July 16th, 2019
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Rob and Clark

Things That Make Us Happy!

  • 1. A sunny day
  • 2. Swimming
  • 3. Being with friends & family
  • 4. Traveling
  • 5. Working out
  • 1. Our Dogs
  • 2. Gardening
  • 3. Travel
  • 4. Cooking
  • 5. Playing the piano

Dear Birth Mother, Hello! We are Rob & Clark in fabulous Los Angeles!

Thank you for taking the time to consider us. We are two committed, loving, and fun guys who are looking to provide a child with a life of opportunity, education, discovery, happiness and unconditional love. We are so excited to be dads! If you select us as your child’s adoptive parents, you can be sure that your child will be nurtured to become who they truly are, and will be supported to pursue their dreams.

OUR STORY: We met in 2009 in the Big Apple!

We met in New York City through an online app, like just about everyone these days. After meeting up for a hot chocolate at a Starbucks in Hell’s Kitchen, we decided to have a proper date – ice skating in Bryant Park. Almost nine years later, we’ve traded the cold weather of the northeast for the sunny and warm backdrop of California. We split our time between Los Angeles, where we live near the amazing museums and parks of Miracle Mile, and Palm Springs where we love to take bike rides around the small, charming town packed with amazing shops and restaurants. Our lives and careers are very established, and we have the resources, time and an abundance of love to share with friends and family, we know that we are ready to add a beloved child to our family. We’ve always known that we wanted to build a family and are so excited for this next, most important chapter of life.ABOUT CLARK

Truthfully, I grew up in a poorer family in New Jersey. My mom was a single mother who worked three jobs to make ends meet. Although my childhood wasn’t characterized by ease and fun, I’m a very light hearted and loving person in my adulthood. I have always had a determination to be successful and to know what it’s like to live in comfort. Now that I have reached some level of success, I’m ready to be a Dad and to be a provider. After spending a year at a Baptist college, I decided to come out and be my true self, which is when I moved to New York to start my career. I’m a sales person for an educational publisher by day, and I’ve also built a side line as a real estate agent. I love designing homes with Rob and flipping them. I have the luxury of working from home which gives me great flexibility. I’m pretty excited about sharing my hobbies with our future child. play the piano and would be so happy to share that passion. As an avid traveler and design fan, I’m looking forward to showing our future child this incredible and beautiful world.

Clark’s Favorites:

  • FOOD: Chicken fingers and French fries – things on the kids menu.
  • HOLIDAY: Christmas because of the décor and spirit of generosity.
  • VACATION SPOT: Santorini, Greece because of the views!
  • TV SHOW: The Mindy Project, Schitts Creek, Rachel Maddow.
  • SONG FOR THE PIANO: Anything Disney!


Rob says: I know Clark will be an incredible Dad. He is a fun-loving, playful person who knows how to brighten up your day. He has a strong moral compass, is always learning new things, and is very dependable. He’s a planner, a provider, and a helper – true to his Christian upbringing.ABOUT ROB

I like being creative and I always have an art project in progress! I grew up in Rochester, New York with three siblings and lots of dogs and cats. Both of my parents were hard workers, and instilled in me the value of education, and the importance of doing my best. My Christian upbringing has given me a strong moral code. I’ve studied and worked in several different countries – I even speak Japanese. Understanding different cultures and ways of living has helped me in my career. I’m a marketing director for an entertainment company and produce advertising campaigns and glamorous events. I also help build partnerships to support non-profit organizations that, for example, fight youth homelessness and provide suicide prevention counseling. I’ve always wanted to be a dad and have learned so much about this world which I can’t wait to share. I’m a fun and playful guy, and look forward to creating good times and enjoying lots of family trips. I love to swim and can’t wait to teach swimming to our future child.

Rob’s Favorites:

  • FOOD: I love breakfast! To eat and to prepare it.
  • HOLIDAY: Halloween. It’s so creative and fun.
  • VACATION SPOT: Paris. I like everything French, and the shopping is amazing.
  • MOVIES: The Goonies, All About My Mother (Spain), Call Me By Your Name.
  • ARTIST: Jean Michel Basquiat! Colorful, modern and inspired by city life.


Clark says: Rob knows how to live life to the fullest. He is joyous, smart, and creative. He has a way of putting people at ease, and sees the good in all people. He is a kid at heart, which is probably why kids love him! I’ve seen how great he is with all of his nieces and nephews, so I know he will be a wonderful Dad.OUR FAMILY & FRIENDS

Friends are a big part of our lives. We have a strong, core friend group of friends that we see every week for a group dinner followed by whatever TV show we are all group watching – right now, that’s RuPaul’s Drag Race. On the weekends, we’ll often head to our Palm Springs house to host bar-b-ques and small pool parties. Our friends are beginning to start families of their own, and we’ve really enjoyed having little guests. Our families are both still on the east coast but love to visit often. Rob’s sister, Kristy, and her husband, Adam, have two sons ages 10 and 16. We meet them each summer in a new, beachy US hot spot. They come to California once a year, too, to spend time in LA and Palm Springs, too. Rob’s other sister, Trish, has a big family with lots of children and, now, grand children! Clark’s mom, Dottie, visits each April to celebrate her birthday and it’s a blast. We love to take her to the latest musical that’s in town, try new restaurants, and show her a good time. She’s excited to visit more often when we have a little one in our lives. CLARK: I’m the third Clark in my family. Yes, people call me “Super Man.” ROB: I was a water baby. I’ve been a swimmer since I was 6 months old.


Because we come from the cold northeast, our lives in California are really about taking advantage of the warm weather. In Los Angeles, we love to hike, hit the beach, go for bike rides, play tennis (we’re not very good), go shopping and see movies at The Grove, or walk to the art museum (we’re members). In Palm Springs, we love to splash around in the pool and spa, visit the amazing national parks nearby, and go out to eat!


Our adorable Tea Cup Yorkies, Baxter and Renoir (Renny), are our little furry babies. We try to take them with us everywhere possible which is easy because they are each only about 4 lbs. Baxter is a few years older than Renny and is mellow and calm. Whereas Renny, is always ready to play. They both are sweet with babies and kids, and just as cuddly as can be.OUR HOME & COMMUNITY

Our neighborhood in LA is called Miracle Mile, which is an accurate name because we are less than one mile away from the incredible Hancock Park, LACMA Museum, and The Grove! Our tree-lined street is a cul-de-sac, and super quiet. There are lots of dogs and kids in our neighborhood, which is why we moved here. It’s an amazing place to raise a family. We have a spacious three-bedroom home with a big back yard that’s perfect for running around and playing. We also have a home in Palm Springs, just is only a two-hour drive from Miracle Mile. Located in the Movie Colony neighborhood, the house is a three bedroom mid-century ranch. We designed it ourselves to be bright and open to the views of the surrounding mountains. This is OUR where we entertain family and friends, and look forward to spending birthdays and holidays.

Thank you for spending some time getting to know us. We promise that your child will always know they were brought to us by a birth mother who loves them and wanted them to have the very best. Know that if you choose us, your child will be a part of a family that loves and cherishes them and will have a life that is filled with opportunities and incredible experiences.