers (which he picked up from his Dad). All things Liverpool Football Club (we don’t know where he picked that up from). Designing and building furniture for our home. Mexican food. Playing soccer and hockey with his longtime friends. Having BBQs in the backyard with neighbors and friends. Travelling to experience other cultures.


Our Family and Friends

We are lucky enough to have our families close by. Norah and her sister Chelsea grew up in a small town outside of LA called La Crescenta. Norah’s parents divorced in her early twenties but she is still very close to her mother Barbara who still lives in Norah’s hometown. Chelsea now lives in Portland, Oregon with her longtime boyfriend named Zach and their senior Pug named Gil. We try to visit her  often and always look forward to trying her  amazing recipes. She’s a professional chef!

Kenny was born and raised in Garden Grove, California. Kenny’s parents were married for nearly 40 years until Kenny’s Dad Steve died of a rare lung condition four years ago. He was such a wonderful and irreplaceable figure in our family. To this day, Tracy is an amazingly dedicated 2nd grade teacher and truly loves and prides herself on her ability to change her students’ lives. Kenny’s sister, Lindsay and her husband Chris have two boys, Charlie who is seven and Ben who is 18 months. The boys love spending time with their Grandmother Tracy and learning from the best teacher they’ll ever have. They live nearby at the beach in Orange County and we love going down to visit them. Every year at Thanksgiving, the whole family rents a cabin in the snow and we spend the week building snowmen and sledding.

Meet Our Friends: Living in Los Angeles, we are fortunate to have a fun group of friends from all walks of life. Also, because we still live fairly close to where we grew up, we are able to stay close with our high school friends (and even some from elementary school). Many of our friends have been waiting (not so patiently) for us to add to our family for some time and will be very excited when we finally do.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home is where the fun is! We feel that we live in the best kept secret in Los Angeles – Picfair Village. Nestled about halfway between downtown and the beach is our quiet neighborhood of tree-lined streets where all the neighbors know your name. We spend most weekend afternoons grilling with friends and neighbors in our backyard while the dogs and kids play. We can only imagine what our future child will look like rolling around in the grass with our dogs and taking his or her training wheels off their bike with all the neighbors cheering them on from the sidewalk!

The Furries: Speaking of dogs, we love our two rescues – Damon and Riggins. Norah rescued Damon over 13 years ago and that little Chihuahua/Dachshund mix is still going strong. Just like Norah, he was a bit skeptical of Kenny at first, but now they’re inseparable. Together, we rescued Riggins when he was just an 8-week-old puppy and now he’s 4 years old. He’s a hound in every way imaginable and we’re pretty sure he thinks he can talk. He’s absolutely the sweetest guy dog to all people and dogs of all sizes. Damon certainly wears the pants and keeps Riggins in line, but both dogs are great with our young nephews who crawl and play all over them.

Thank You: More than anything, we want you to know that we are ready to devote our lives to providing your child with an environment where they can explore, create, and pursue what makes them happy – whatever that may be. Above all, we will unconditionally love and support your child as our parents selflessly did for us. Moreover, we intend to raise our future child with an understanding and appreciation of the sacrifice that you are making.

We cannot wait to be parents and to provide a world of opportunities to a child.