August 20th, 2019
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Peter and Diana


  • 1. Vacation with family
  • 2. Swimming
  • 3. Party at the beach
  • 4. Nice landscaping
  • 5. Seeing nature
  • 1. Sunny weather
  • 2. Playing piano
  • 3. Good music
  • 4. Home decorating
  • 5. Cooking for family

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We are so glad that you have found us and no words can express our gratitude that you would consider us to raise and bring our love to your child. We know that adoption is about building a family – the part that we treasure the most in our life and are ready to take responsibilities for. With us, your child’s life will be filled with happiness, love and success, and always know how much they are loved – by us and you.

There are so many ways to create a family, yet adoption is our choice. We are choosing this route out of the love in our hearts and minds. We have been working diligently to build up the foundation of a family and are dreaming one day to bring a child into our life to share our loves – to love and be loved like many wonderful families around us. In our dream a child will bring so much joy to our life when he or she grows up with our care and love. With our love in our hearts we will always stand by and support him or her in their journey to face opportunities and challenges together. Our child will be raised in an environment with firm values of gratitude, integrity, care, education, and unconditional love from us and all the people around us, and grow up as a successful person in his or her life.

Your decision is very kind and unselfish, and we have so much respect to you and your choice. It is an honor that you are considering us as adoptive parents and we are sincerely grateful for your noble choice.

We promise that we will provide a nurturing and supportive home for your child with wholeheartedly love and abundant opportunities in their growing path. It is also of great importance to us that your child will grow up knowing of your selfless loving gift and understanding how they became part of our family.

Many thanks to you for taking the time to get to know about us.

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Our friends always say that we are a wonderful family with countless love and harmony in the family and with the people around us. We have been going through all the exciting times hand in hand with the sharing of common love of fun in our work and life, common love in our favorite food, common love in travel and adventure and exploring all the beautiful things God has created in this world. With the sharing of love heart to heart, we have been the best friends in everything we do ever since we first met with each other.

We were both born in Shanghai from traditional families. Diana’s parents are medical doctors and Peter’s father was a famous architect. We first met in England, United Kingdom when we were pursuing postgraduate studies there. We soon fell in love with irresistible attractions to each other and common interests in many things. Peter loves Diana’s kind heart, elegant manner, romantic style and sharp talent in music, science and other interesting areas, while Diana loves Peter’s sincere attitude and loving heart, considerateness and profound knowledge in almost all the interested topics.

We got married soon after about one year with a firm trust that we will depend on each other in the long journey of our life. We worked in high-tech companies in England after our graduation and moved to California in1998.

We are now settled in a beautiful community in Orange County of Southern California. Peter is working in a Semiconductor company as a Chief Engineer, Diana is running a high-tech company business crossing the Pacific between the US and Asia. We enjoy where we live and are getting ready for a new young life in our family. It can be assured that he or she will have a happy, healthy and successful life with the love from us, the birth mother and the friends all around us

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Fun Facts About Us!

We both work during weekdays and have funs in the evening when we return home, cooking together, or going out to beach or party and eating dinner together. Diana’s mother also joins us in most of the activities. We go walking around our neighborhood streets or in a nearby park after dinner, listening music, watching TV or reading before going to bed. Our weekend plans are always full of activities, go shopping, meeting with friends, go to beaches or mountains, go swimming and playing ping pong, do landscaping and home decoration, and sometimes a short vacation to a national park. Our life is full of fun and excitement, and we also work hard to build the foundation of our life.

Fun Facts Of Peter Fun Facts Of Diana
A Gymnast – Playing Piano
– Beautiful Music – Playing Ping Pong
– Landscaping – Home Decoration
– Handy work – Cooking Food
– Swimmer – Swimming
– Walk After Dinner – Fitness
– Vacation – Travel
– Parties With Family, Friends, and Neighborhood – Christmas holiday



What I love about Peter, by Diana

Peter is a capable man with loving heart.

When we first met on a student gathering party I was attracted by Peter’s gentle manner and his sharp mind. He was so polite and considerate to me and the people around him. He is the kind of person that is always listening to you quietly with a gentle smile on his face, and brings up his point after you finish. When he started talking I found with surprise that he had a very good understanding on the topics we were talking about and often came out with excellent opinions. After we started dating I soon found that we shared many common interests. I like an active life after study and I found out that he also likes many sports. I learned that he was previously trained as a gymnast! Peter likes music and especially likes listening to my piano and accordion playing; we both like the beautiful things of mother nature and went around to see beaches, lakes, mountains, rivers, and beautiful ranches whenever we had enough spare time. With time I also found Peter has a loving heart that always considers other people’s feelings and needs before himself and likes to help the people around him. There was once we went hiking in Switzerland. We lost our way in Alps and my left foot was hurt. Peter carried me for over ten miles and eventually found a road. He was so exhausted but he still saved every bit of food and water for me. After our marriage when we started living together, I found another secret! Peter is capable of doing many handy things: fixing electronic and mechanical stuff, cooking, doing house work, landscaping, home decoration, and many other things to make our home nice and warm. I’m so happy living with him. He is truly a man that I can depend on in my life and my love to him has never stopped.

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What I love about Diana, by Peter

Diana is the most beautiful woman in my heart, not only because of her natural beauty, her beautiful heart full of love, her elegance and romance in every occasion, her sharp talent in almost everything, and her love for life and pursuit for beautiful things from nature have deeply attracted me from the very beginning, and such attraction will last forever in my life. She grew up in a very good family with lots of love from her parents. Her parents are both famous medical doctors and have given all their love and support in her growth. Among everything they have provided, the most important thing is the kind heart with love and the appreciation of life. These things are deeply embedded in her character that made her so charming when I first met her on a party and saw her playing piano. Her elegant style is embedded in my memory all the time since then. Soon after I got to know that she started learning music when she was three and went on stage to play piano and accordion when she was seven, and gained great popularity from the audience since then. Her talent was demonstrated again after she shifted to engineering studies at the age of fifteen when she felt that she could be able to create more values in her life by learning engineering skills, and soon after it proved that she was successful again in engineering – a totally different world from music!

By the time we were married and lived together, I felt more clear about her sharp mind and inspired talent everywhere in our life from her success in running a high-tech company, her multilingual capability in German, French, Japanese and Korean and her artistic ideas in our landscaping and home decoration designs, her innovative ways of cooking that make a lot of fun in our daily life. Today, although she is leading a technical company, her romantic style and elegant manner that cultivated from her early music education and the combination of the essence of eastern and western culture, her love for life, and her kindness in treating people and friends still remain as the most attractive part to catch my heart. It is so happy living with her with endless love when we go swimming together, play ping-pong together, go to beach, go to the mountains together, travel around the world together, and enjoy delicious home cooked food together. Now we want a new life in our family to share our love and our happiness, and continue a successful path to the future. I can’t wait for Diana to be a mother!


Seeing The World

Travel is the most exciting thing to us;

We love to see all the beautiful things in the world and have traveled to many countries and places during the course of our education, our internationally connected works and vacations, and lots of places are still on our list for future travel plans. With our future child, the list will be even longer. The world is so marvelous that we never feel tired of traveling. With a new member in our family, we will be more excited to go on travel adventures and our travels will also be more meaningful by bringing our son or daughter to see and learn the world.








Top 10 Places We Love the Most:

Lewis Lake in Canada

Seattle, Mount Rainier, Olympic Mountains

Geneva, Alps in Switzerland

London, River Thames in England

Paris, France

Oslo, Norway

Venice, Italy

Barcelona, Spain

Sydney, Australia

Mount Fuji in Japan

Where we live & love

We are very lucky to live in a place where it’s sunny and mild most of the year. Apart from our home in Southern California, we also have a vacation home in Seattle that we spend our vacation time in the summer and winter every year. Our California home is at Orange Hills with beautiful views of almost 360 degrees with the hills around with a small lake in sight from the backyard, beautiful sunset and city light, and the Pacific ocean and Catalina Island on the horizon. Our home is quite close to Disneyland and we can see the fireworks from Disneyland in the evening. A 4.5 acre community park is close by within 7 minutes walking distance from our home, and a number of golf courses are also close by within minutes of driving. Within about half an hour drive we can reach Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, and a number of beaches along the Pacific coast. Angel stadium, the Honda Center, and a number of theaters are also within 15 minutes driving distance.

Our child will have plenty of chances to go to zoos, parks, beaches, Disneyland, downtown shops, and more importantly, to attend the best rated schools nearby our home. Our community is very safe with friendly neighbors and children of all the ages. There’s always something going on for the kids and families to keep them fun and healthy.

Our home is full of warmth and characters. Your child will love to play on the lawn under the shady palm trees. We like to have meals outside in our courtyard, and often have the windows open to enjoy the nice mountain view, city lights view, lake view, and the breeze from the Pacific Ocean. Inside of our home is very bright with lots of windows and green plants. There are also plenty of rooms for a growing family and the child’s nursery and bathroom are right next to the bedrooms.

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Our Careers

Peter is a chief engineer in a semiconductor company. They design and make IC chips (Integrated Circuits) for computers, TVs, Smartphones and other electronic products. He has been working in this field for over 30 years. He loves his job and always feel excited when he got a good idea to create attractive features for the products and people love the products with his idea inside.

Diana started a company to make high quality products to make electronic products consume less power and help people to save energy. She has a solid background in both electronic engineering and business management. With the dream to create more values with her technical skills, she decided to start her own company ten years ago to design and sell her own products. Now she is running her business in both US and Asian countries and often travels across the Pacific Ocean.


Diana has good experiences in teaching children playing pianos and language and good communications skills with children. Peter has been playing and tutoring our friend’s children since they were very young. Diana is prepared to stay home to take care of the child. In the meanwhile, Diana’s mother is living with us and will also help to take care. She is an Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctor with rich experiences in child care and a loving heart to children. Peter is at a high technical position in his company and will also be able to take care of the child and family with flexible work schedule.




We are both from a very warm family with many nice relatives. Our relatives are living in China, Europe, Japan and North America. We love visiting them and staying together for vacations. Everyone in our family is excited and eager to welcome a new baby. Our child will grow up supported and loved by a fun, energetic, and caring group of people.

We have many friends and colleagues around us and over the places. We often meet them with their family and children during holidays and weekends. One of our particular gathering parties is the Christmas celebration every year.


  • Your child will grow up loved and supported by a caring, committed family
  • Your child will grow up in a marvelous environment surrounded by music, nature, culture, sports and travel activities
  • You child will live in a home where we read together and talk about our days together
  • Your child will be a part of a happy environment full of laughter and fun
  • Your child will know his/her adoptive story and it will be celebrated in our home.


Thank you again for taking the time to get to know our family and for considering us as adoptive parents. We have endless respect for you and the decision you are making. We know you deeply love your child and we promise to always keep touch with you with love, honor, and respect, and to make sure your child knows the incredible, loving sacrifice you made for him or her.

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We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions for us or would like to speak with us about adopting your child, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999, toll free.