August 20th, 2019
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Russell and Emily

A CERTAIN HOPE IS GROWING IN OUR HEARTS, and we are filled with excitement to welcome your child into our home with great love and joy, and to share the wonderful life we are blessed with.


We are so excited with this beautiful journey and we would like to share with you how it all started.

We’ve been trying to have our own but so far, it’s been an emotional roller coaster ride for us. Until both of us started having dreams of a particular child. Since then, we’ve felt the calling to adopt.

We realize you probably are going through your own emotional roller coaster ride and all we hope for is that you’ll and that peace that we have our arms ready to receive your child with love and provide a place to call home.

The beginning of our LOVE STORY & beyond

HI! THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO CONSIDER US AS ADOPTIVE PARENTS. Your courage in considering adoption is very admirable. And, it opens the door for us to experience a certain joy that we’ve been looking forward to. As you read through our story, we hope you get to know us more, and may it give you peace in this journey.

Thank you, Russell & Emily

You might be SURPRISED to know…

G Russell asked permission from Emily’s father before proposing to her

G Emily was hands-on with their wedding details, hand crafting everything up to her very own veil

G We love movies and TV shows—funny, intellectual, suspenseful.

G We rescued a very energetic and sweet dog, and named him, “Cooper”

G Being a diverse couple, we both enjoy good food & can be adventurous cooking at home or trying a new restaurant!

G We love the beach and the fresh air. Walking together is a must!

G We enjoy music! Both of us have big collections and selections of different genres

G One of our greatest things in common is that we both love traveling!

G We both love gatherings and hosting family and friends! G Emily loves scrapbooking! G From day one Russell has been such a gentleman that he opens the door for Emily even to this day

Meet EMILY (thoughts from Russell)

The first thing you will notice when you meet Emily is her smile. everything is a sweet journey for her!

She is great with kids. She is a volunteer at our church’s Sunday School and helps direct the Vacation Bible School. She also has a lot of Godchildren. She is great at organizing anything from keeping the home organized, to putting together events ranging from birthday parties to weddings. She is a good host, making sure that everyone of all ages is taken care of and enjoying the party. Her cooking and baking are amazing, whether for a big gathering or just the two of us. I AM CONFIDENT SHE WILL MAKE A GREAT STAY-AT-HOME MOM FOR OUR FUTURE FAMILY. She enjoys doing everything around the house, from gardening and landscaping outside to decorating and arranging inside-anything to make the house a home!

a few FUN FACTS about Emily


Emily is social. She easily makes friends and loves to talk. She can even get me to dance!


Emily is loving and caring. As a former nurse, she knows how to take care of people and bring them comfort.


Emily has a great singing voice. She sings in our church choir and is excellent as either a lead or a back up.


Emily is a visionary. She has long-term plans to achieve her hopes and dreams.


Emily is spiritual. Her life is grounded in her faith in God.


Emily is artistic and creative. She can turn the most basic idea, like making a sign or folding a napkin into a real work of art.

what Emily LOVES MOST about Russell


Russell always has a positive attitude. He can always find hope.


He is a generous giver. I admire how he handles our finances and expenditures.


He appreciates adventures & travels.


Russell always chooses his words before saying something.


He is like a go-to of people around him when they come across a question, whether it’s technology, news, work related, etc….

Way of Relaxing

Russell enjoys a relaxing day of just barbecuing or watching our favorite TV series.


Such a gentleman from day one of our dating up till now; he opens the door of the car and gives me a kiss.

Meet RUSSELL (thoughts from Emily)

Russell is an amazing man, husband, son, brother and friend. I am sure that he is going to be a wonderful Papa.

Since day one I have admired his honesty and how he grew in his faith. His faith is a big factor in our daily decision making. It helps our life together to be positive, full of joy and hope. His enthusiasm to always have a good outlook in life makes a big difference in making our marriage stronger and focused on our dreams and goals. Some of our friends joke around how he spoils me, but for him it is not spoiling me but just treating me with so much love. The way he handles our finances and how hard working he can be, gives us peace for our future. Making our foundation more secure gives us a step ahead in raising our own family. I CAN SEE HOW EXCITED HE IS TO RAISE OUR OWN CHILD. To travel with our child. Simply play ball, talk about baseball, football, ride the bike around the block or along the beach. And beyond!

meet our FAMILY & FRIENDS who give us lots of love & full support

Emily’s grandma who gave the very first approval for Russell has just turned 100! One icon that we all admire and learn a lot of life’s lessons from. We are so thankful that both sides of our family get along very well. We just love gathering, traveling and doing different kinds of bonding together. Our family enjoys food trips as well. And cooking is in our blood. We usually make a simple get together look like a grand one. We value the time of family.

We are both blessed with amazing friends from different parts of the world. We love and value our time with each and every one of them every given time. Friends are such a big support group in most of what we do. And, we love hosting our friends in different kinds of events.




We are so grateful that we found each other! We get to enjoy seeing new places as we discover new things. And this is one big part of us that we look forward to share with our child or children to be. As Emily enjoys making a scrapbook of every travel, Russell appreciates the value of making keepsakes of every fun memory!



from the bottom of our hearts


And may it give you peace.

Know that we are ready to give your child a place to call home. We will give our unconditional love, sharing our happiness and everything we have to give your child a promising future, and a God-centered life. We look forward to changing diapers, sleepless nights, all the giggles and the growing years and all the fun and beyond…


Russell & Emily

If you would like to speak with us or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at ADOPTHELP by calling, 1-800-637-7999, toll-free.