April 27th, 2018
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Sandi and Brenn

Things that Make Us Happy

  • 1. Biking on the beach
  • 2. Italian food
  • 3. A good book
  • 4. A warm hug
  • 5. Honest conversations
  • 1. Soccer
  • 2. Mexican food
  • 3. Home renovations
  • 4. Road trips
  • 5. Family dinners


Hi there! We’re Sandi and Brenn from Southern California. Thank you so much for considering us as adoptive parents and for taking the time to get to know us better.

Being parents is our true joy in life and we’re so excited to expand our family through the miracle of adoption. Our niece is adopted and we’ve seen, firsthand, all the happiness that adoption can bring to a family.

We have a biological son, named Blake. He’s an amazing kid and we never knew how much love our hearts could hold until we met him. We’re so excited to bring a brother or sister into our family to share a wonderful life of new and beautiful family adventures.

We’re really excited to meet you and learn more about your hopes, dreams and wishes for your child. We admire your courage and believe that you are demonstrating the ultimate act of love by choosing to connect with a family able to provide your child with endless love, security and stability. We understand this is your greatest wish and we promise to make it come true.



We met in San Francisco on a biking trip with mutual friends near the Golden Gate Bridge.

Sandi: “I was immediately taken with Brenn’s quiet integrity and wry sense of humor. I never met anyone like him before… a true Southern gentleman who just did what he said he would do and never let me down.”

Brenn: “Sandi’s easygoing personality and genuine interest in everyone and everything were the first things I noticed about her. That and her beautiful blue eyes. She was so easy to talk to and, by the end of the day, I felt like I’d known her forever.”

We dated without any drama; it was easy and fun… like putting on the most comfortable pair of shoes and knowing they’re just the right fit. Our dreams for our future were exactly the same. Family and children were always a part of our plan and we discussed adoption from the very beginning.

Brenn proposed at the Golden Gate Bridge. We began our adventures as a married couple and welcomed our son, Blake in 2006. We bought a cute little house in a town that’s surrounded by ocean, parks and great schools. It’s the perfect place to raise a family… the only thing missing is a little brother or sister to make our family complete.


About Sandi (By Brenn)

Sandi can spend five minutes with someone and get their entire life story. People feel comfortable with her and she’s genuine and helpful.  She’s always fun to be around, and I’ve never seen her overwhelmed even in the most stressful situations. She’s a hands-on mom with Blake and I love coming home from work to find them cooking dinner together, jumping in the trampoline or playing basketball.


About Brenn (By Sandi)

Brenn is the perfect mix of responsible grown up and little boy. He switches easily back

and forth, depending on the situation. He’s always up for playing with Blake… and

coming up with practical jokes to make us laugh. But when there are big decisions to make, he’s calm, thoughtful and analytical. His judgment is always sound. because it’s He also never raises his voice and is really great at disciplining Blake with gentle, yet firm guidance. He instills values by modeling good behavior. Brenn is my compass, my rock and he makes us feel safe and protected.



I worked in advertising and marketing but became a stay-at-home mom after we had Blake. I’m so grateful our family is in a position to do so. It’s an immeasurable gift to be with your child for every moment and milestone, especially during the early years. We truly believe that the bond and security of having a parent at home with a child is beneficial in so many ways.


Brenn likes to build things. As a Civil Engineer, he oversees the building of retail stores.

He manages a team for a national woman’s fashion retailer. He loves his job and is good at it, but he’s also good at leaving his job at the office and focusing on family. His goal every night is to be home in time for family dinner.

Fun Facts About Sandi

  • Volunteers as a reading helper and library assistant
  • Taught over 300 children to swim
  • Avid reader with a dream of one day writing a children’s book
  • Enjoys crafting, cooking and baking
  • Happy place: bike riding on the beach


Fun Facts About Brenn

  • Volunteers as a youth basketball coach and soccer referee
  • Started going grey in college – Sandi likes to call him her George Clooney
  • Loves to run
  • Recently started skateboarding
  • Could eat Mexican food every day if Sandi let him.



Our community is on a peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. There is so much to do here, from parks and green spaces to a terrific town library, restaurants and shops. We live in a one-story four-bedroom home with a fenced in backyard that’s safe and perfect for playtime. Our home is the place where you can put your feet up and be comfortable. Neighborhood kids love to come over and play here because we don’t care if they make a mess. We’ll clean it up later. We’d rather enjoy these precious moments in time. Our neighborhood is family friendly, with children of all ages and it’s a safe and nurturing place to grow up. Our school district is one of the best in the state, and the elementary school is within walking distance. The playground is a frequent gathering place for our neighborhood of families and kids.



Blake’s first word was “ball” and it remains his favorite word. He loves all sports, but baseball is his favorite and he’s a really good pitcher. He adores all his cousins but his favorites are Winslow and Allegra, 2-year old twins. He is fun, funny, a great student and friend who is kind to everyone. As a Junior Ambassador for Children’s Hospital, he does community fundraising activities on their behalf. He’s so excited to welcome a new brother or sister into our family. He says he wants to teach his brother or sister how to walk, talk, and play catch one day. He’s also pretty insightful and says he wants his brother or sister to be his best friend for the rest of their lives together.

Dudley the Doodle

The friendliest, most gentle dog you’ve ever met. He’s like a stuffed animal that came to life. His favorite thing in the world is playing fetch and he also enjoys belly rubs. We often take Dudley to the park where he gets lots of attention from little children. He’s incredibly gentle around them and loves to “shake” hands.


Our Family and Friends

Brenn’s sister and her husband live in Connecticut with their three children and his brother and wife have two children in Houston. Grandmother lives there, too. We gather as a family often and so we spend holidays and summer vacations together.

Sandi’s brother lives in San Francisco and her parents live in Palm Springs. We love spending time with them in those two beautiful places.

We also have several friends who are so close to us that Blake calls their children his cousins. We like to visit Disneyland together and go skiing in Lake Tahoe every New Year’s.

We have regular multi-family gatherings with friends in our town too, either at the beach or at someone’s house. We swim, play softball games and have big barbeques together.



We believe that a strong faith is important to understand the world and our place in it.

When we think of others, when we truly help those around us, we know that we are honoring a higher power that loves us and guides us to make the right choices in life.

We enjoy Sunday services where Sandi is a substitute Sunday school teacher for all grade levels and leads preschool bible camp every summer. Our church is made up of wonderful families who come together to help our community.


Our Promise To You

We promise to love your child unconditionally and to celebrate his or her uniqueness as an individual. We will provide guidance, support and patience so your child can develop into a confident, secure adult. We promise to encourage them to explore and to be independent but that we are always within arm’s reach and we will never let them falter.

We promise to expose him or her to the arts, culture, travel, adventure and wonder in order to encourage a broad view of the world and its incredible diversity. But most importantly, we promise to cherish your child, and to provide everything needed for an incredibly happy, healthy life.


We admire and respect you tremendously and we understand that this is a very big decision and you want to make it with the most information possible.

We want you to be comfortable with us and know you can ask us anything. We can assure you that your child will be surrounded by love and laughter and will be cherished forever. We’re so grateful that you are considering us to care for your child and we promise you this… we will give your child the most perfect life of love, stability and happiness.

If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999.

With Love,

Sandi, Brenn and Blake