October 22nd, 2018
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Raina and David

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Time with family
  • 2. Conversations with friends
  • 3. Working on classic cars
  • 4. Hiking/being outdoors
  • 5. Reading a good book
  • 1. At home with family
  • 2. Hiking/being outdoors
  • 3. Cooking for people
  • 4. Taking a yoga class
  • 5. Watching a great movie

Hello and Welcome!

We are Raina and David

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and read our letter. We hope in these pages you will see that we are a fun, loving, adventurous and responsible couple. We have tried without success for many years to build our family, but are now excited to be pursuing adoption. If you choose us, you would be giving us one of the most selfless and greatest gifts – the gift of family.

We understand how much you love your baby and how brave you are to make this difficult choice for your child. It would be the greatest honor if you choose us to parent your child. We can promise you that we will do everything in our power to give our child all of our support, care, understanding, and our unconditional love. We will give them a safe, fun and nurturing home full of laughter, and the security to lead a full life.


Our Promise To You

True love came to us unexpectedly. We met eight years ago online and have been together ever since. They say opposites attract, and in a way we were opposites. But we also have a lot in common. We share the same core values and beliefs. We are Christians and we practice our spirituality every moment of our life.

We laugh a lot and both of us try to not take life too seriously. We can truly say that we are best friends and will be together forever.

We will work very hard as parents to teach good values to our child and set expectations for success, but always remember to be kind and patient.

When it comes to learning, we believe that this does not just take place in the classroom in the traditional sense. Learning also happens by stimulating a child’s imagination and their ability to explore through playtime. We believe that reading to children every night and letting them play with learning toys, is a great way for children to learn outside of the classroom.


About Raina through the eyes of David

Raina was born and raised in Bulgaria, in Eastern Europe, and imagined she would live her whole life there. Then in 2000, she won the ‘green card lottery’, and had the opportunity to come to the USA. It was a difficult decision to leave family and friends behind, but she decided to come to Los Angeles because opportunities were very limited in Bulgaria. Five years later, she became a US citizen.

When Raina first came to the US, her first job was taking care of handicapped children in a group home. That tells you a lot about her core values and compassion.

The thing that first attracted me to Raina was her sense of humor, and ability to never take life too seriously. She is also someone who is down to earth and understands what is really important in life – She is honest, kind to everyone, and seeks to create harmony and calmness. She is someone who will put family as a priority above everything else.

Raina is also a very practical, disciplined person. She earned her Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering while working at the same time for the County of Los Angeles.

Raina is very close to her niece and nephew. She spent a lot of time with her sister, taking care of her niece and nephew, and helping care for them as they grew up in Bulgaria.

Raina will be an amazing mom! I can see it in how she lights up when she is around our neighbor’s children, and our niece and nephew.

Raina’s Favorites

  • I love to Exercise: I love the yoga classes in our neighborhood gym and go there regularly.
  • I love to cook: I love trying new recipes and most of the time David is the victim of my experiments.
  • I love to Read: My favorite author is Raymond Chandler but my favorite book lately has been “Thinking, fast and slow” by Daniel Kahneman.


About David through the eyes of Raina

I remember my first date with David and the warm feeling that I had after it. We were the last ones in the restaurant, and afterwards ended up playing air hockey on the Santa Monica pier.

We spent the evening talking and laughing. He had so many stories to tell and to this day he always makes me laugh.

His business mind is always sharp and ready to elaborate on any idea he comes across. He is a strategic thinker and always is trying to be prepared for any surprises life can serve.

He can be the funniest and goofiest person in the room.

I am amazed by the way he loves me. He gets my sarcastic sense of humor and we have a lot of moments when we laugh at ourselves and our mistakes.  He is very passionate and when he gets curious about something he learns all the details about it. He is my best friend and is always there for me when I need him. I am blessed to have him in my life.

I think he is going to be a wonderful father, and will be a great role model for our child. He will teach our child many life lessons and skills necessary to be a success in life.

David’s Favorites

  • Favorite TV show: It has been Big Bang Theory for long time. I love watching it after a long day at work.
  • Favorite pastime: My absolute favorite is looking for classic cars online. I can spend hours online looking for information about cars or parts I need for my current project. Also I love to read about macro economics.
  • Favorite Place to go: Concorso d’Italiano during car week in Monterrey.
  • Favorite things to eat/cook: We have favorite dishes to cook together and we love to try new recipes. I am master of the egg sandwich!


Our Community

We live in Playa Vista, California, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. Unlike a lot of the city, we are blessed to live in a place that is very “kid friendly”. We are within walking distance to good schools, safe parks and playgrounds, and there are many children in the neighborhood.

We bought our home in Playa Vista because it was a new “planned” community, the only place of its kind in Los Angeles. We have farmers market twice a week where we buy our groceries from local vendors.

There is often live music, parades and other entertainment for kids. During summer nights, we have outdoor movies in the nearby park, and different concerts during the weekends. Playa Vista has its own library, fire station, shopping, parks and playgrounds, and two private fitness centers and pools. We love where we live.


Our Family and Friends

Our family is literally all over the world – David’s parents and sister are here in California, and Raina’s sister and her family are in Southampton, England. Raina’s parents still live in Bulgaria. We travel to Europe when we can to visit Raina’s family and also to enjoy seeing the many beautiful parts of Europe.

Many of our friends live in our neighborhood and are raising small children, so it’s great to be able to get together on the spur of the moment for meals and activities together.

Our Lifestyle

We lead a very active life. The weather is absolutely beautiful most of the year. Because of our location, we have easy access to hiking trails, the beach, the mountains, Disneyland and many theme parks nearby. Most weekends you’ll find us hiking or walking on the beach enjoying the sun.

Fitness and health are very important to both of us. We try to eat healthy and both of us work hard to stay in shape.

Raina enjoys yoga classes in the nearby gym and David lifts weights and enjoys tennis.

Our favorite hiking trail is in beautiful Temescal Canyon, with gorgeous views of the city and the Pacific Ocean from the top of the mountain.


As a couple we love to cook together. We have learned to fuse the best of American and Bulgarian recipes together in the same meal. We believe it is important to come together around the table with good food and eat as a family.

We like cars. Not just any cars but classic cars. (It has been long time passion for David and naturally become Raina’s as well). We are regular visitors at any classic car shows that are happening in our area. For the last 8 years David has been working on his favorite car, a 1937 Lincoln.

We like hiking. Almost every weekend we hike in the Santa Monica Mountains. We have a favorite hike with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Los Angeles.

Thank you!

Thank you so much for considering us to raise and love your child! Only a loving mother can put the needs of her baby before her own for which you have our greatest respect. We admire your selflessness. We will work very hard as parents to teach good values to our child and set expectations for success, but always remember to be kind and patient.