April 22nd, 2018
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Roslyn and Shawn


Dear Birthmother,

We are Roslyn & Shawn and would like to say THANK YOU!

We know the choice of placing your child for adoption is not an easy one, and it takes a very special, selfless and courageous person to take this journey. Thank you for taking the time to understand our commitment and our excitement at the opportunity to cherish, love and make your child a part of our family. We are so excited at the opportunity to become parents and hope you will find us to be the forever family you have been searching for your child.


Our Story and Our Dream

We first met each other more than 10 years ago at The Stinking Rose – a restaurant in Los Angeles notorious for its celebration of everything garlic. How about some garlic ice cream! Celebrating a mutual friend’s birthday, we started chatting and immediately connected. Our first date was at the Killer Shrimp restaurant, followed by trips between Hollywood and Orange County, but it was only a short time before Roslyn joined Shawn in Los Angeles. Our relationship is a unique blend of Roslyn’s Australian/Irish and Shawn’s Japanese/American/SoCal heritage that has enriched our lives and experiences.

We are avid explorers and have enjoyed travelling to England, France, Italy, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, Hawaii and Mexico. Shawn learned to dodge kangaroos and watch Santa surfing the waves ‘down under’ while Roslyn delighted in 4th of July and Thanksgiving holidays, along with acquiring a taste for bagels, tacos and sushi which were new to her Aussie taste buds. She quickly became a Lakers and Angels fan and Shawn mastered playing the didgeridoo and baking her favorite Aussie meat pie!

Our deep respect and love for each other blossomed and we married in a beautiful seaside Chapel in Maui, Hawaii. We have lived comfortably in Los Angeles ever since, along with our energetic poodle. Roslyn owns her own consulting company and Shawn provides technical IT support in a software company. Shawn is also a trained culinary chef, who is inspired by his Grandmother’s cooking and will take great delight in making healthy and nutritious foods for our child. Unable to conceive naturally, we can’t imagine a fulfilling life without a child. We look forward to sharing our wisdom and experiences and to teach, listen, learn, laugh and nurture a child in the world. We have always wanted to be parents and to raise a family, to live a full life creating memories, honoring old and new traditions.

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Why ROSLYN is special to me, by Shawn

Roslyn is a passionate person, who champions fairness, and fights for the underdog. Being Australian she is an adventurous soul, who is an avid traveler and has a wanderlust for exploration, but she also feels right at home relaxing and being a little funny and quirky.

When I met Roslyn, she was an independent spirit, and still is. She doesn’t follow the crowd, but blazes her own trail. She has taught me to stick up for myself and value my individuality and unique talents. She is uncompromising with her generosity and love. She is so gentle and kind with her godchildren, and loves reading to them, and sharing her favorite Aussie books from childhood. She is also a wonderful aunt to her nieces and nephews. I’m not sure who loves Disneyland and cuddly soft toys more!

Roslyn is generous and supports so many worthy causes and charities. She is always prepared to help a friend in need. Roslyn is very accomplished in her career and well respected by those in the business community. She is experienced in accounting and auditing and owns her own consulting company. She is talented in music and style. She inspires me daily, as my cheerleader and muse. I have the greatest respect and love for Roslyn, my best friend and wife. I can’t think of anything better than to raise a family with her morals and ideals.

Fun Facts about Roslyn

√ Plays the piano

√ Loves the Minions

√ Makes a tasty vegemite and cheese toasted sandwich

√ Grows orchids

√ Supports Wounded Warrior and Habitat for Humanity

√ Has a slick tennis serve

√ Favorite TV show is ‘The Voice’

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Why SHAWN is special to me, by Roslyn

Shawn brings love, laughter and a zest for life that makes my everyday special. I knew when I first saw met him at The Stinking Rose that he was the one for me.

Shawn is the kindest, most generous and loyal best friend and husband. He has always been there to encourage and support me in any pursuit and has helped me achieve much of the success I have today.

The talents that Shawn has are amazingly creative. He is an accomplished chef from Le Cordon blue Culinary School, a musician and artist. He can’t wait to be able to teach our child how to play the drums or guitar, swim in our pool and learn some cooking techniques for yummy meals.

As a graduate of UCLA and with his expertise in IT, Shawn is our guru at home for handling all the Wi-Fi, TIVO and computer needs. No magic moments escape Shawn’s iPhone camera. He is an avid photographer with a great eye, always snapping pics. He loves to capture every moment, creating many beautiful memories for today and tomorrow.

Shawn is wonderful with children and they love his magic tricks, ability to juggle and play Marco polo. Our nieces/nephews adore him and always ask if Uncle Shawn has a new trick or game he can play with them. Shawn is so excited at the opportunity to be a Dad, and I know he will be the greatest Dad ever.


Fun Facts about Shawn

√ Plays the drums

√ Makes a killer chili E Loves comic books and sci-fi

√ Skateboards with our dog Batman

√ Is an avid, artistic photographer

√ Favorite TV series are Game of Thrones and Walking Dead

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The People we Love

Our extended family is a wonderful blend of Finnish, Irish, Australian, Japanese and American heritage. We can’t wait to introduce our child to our family across the globe and to share in the culture that we grew up with.

ROSLYN: I have two brothers who live in Australia. My older brother has three children who love hanging out with Auntie Ros, whether at home or in the US. They love sports, camping and roasting marshmallow’s and can’t wait to have a little cousin they can teach how to navigate the Aussie outback. My younger brother visits with us every year, just to hang out and visit landmarks in the US.

My mom is retired and was an elementary teacher who taught us all to read by age 2. I love chatting with my mom every week. My dad gained a PHD in Chemistry and had a keen interest in researching our family tree back to the 1800’s, publishing a book of our Finnish origins before his passing. We now have an extended family of relatives in Finland we visit with.

As a godmother to my best friend’s children, I love spending time with the two little girls aged 5 and 7. We go to the beach and parks together, birthday parties, cook dinner, play music and always have time for a goodnight story. Many of my friends have newborns also who are excited at the thought of us having a baby to share experiences with and join in their playgroup.

Many of my aunts, uncles, cousins and their children live in Australia, Ireland and London. We keep in touch via email, skype and visits to Australia/US. One of my cousins is married with 4 children and lives just 1/2 hour away. They are so excited for us to have a baby and already offering to baby sit! My mom loves her grandchildren so much and happily looks forward to the chance to cuddle and love our child.


SHAWN: I grew up in Southern California where my dad built our family home in San Diego. My mom comes from a large family of 9 brothers and sisters and I have 12 cousins in California with children that we frequently visit. My sister also lives in San Diego and is a dentist.

I am 4th generation Japanese and was very lucky to have learned some great family recipes passed down from my grandmother that we can continue to enjoy and celebrate the unique flavors of Japan.

With my immediate family just a couple of hours drive away, we regularly visit, even just for lunch or a coffee, and chat and text all the time. Both my parents are retired now. My dad is an avid gardener with multiple citrus and macadamia nut trees at home, providing succulent fresh produce for us all. He was a former judo champion and served in the National Guard before becoming an executive in the semiconductor business. My mom was a school teacher and reading specialist, just like Roslyn’s mom, so there will be no shortage of grandmothers lining up to read a bedtime story!

My best friend has two little girls who we love dearly. They have a blast swimming in our pool and chasing our dog around in the summertime. My parents are over the moon at the prospect of having a grandchild they can dote on and give all their love to.

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Our favorite holiday is Christmas

We go and pick our favorite fresh tree which Roslyn loves decorating, along with flowers, candles and garlands in the house. We watch the Christmas movies and play carols all day long. In Australia it is summer, and we have a BBQ or picnic by the beach or river, and watch the sunset on a beautiful warm evening.

Our Home & Community

We live in a lovely, family friendly neighborhood in the sunny Los Angeles hills. We have a spacious 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom ranch style home with a pool, and beautiful view of the mountains and can see the pretty city lights at night (and the 4th of July fireworks!) Our home is on a quiet cul-de-sac and is child friendly with many couples and young children.

We enjoy taking our dog for a walk and chatting with our neighbors. It is a strong community where we look out for each other. We chose this neighborhood because it is quiet, safe and comfortable with great schools. We are just a few streets away from a major sports/aquatic center where we play tennis, and it has a wide array of shops and nature reserves for hiking.

Meet Batman – our vivacious and friendly puppy

Bold, vivacious, fluffy and loving, our puppy Batman loves to leap and pounce on toys, just like the Caped Crusader. Batman loves everyone and is very loyal and confident. He is always so excited to play with children and will be a great companion for a child. He also loves the outdoors and is the perfect family dog to take for a walk, the beach or hike in the hills. Batman is a sharp dog, is trained and obedient and can do lots of fun tricks.

As Devoted Parents of a child we will…

◊ Provide for their needs and protect them

◊ Love them unconditionally

◊ Cuddle and comfort them if they are sad

◊ Laugh, love and forgive together

◊ Inspire and encourage them to maximize their potential, to try their best

◊ Give them the wisdom and values to make good decisions

◊ Teach them to love, respect, and invest in themselves as unique individuals

◊ Enjoy the gift of giving and be thoughtful and kind towards others

◊ Read to them and with them, invest in their education

◊ Expose them to sports, music, arts, sciences, so they may find their passion

◊ Spend time with them, play with them, and listen to them

◊ Share our global experiences, culture and talents

◊ Foster relationships with friends, colleagues and family that are genuine and supportive

◊ Develop a trusting and loving relationship with our child forever


We promise that the journey your child takes in life will be filled with love, patience, support, wisdom, opportunity, giving coaching and care. We can’t wait for a child to join our family!


THANK YOU for exploring our journey to date and sharing our excitement at the journey ahead. We would love for you to choose us as the forever parents for your child. We know that adopting a child is a lifelong commitment, as is your decision to give. Your child will know they are adopted and are forever special because they have an extended loving family.

We wish you blessings, strength and courage as you continue on your journey and should our paths join in the future, may you know that we will walk with and support you in the celebration of a new child in the world.

Your forever parents, Roslyn & Shawn


If you would like to speak to us about adopting your child or if you have any questions at all for us, please contact one of the Adoption Advisors at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999.