October 21st, 2018
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Olivier and Sybille

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Olivier: Tennis

    Sybille: Dancing

  • Favorite Movie:

    Olivier: The Office

    Sybille: Harry Potter

  • Favorite Actor:

    Olivier: Kate Beckinsale

    Sybille: Hugh Jackman

  • Favorite Food:

    Olivier: Spring Rolls

    Sybille: Pasta

  • Favorite Animal:

    Olivier: Tiger

    Sybille: Panther

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Olivier: Friends

    Sybille: That 70's Show

  • Favorite Holiday

    Olivier: Christmas

    Sybille: Christmas

  • Favorite Vacation

    Olivier: France

    Sybille: France

  • Favorite Band:

    Olivier: U2

    Sybille: Imagine Dragons

Dear Birth Parents,

Bonjour (Hello)! We are Sybille and Olivier from Southern California!

Even though we feel like kids writing a letter to Santa Clause, we want to tell you that we think you are amazing. We admire the selflessness you possess for choosing adoption for your unborn child. It’s the most beautiful gift of life you are giving. We could not be more grateful and honored that you might consider us to be parents to your baby.

Sybille & Olivier


Us (by Sybille)

How we met? In France where we both are originally from, 21 years ago! Olivier came to work at the same company I worked at. It didn’t take long for us to start dating. Two years later, our boss sent Olivier to San Diego California to open an office.  Olivier asked me if I wanted to go with him.  I said yes and after getting my student visa I came to the USA. A year later, we got married in our apartment surrounded by our friends and family.  It’s been now 18 years since we said, “I do” and 20 years we’ve been together.  Our motto is love, communication and humor.  After a few years of a roller coaster of trying to have children, we are ready for adoption to finally realize our dream to be parents.

Fun facts about us

Sybille’s laugh is so contagious, even if you aren’t in the same room you still laugh.

Olivier is the M&M’s whisperer… Bags of M&M’s will jump in our cart without my knowledge!!

Sybille is a magician.  Despite the fact that she doesn’t like M&M’s, she will make them disappear when we get home. Hihihi!

Sybille loves to cook and Olivier loves to eat! When he forgets a name of a dish, he gets creative. So at our house, it’s “beef drumsticks” and “Chicken ribs!”

We speak primarily French at home.

Things we love to do together

See a movie (all genres) and have a nice lunch afterward

Playing music games such as finding out title, artist & year of a song

Debating ideas on all topics

Organizing parties in our backyard

Traveling. France being the major one, we also love Italy, Snoqualmie in Washington State, New York City to name a few. Our next big trips will be Montreal in Canada and Australia.

Trying new things like skydiving, diving, and swimming with dolphins…

OLIVIER (through Olivier’s eyes)

As a child growing up in La Celle-Saint-Cloud, France, I couldn’t stay alone, so I was constantly playing with my siblings or my friends. I was a little daredevil, which led me to often get into trouble.  I played many sports, which helped me developed tenacity and a strong competitive spirit early on.  Today if not traveling for business, I’m an “early” bird (as in a bird pushed out of bed by his wife). I’m lucky enough to love my career. I run the analytics department for my company. I consult, scope and develop the analytics strategy, reporting and data visualization for my Customers (from middle to large corporations) to help them optimize their business decision-making process. I have the flexibility to work from home a few days a week, which will give me the opportunity to spend time with my future children even though Sybille will be a “stay-at-home” mom.

Olivier’s favorite things

Playing team tennis & Ping Pong

Cuddling with our cats (Fanny, Frimousse, Arsouille, Clapotine)

Reading books or watching movies about true stories.

Playing the piano

Starting a conversation with a total stranger and making them smile.

OLIVIER (through Sybille’s eyes)

My husband is a loving and friendly person.  He gets along well with everybody.  He knows what he wants even though he can go overboard when he is doing something he is passionate about.  He is super-intelligent, confident and makes me laugh all the time.  Olivier is going to be an amazing dad with an ounce of humor to make learning experiences easier for our future children.  They will definitively be daddy’s boys or daddy’s girls. I can’t wait to see Olivier have the chance to become a father.

SYBILLE (through Sybille’s eyes)

I grew up in “Mantes La Jolie” a small town 33 miles away from Paris.  My childhood was filled with fun and surrounded by lots of children (my mom had a day care).  I was a tomboy who loved to play soccer with her 4 youngest uncles.  Always chatty, curious about everything, I was full of life, very independent and constantly busy.  As of today… hum… well… I’m still the same!!  Even though we don’t have children yet, I’m lucky to already be a “stay-at-home-mom” and feel so fortunate to be able to care for the baby without having to worry about daycare.  I’m the first one up, usually kicked out of bed by the cats who are like “HEY minion, we want our food”.  People always ask me, “Are you ever bored?”… Never!!! My days are filled with an endless list of activities or chores to choose from and quality time with friends or family.  I can’t wait to include my future children in all aspects of my life.

Sybille’s favorite things

Exercising with my friends (Zumba, Dancing, Aqua gym, Hiking, Walking, Pole fitness, Yoga…)

Knitting, crocheting and sewing

Reading books (all genres)

Love watching trilogies movies such as “Harry Potter”, “Star Wars”, and “Lords of the Rings”…

Cooking and baking

The list goes on.

SYBILLE (through Olivier’s eyes)

My wife is my better half.  She’s funny, sweet, strong minded and self-confident.  She will be an exceptional mother.  She has this natural ability to balance dream, reality and pragmatism regarding our life.  She is strong on communication and has a way of making you talk even if you don’t want to.  I can’t wait to see her pass onto our future children what she loves to do, her skills and passions in life.

Our Family & Friends

Between the both of us, we have about 170 members in our families containing 5 generations with the eldest one being 93 years old and the youngest being 1 year old.  When Sybille goes back to France, it usually takes her 6 weeks to “try” to see everybody!!!  And we aren’t including the ones who are dispersed all over the world, which guarantee us more travels.  The beauty with social media is that we are able to stay close to all of them.  As for us being in the USA, we have been lucky to find amazing people whom are now part of our family.

Family Traditions

Having a foot in each country, our future children will have dual citizenship and will learn French and American traditions. We love celebrating the Super Bowl, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  We also love to include our American family in our French traditions.

Our French traditions

La Galette des Rois – A traditional puff pastry cake, with a small figurine hidden inside, shared at Epiphany on January 6th. If you find the figurine, you become King or Queen of the day.

La Chandeleur – (Candlemas Day) is a feast of « crêpes » we share with family and friends on February 2nd.

Le 1er Mai – (French Labor Day) We celebrate the day by offering a bit of Lily of the Valley as a good luck charm.

Fête de la Musique – (Music Festival) On June 21st, every town celebrates the music festival with local musicians playing on the streets.

Le 14 Juillet, La Prise de la Bastille – Bastille Day on July 14 is our Independence Day. We celebrate by watching the military parade and fireworks.

Meet our fur ball family

“Fanny” – Our black and white Frenchy “Fitbit” cat

“Frimousse” – Our tortoiseshell vacuum cleaner cat

“Clapotine” – Our grey 3-legged under cover cat

“Arsouille” – Our black high maintenance ballerina cat

Our 4 little fur balls are well-behaved, indoor cats and the “laid back” type. They’ve been around children for the last 15 years and always acted nicely. As their owner, we do put boundaries in place so children and cats can enjoy a lovely time together.

Our Home

We live in a cute 4 bedrooms home within walking distance of an elementary school and playgrounds in the countryside of San Diego, CA.  Horses trails and mountains surround our neighborhood.  Our backyard is a fun play area with a fenced pool, Ping-Pong table and a French bocce ball court.  We also built a “CATarium” from our bedroom so our cats can be safely outside.  The beauty of living in San Diego, gives us access to the Beaches/Ocean, the mountains and the desert, but also to enjoy the culture, the art and the museums. In addition, San Diego offer us all the amusement parks such as the Zoo, Legoland and SeaWorld. We are also lucky to be a couple hours away from Disneyland and Universal Studio.

To you and your unborn child

Our devotion to you and your child will always be:

To make sure your child lives with a smile on their face & wonder in their eyes

To support them in their passions

To help them realize their dreams

To teach them about life in a safe environment

But most importantly…To give them unconditional love

Merci (Thank You)!

Thank you so much for your time and consideration.  We hope you have enjoyed this little glimpse into our life.

Becoming parents will be for us the most beautiful accomplishment; we will ever do in our life. Every aspects of childrearing are important to us. Helping our future children with their first steps, through puberty, and to become a happy, healthy and loving well-behaved adult will be the most rewarding gift for us.

With all our respect we are wishing you the best in your decision.

Sybille & Olivier