August 20th, 2019
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Randi and Dennis


Dear Birthmother,

Hi! We are Randi and Dennis. We admire your strength, courage, and selflessness in considering adoption. We look forward to experiencing this journey together and are both honored and humbled you are considering us as parents for your child. You have an amazing love for your baby. We hope you take comfort in knowing we have a warm, nurturing, loving home to offer him or her. If we become your child.s adoptive parents, please know that he or she will be welcomed and embraced not only by us, but also by our very large, supportive family and friends.

We are ready to start a family! Our decision to adopt came naturally. We have so much unconditional love to share and we are anxious to open our hearts and home even more.

Our Story

Two hearts, one love.

Our lives are filled with compassion, love, and laughter. We fell in love with each other because we could both be our true selves whenever we are together! We are laid back and comfortable with who we are. We treasure lazy days at home, hanging out, watching a movie, or just spending time together. We work hard, but play even harder. We both enjoy sports, although not always the same team. Randi is a Ravens fan while Dennis is a Redskins fan, but we are both Orioles fans. We love beach vacations, especially to Ocean City, Myrtle Beach, Mexico, or the Cayman Islands. We even grew up spending time in the same beach town! We enjoy spending time with family and friends. Our differences make us a great team! Randi is the creative one while Dennis is more analytical. Dennis likes to experiment with different things , especially new and exotic foods, while Randi sticks to what she knows. Dennis is the chef in our home while Randi keeps us organized.

We are ready to start a family! Our decision to adopt came naturally. We have so much unconditional love to share and we are anxious to open our hearts and home even more.

Fun Facts

Randi is a Ravens fan. Dennis is a Redskins fan .

We both love going to Orioles games.

Randi likes to needlepoint, sometimes drawing her own pictures to stitch.

Dennis likes to cook His favorite is steak.

Randi listens to country music. One of her favorite artists is Toby Keith.

Dennis listens to talk radio, especially ESPN radio.

Our guilty pleasure is watching reality TV. Some of our favorites are Deadliest Catch, The Real World, and Jersey Shore.

We love vacationing at the beach, any beach.

Randi stayed closer to home for college. (American University)

Dennis went away for college. (East Carolina University)

Dennis plays golf and Randi tries. We are both a little competitive.

Randi played lacrosse. Dennis played basketball.



Randi Through Dennis’s Eyes:

Randi is the most warm and giving person I have ever met. I know she would do anything for me. I am always in amazement when I watch her work. Her creativity and patience are an inspiration to me and all who come in contact with her. She has always been involved with kids, and not only through her work. Aunt Randi, as many of our friends’ children refer to her, is always there to help. She helps out with homework, school projects, book reports, childcare, and watching and playing with them on the beach or at the park. She keeps me organized and if was not for Randi, I would forget something on my way out the door. Ultimately though, what I love most is that I can totally be myself around her, and that is special. I cannot wait to see Randi as a mom! I know she will be an incredible mother because of what I have witnessed with her in the classroom, with our godson ,and with our friends’ children.



Dennis Through Randi’s Eyes:

Dennis is my best friend. He is here for me in good times and bad. He holds my hand when I am scared. He listens when I am angry and helps me work through things. He hugs me and holds me close when I am sad. But the best thing about Dennis is his infectious smile and his sense of humor. We laugh together every day. He is a compassionate, gentle, loving man who always puts his family first. He is my rock. He has a playfulness about him that draws children in. He is nurturing. He is entertaining and inspiring. He loves to try new things, especially new foods. He is a hardworking, honest, trustworthy man with a huge heart. He is always full of surprises. He has been known to send me flowers or chocolates at work just because. He loves to watch our godson play baseball. He has coached youth basketball and is teaching me how to play golf. He will be an amazing father who will do anything for his children. He will be a fantastic coach in sports as well as in life.

The People We Love


We are very close-knit and are lucky to have such supportive family and friends. They mean the world to us. Randi”s parents have been married for 50 years. Her family lives nearby, all within 15 minutes of each other, while Dennis has family that is more spread out. Some are in Maryland and others are in Georgia, New Jersey, and North Carolina, providing many opportunities to travel. We celebrate life! Holidays are spent with our families and include lots of stories and a big meal with everyone’s favorite homemade dishes. Our summers are filled with family crab feasts, barbecues, golf trips, and family beach vacations. Randi remembers spending summers at the beach building sandcastles, walking on the Boardwalk, and playing skeeball and other arcade games with her family. She always went to Opening Day and other Oriole’s games with her father. Dennis goes to the Redskins – Giants game with his father every year and is anxious add a little one to this tradition. His annual golf trip to his dad’s allows for father-son bonding. We dream of sharing these traditions and creating new ones.


Many of our friends go back to childhood. We grew up together and still remain close . Like our families, they are a big part of our lives. Randi was the nanny for many of her friends’ children and the godmother to one. She eagerly awaits the opportunity to raise children. Dennis” godson Nicholas is also a big part of our lives. We cheer him on at his baseball games and take him on rides at carnivals. We love going swimming, making s’mores, going to ball games and lacrosse tournaments, going out for ice cream, and visiting amusement parks with our friends and their children. Barbecues and crab feasts in the summer and snowball fights in the winter are always a blast! We spend a lot of time with our friends and their kids and look forward to having our children be a part of this, too.



Where We Call Home

They say that living in Maryland puts you close to everything –the ocean and the mountains are only a few hours away. Washington, D.C. is just an hour away with all it has to offer and its history as our nation’s capital. We live just outside of Baltimore and are only minutes from the Zoo, the Aquarium, farms, museums, parks, playgrounds, and the harbor. There are many carnivals and street fairs nearby, as well as community celebrations that we enjoy visiting. The state fair is also a favorite. Our neighborhood is filled with children of all ages. There are always families out for a stroll or walking their dogs. Being in Maryland, we get to experience all four seasons — we play in the sand in the summer, the leaves in fall, the rain in spring, and the snow in winter!

What We Do

Our Careers

We are passionate about our jobs and each other. We have a strong work ethic and put our careers first for many years before finally finding each other and falling in love. We have many of the same interests and desires. We both made career changes. After a successful career managing a children’s toy and book store, Randi is now a Kindergarten teacher and loves every minute of it. Dennis worked in Human Resources for several years before becoming a financial planner. He finds it much more rewarding to help people plan for their future and cannot imagine doing anything else. Randi has summers off to spend with the family. Working for himself allows Dennis much more flexibility with his schedule.

What We Will Do

Our Promise

We will love our children unconditionally

We will provide a stable and loving home

We will surround them with family and friends

We will teach them the values of kindness, respect for others, and good manners

We will stress the importance of education

We will give them every opportunity to succeed and pursue their dreams

We will teach our children the importance of hard work and a good work ethic

We will play and have fun together.



Thank You

Our family of two is eager to grow. Although we each have our own story and journey that brought us here, we share the same wish for your child to have a wonderful life full of love and opportunity. Thank you for considering us.