August 20th, 2019
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  • 1. Teaching yoga to kids
  • 2. Swimming with dolphins
  • 3. Cooking crepes for friends
  • 4. Spending Christmas in Paris
  • 5. Sunset picnic at the beach

Hello! I am Patricia

Dear Birthparent: Before anything, I wanted to thank you because I know how difficult it is to make this decision. I not only admire your courage, but I am more than honored by the fact that you are taking the time to get to know me.

Today, what I can assure you is that I will love this baby with all of my heart! When your child is asked what he or she wants for their life, I hope that they will respond that they only want to be happy! I will do everything possible to make him or her the happiest they can be! I always knew that I would adopt one day. This day has finally arrived and I am so incredibly ready and excited for this beautiful new adventure.

Bonjour, I’m Patricia!

About me: I currently live in southern California. I am French and I have great memories of my childhood in France. I have an amazing family, who is very united. In fact, we call each other almost every morning even though I live 5,000 miles away from them. My parents instilled in me simple, but true values including respecting other people, respecting animals and respecting nature. Also, my parents stressed responsibility, sharing, the importance of giving, listening, compassion, as well as the benefits of exercise and hard work.


My parents also taught me to notice simple things in life. These small moments are so precious like taking a walk at sunset, a good barbeque with close friends, a picnic at the beach with family, or a night eating crepes!! In fact, I love cooking! It’s a tradition in French families that everyone knows how to cook. I am the queen of the famous French dish “beef bourguignon” from the French region of Burgundy, as well as different types of French crepes and I cook the best cherry clafoutis.  I promise that I will reveal all of my little cooking secrets to my child.

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My Family, Friends, and Traditions

I have amazing friends who are my family in the United States.  We spend a lot of time together organizing birthdays, playing sports, hiking, and setting up play dates for all the children in our group.  We also go on vacations together.  We support one another, and we are always ready to help each other out.  They are all excited to meet the baby.

They say I am going to be a wonderful mom because I am really patient and I am an optimistic person, and optimism is contagious!! They also know that I will always do what I believe is the best for my child and family, no matter if it fits anyone else’s standard. When you are comfortable with your decisions you need to just stand by them and own them and recognize that the only one you have to answer is your child later!


TRADITIONS I CHERISH: For three weeks during Christmas and for six weeks during the summer, I travel back to Paris. For me, long family meals, cooked in a traditional French way, walks on the Champs Elysee and tours of the local boulangerie (bakery) to buy croissants and baguettes for breakfast are special moments to be cherished!


CHRISTMAS IN FRANCE is really wonderful, very traditional, and there are great festive markets all over the country. Traditionally, French children place their shoes in front of the fire place hoping that “Papa Noel” (Santa Claus) will fill them with gifts.


ON JULY 14TH, my family celebrates “Bastille day” which is one of France’s most colorful traditions. Throughout the day and night, many fireworks are set off. We all follow the parades with dancing in the street. I would love for my child to learn both cultures and for he or she to speak two languages. They would be enriched with the best of two worlds. I want him or her to be able to explore their own cultures as well and I can’t wait to explore along with them!

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My Home & Community

Let me tell you a little bit about my amazing life in Los Angeles! I wake up every morning with a smile. I try to go on a walk on the beach before I go to work. I want to share these moments with my child, there is nothing more amazing than dipping your feet in the water, your hands in the sand, to pick up shells, and to play in the waves. I am the queen of sand castles! Outside of my work I have a lot of free time, which is essential when one wants to become a mother.


Venice Beach is located on the west side of Los Angeles and there’s no place like it in the world. It’s one of the most famously eclectic stretches of coast in the world. Everyday we see surfers paddling in the ocean and also see beach volleyball. This is Venice Beach‘s signature vibe. We have the most beautiful graffiti wall. We change up the art often so it’s always a pleasant surprise to see what’s there.Venice is funky and it’s the place where many of the Hollywood wannabes gather to sing, dance, and act in the hopes that a producer from Hollywood will discover them. There are flea markets and funny people all over the place.


It’s a favorite home of many actors and musicians, I can see Arnold Schwarzenegger in the morning running on the boardwalk, the Simpson’s creator Matt Groening walking his dog, or Julia Roberts ready for some surfing!


Every weekend I love to take my cruiser and cruise it up from Venice to Manathan Beach! There are many little cafes in Venice, the “Cow’s End” is my favorite lunch spot!

I live two miles from the beach, and my home is very zen as long as you like greenery!

We have very good schools in the neighborhood. They are committed to providing a learning environment that will allow children to flourish. These schools seek to encourage communication, spark creativity, and nourish curiosity about the world we live in. Their philosophy is “nurturing the mind, body and future of our children!

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My Career & Education

At the age of twenty-four, I earned my master’s degree in business law and commercial law. When I was twenty-six, I received my master’s in education, and I began teaching in France with students who were having difficulty in school and students who had Down’s syndrome. On April 1st, 2001, Le Lycee Francais de Los Angeles, The French High School of Los Angeles, contacted me looking for a French professor. I took this as my opportunity to finally go on my adventure to the United States! Twelve years later, I am still in Los Angeles and completely in love with the city and its energy. As a matter of fact, I feel chez moi (at home) in Los Angeles!


I have always loved teaching, from Paris to Los Angeles. I love being surrounded by children. In fact, I worked at a preschool, elementary school, middle school, and now I am also teaching yoga for kids in a French school in Venice Beach, which is amazing! I also have a great deal of private clients who love the French language and who have learned French from me.


There is nothing more gratifying and satisfying than seeing a child grow up and enjoy life a little bit more thanks to something you have given him or her. My job is to give kids a feeling of self-esteem, in the hopes that he or she will always take it with them. This is why I love my job!


In Closing: Thank you again for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make, and in the rest of your life. I hope you find peace and comfort in knowing what a gift you are giving to an adoptive parent and most especially to your child. I promise to support and guide your child toward whatever makes him or  her happy!

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