July 16th, 2019
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Reed and Joe

Hello! We are Reed and Joe from Los Angeles, California

Dear Birth Mother: Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. WE’RE SO EXCITED TO BECOME PARENTS. We hope this profile gives you a glimpse into who we are and why we will be good fathers.

If we are lucky enough to be chosen, we promise to provide a loving home filled with laughter & love, surrounded by amazing friends & family. We went on our first date 20 years ago in college in New York City and it was love at first sight. Now we’ve been happily married for 10 years and live in Los Angeles with our grumpy little dog. We’ve been best friends for all this time, at each other’s side, supporting each other’s dreams as we grew from students into professionals.  Now that we’ve established our careers, we’re ready and excited to start a family of our own. We both come from wonderful, loving families— and we are thankful for the opportunity to provide the same for our future child.

About Us: We met during the first week of college classes and became fast friends. We found we had so much in common and started spending all of our time together. Some people fall in love after they start dating— for us, we started dating because we’d already fallen in love! From the beginning, we found we shared certain qualities: honesty, integrity, responsibility, and kindness. We both possess strong work ethics, and we value family and love above all else. We love cooking together, and traveling, and we always enjoy gathering friends and family at our home. We enjoy spending time with our dog, playing video games, going to the movies, and going for a hike or working out together. A typical weekday starts early for us and by sundown, we wrap up work and make dinner together. This is our family time to share stories of our day.

Fun Facts

  • Reed can play half a song on a ukulele.
  • We are both TERRIBLE singers.
  • Reed won a national science award as a teenager and got invited to the White House.
  • Joe saw a UFO in the sky when he was 10.
  • Reed does doctor stuff all day and likes to read comic books at night.
  • Joe does movie stuff all day and likes to read the news at night.
  • Reed learned to read before all the other kids in his kindergarten class, so the teacher had him read to the class during story time each day.



Meet Joe

About Joe, by Joe: I work as a writer-director, making movies, TV shows and also TV commercials. Because of my work, my schedule is very flexible, and I look forward to being able to make extra time for our child. I love taking pictures, drawing, reading and writing and watching films. I collect art and photography books, and to keep fit I work with a boxing trainer. I’m great with technology and gadgets and computers. I also like working with my hands, fixing things or repainting a room. Because art and creativity are so important in my life, I look forward to painting and drawing with our future child and unlocking their creativity. Most of all I’m excited to instill a love of reading in our child.

About Joe, by Reed: Joe is my best friend, and he has helped me become the best version of myself. He is strong, smart and creative and helps me solve all sorts of problems around the house. I’ll ask him which picture to hang up… and then ask him how to hang it. When I am planting things in the garden and somehow the sprinklers don’t work, he’s the one who will help me fix it. Joe just makes things work. I get a sense of the kind of dad Joe will be whenever I see him playing with our nieces, nephews, cousins and our own dog, and it brings tears to my eyes knowing that our future child will get to have him as a father.

Joe Loves:

  • Eating dinner (I love seafood!)
  • Spending time with family
  • Boxing
  • Taking Pictures
  • Listening to music (heavy music for working out, hip-hop in the car, Ella Fitzgerald with dinner)
  • Hiking through the redwood trees in Muir Woods with Reed



Meet Reed

About Reed, by Reed: After a day’s work, I enjoy tending to my garden, and picking out some veggies to cook with dinner. Most of all, I love reading. I read everything from biographies and history to comic books. I also love swimming, skiing and scuba diving. I feel my training as a doctor and my experience dealing with patients will help me be a better parent. I am a partner in my medical practice, and have the ability to choose my own hours, which will allow me great flexibility in my schedule and to cut back on hours when I need to dedicate more time to my family. I am excited to do the big things with our future child, like teaching them to read and the little chores like getting a haircut with them. I can’t wait to share with them how the world works and find out what things excite them most.

About Reed, by Joe: Reed is my everything. My closest friend, the love of my life, and my greatest collaborator.  I was drawn to Reed the day I met him. He is naturally caring and nurturing, which is why he became a doctor. He’s incredibly kind and thoughtful, a great listener and a great speaker— I think it says a lot about Reed that he learned to speak Spanish during his medical training at public hospitals to better connect  with his patients. Reed is a great cook, and often pulls together friends and family for an amazing feast. Reed truly cares for all of us, and I know he’ll care so deeply for our future child— it’s great having a doctor in the house, and I know he’ll make an incredibly nurturing and loving father.

Reed Loves:

  • Cooking dinner (I bake fresh bread!)
  • Helping others
  • Reading (including comic books)
  • Teaching (I founded an organization that teaches other doctors about patient care)
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling at Catalina Island with Joe



Our Loving Families

Reed’s parents live nearby. They are beyond excited to become grandparents! We gather together every Sunday. They both love kids, love playing games and they both look forward to reading books to their future grandchild.

Reed’s younger sister and her husband are college professors in the South (Georgia). We’re very close with them, and we visit each other several times a year. We think they will be a great part of our future child’s extended family. Joe’s parents live in New York and visit many times a year. With interests in fitness, cooking, books and carpentry, they bring a lot of interesting influences to the family. Joe’s older brother lives in New York. They talk every day and visit as often as possible. He is an amazing uncle to lots of our young cousins. He really enjoys spending time with them, chasing them around the yard, or helping them paint and draw.   Our future child will also have lots of amazing, fun-loving cousins coast-to-coast. They include kids of various ages, big and small, and they’re excited to welcome a new playmate!

Traditions: We view holidays as a very special time, an opportunity to reconnect, share our lives & our love. Every Thanksgiving we make a huge feast and invite any friends and neighbors who would otherwise be alone. It’s always a fun, relaxing day ending with full bellies and lots of laughter!

Christmas time means leaving the Los Angeles sunshine for snow in New York to see Joe’s entire extended family for a week of laughter and love, presents and cookies. It’s a wonderful time for us to catch up with all the cousins and kids as we watch them grow up.

July 4th, we open our home to our friends, families and neighbors for an all-day BBQ pool party. At night, from our mountaintop neighborhood, we can see the fireworks across the city.

Halloween is always a blast, and we love giving out handfuls of treats to the costumed children with enough endurance to climb the steep hill to claim their prize!



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home: We live in a quiet, tree-filled hillside in Los Angeles, a diverse neighborhood with friendly neighbors, hiking trails and parks, lots of families, and an excellent public school. There are hummingbirds and butterflies, yet we’re 10 minutes from downtown— the best of both worlds and a great place to raise a child. Our home is a 3-bedroom house, with a large garden filled with fruits and vegetables, a pool and beautiful views of Los Angeles. Our neighbors are kind and warm and we regularly socialize with them.

Our Dog, Maury: He’s a mix of terrier and Chihuahua and other breeds— he’s really one of a kind. Maury has always been a very smart and sweet dog with a big personality. Having him in our lives has been a fun, wonderful learning experience.

Thank You: Early in our relationship we agreed that adoption was part of our future plans. We’ve always wanted to raise a family. We promise to raise your child with our unconditional love. We vow to be at their side when they stumble, and to always lift them up. We promise to provide them with a wonderful home life, and also show them the world. And we vow to raise them with traditions and values, with a focus on family and friendship.

We thank you again for considering adoption. We admire your strength and courage. We can’t wait to welcome a little person into the world, and we’d be honored if you choose us to be fathers to your child.

We promise to:

  • Instill VALUES of respect, understanding and kindness.
  • Support our child in ACHIEVING THEIR DREAMS
  • Raise them in a wonderful HOME of love and laughter
  • Surround them with FAMILY and TRADITIONS