October 22nd, 2018
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Ron and Stacey


  • Favorite Kid’s Book

    Stacey: The Wide Mouth Frog

    Ron: Goodnight Moon

  • Favorite Board Game

    Stacey: Connect Four

    Ron: Chess

  • Favorite Season:

    Stacey: Winter

    Ron: Fall

  • Favorite Color

    Stacey: Aqua & Orange

    Ron: Blue

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Stacey: Christmas

    Ron: Halloween

  • Favorite Team:

    Stacey: Sharks

    Ron: 49ers

  • Favorite Vacation

    Stacey: Europe & Sierras

    Ron: Hawaii & Sierras

  • Favorite Dessert

    Stacey: German Choc. Cake

    Ron: Apple Pie

  • Favorite Hobby

    Stacey: Jewelry Making

    Ron: Hiking

Dear Birthmother,

Hi, we are Ron and Stacey and we live in Gilroy, California!

We are  so excited to meet you! We are very excited that you are taking the time to get to know us. We hope our story will let you know a little bit about who we are. We look forward to getting to know you too. You are doing such a wonderful and selfless thing by considering an adoption and we are so appreciative. We can only imagine how difficult this decision is for you and how much strength it takes. Please know that this child will be loved, nurtured, supported and encouraged to become the person they were meant to be in our family.

A Little About Us

We met through a mutual friend and from day one, knew we had a very special connection. After dating for a couple of years, we knew that we didn’t want to live without each other and decided to get married. Having a child together is a dream we both share but after several years of not being able to conceive naturally, we are excited and truly hoping to build our family through an open adoption. We can’t wait to experience hearing the pitter-patter of little feet, listen to giggles, share hugs and snuggles, wipe runny noses, and just loving every minute with this special gift.




Stacey has a very cheerful personality and is full of life. Stacey is very outgoing and has a great personality. Everyone knows when Stacey is in the room. Her laugh and smile are incredibly contagious. Stacey loves to decorate and is very crafty. She loves watching HGTV, shoes, and just recently remodeled her mother’s bathroom. Stacey did the tile herself! She loves the holidays and since decorating is one of her passions, she loves going all out for the holidays. Stacey also loves to cook and is always coming up with new receipts to try. She’s always up to watch a movie or go for a walk along the beach (we live 40 minutes away from the beach) Stacey has been around children all of her life and kids love her. She is a natural and will a great mother. She’s waited a long time to swaddle a baby of her own and we can’t wait.

Stacey Describes Herself!

  • I love spending time with my family and friends
  • I enjoy working on Arts and Craft (I started making jewelry in the 3rd grade)
  • I love exploring new places
  • I love being outside, rain or shine but also spending time at home
  • I love watching decorating TV shows to get the latest holiday decorating ideas
  • I love PINTEREST!
  • I love how much Ron loves kids and vice versa


Ron loves to climb trees - HalfMoon Bay



Ron is patient and loving, yet silly and funny. Sometimes he acts like a kid himself, jumping off rocks while hiking or doing dolphin flips in the pool or ocean. His smile is genuine and adorable. Ron is very responsible, admirable and loving person. He would do anything for anyone at a drop of a hat. He is also very meticulous. He’s a scientist by profession and loves to explain why, how, and the outcome of how things work. He’s a teacher at heart which is why I know he will be an amazing father to our little one. Ron is extremely passionate in his work and is the Director of Chromatography but family always comes first. He’s the love of my life, and after 9 years of marriage we make a great team and will be a great example for our child to understand and witness the importance of respect, family, friends and most important of all, love.

Ron Describes Himself!

  • I love being outdoors: Hiking, Kayaking and Snorkeling
  • I spend a few hours every Saturday with a non-profit organization called SG Sports volunteering to help kids 4-12 learn and play sports
  • I love being in the ocean taking pictures of fish and other sea creatures
  • I love doing 5-10K and Mud Runs
  • I enjoy being with my family and friends





We live in Gilroy, CA and we love it here.  We are about 40 minutes to the Santa Cruz beaches and just 15 minutes to San Jose and 3 hours to the Sierra Mountains which we visit often.  Gilroy is a very family oriented community with many family activities. Our house is just down the street from Gilroy Gardens.  Gilroy Gardens is a huge family amusement park that is targeted around smaller children. We can’t wait to take our little one their one day.  Our neighborhood is full of families with kids.  We are excited to add one more to the bunch.

Our home is warm and inviting which is important to us. We love to entertain our family and friends and do this often, especially around the holidays. We love our backyard which backs up to a large cattle ranch and having BBQs and movie nights makes it that much more fun!  We always see wild life such as cows, turkeys, rabbits, deer and yes, even owls. We love to take walks at night throughout the neighborhood and breathe that fresh country air. We look forward to taking our child on these walks and include them in all the fun activities that the city has to offer. Though we love to be at home, we also like to travel. We often rent a vacation home close by and have weekend getaways with the family. Either by the beach or in the snow we love getting away and enjoying all that there is to offer here in California. We also have our family cabin up in the Sierra’s that is another great place where we make our family memories.


Our family is so excited and can’t wait to add another member to the family.  Stacey has a large family and at Thanksgiving, there can be over 50 people of all ages coming and going at any given time. Ron’s family is smaller and spread out across the US. His sister and brother-in-law live a few miles away and can’t wait to become an Aunt and Uncle again. This baby will loved by a number of cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents.


Anniversary and Birthdays:  It’s important to us to have celebrations and make family memories.

Halloween,Thanksgiving and Christmas: Our favorite time of year! Every year we always go all out with decorating our home.

Sunday Drives: We love exploring so doing Sunday drives is a way to find new places to come back too and make new memories.

The Sierras: We always make it a point to head up into the mountains and enjoy nature. Taking in the fresh air, leaves turning colors, seeing wild life and having bonfires.

Hikes: Taking walks in the rain, fog and sunshine.



Being a parent is a blessing and one of the toughest but most rewarding job you can ever have the honor of having. To put someone else’s happiness and well-being ahead of your own and to teach the hard lessons and show right from wrong. We look forward to teaching our child the same moral values we learned when growing up. We will spend quality family time together and teach our child everything that our parents taught us to be strong individuals and successful in life. We will provide them with every opportunity available and guide them the best we know how. We will love and cherish them to the end of time.


Our promise to you is to be the best parents we can be and provide the same values that we grew up with. We promise to provide unconditional love and encourage him or her to be the best that they can be. They will be loved not only by us but will also have the love of our extended family and friends. We will listen to their unique hopes and dreams and encourage them to be all they were born to this world to be. We will ensure access to a solid education and support them through thick and thin. Assure them we will be by their side no matter what. We will instill strong values, including our belief that family is of fundamental importance, honesty is always the best policy and that trust has to be earned. We can’t wait to shower him or her with love and attention and make sure they know how much they are loved every day.




THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about us. We admire your courage and strength to consider adoption and know this is a very important decision for you. It takes a very special person to do what you are doing and for that, we are eternally grateful. Should you choose us as adoptive parents, we will respect the level of openness that you are comfortable with. We are honored to be considered as parents and truly consider this a miracle and gift. Our child will always know where he or she came from and how wonderful and courageous you are. We hope to meet you soon.

Warm Regards,

Ron & Stacey