June 18th, 2019
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Sara and Sarah

Hello! Warm greetings from Southern California, we are Sara and Sarah!

We’re so grateful you’re taking a moment to get to know us. We want you to know we have a happy home, full of unconditional love, meaningful connection, lots of laughter and grateful hearts. Our life together has been a wonderful adventure, built on a strong foundation of love. Adoption has always been our first choice, we knew in the early days of our relationship this is how we wanted to create our family. We want you to know that we’re committed to being the best possible parents. We have so much love in our family and we can’t wait to share our hearts with our future child. Our hope is that in these pages you’ll be able to see into our hearts and begin to know who we are and who we may become to you and to your child. We’re excited to know you and to walk with you, together, through this remarkable journey.

Our Life Together, How We Became the Sara(h)’s!:

We have known each other since we were kids! Fast forward many years later, we saw one another at a dinner party and we were instantly connected! Soon we began dating and our relationship grew easily into a deep and profound love for one another. Our families were so excited for us and in 2007 everyone joined us at our wedding in British Columbia. We make each other laugh all the time. Even when doing simple things like playing with our dogs or listening to music while cooking breakfast, we have so much fun together. We are light-hearted and playful. We’re grateful to have a connected and balanced marriage and friendship. We’re an awesome team and whatever the situation, we always lovingly support and cheer each other on. We value our time to connect daily and we love sharing dinner together every night. We look forward to gathering around the dining room table with our future child as we share about our day. We are spiritual and heart-centered. We believe in kindness, compassion, hope, patience and generosity. We try to be our best selves in our home, in our work and with each other. We attend Sunday services and volunteer at Seaside Spiritual Center.

We have fun together no matter where we go or what we do! We enjoy being part of our community with local activities from theater to street fairs. We love to travel and explore new places. One of our favorite things to do is watch movies while snuggling with our puppies. We love the holidays and all the seasonal traditions! Every year we drive away from the city to pick a Christmas tree and in the summers we pick strawberries. We can’t wait to help our little one pick out their first bright orange pumpkin! We also love to kayak and spend time at the beach. We’re so excited for sandy feet and white sunscreen noses, giggles and laughter as we build sand castles and explore tide pools with our child.

Meet Sara

Meet my Spouse, Sara: Sara is brave, genuine and lives with honesty and integrity. She inspires me with her big, generous heart and her ability to always see the good in others. She makes everyone feel welcome and included. She has a passion for music and is  always discovering new and exciting musicians. I’m so excited to watch her become a parent. She knows how to gently calm little ones and many of our friends and family called her to soothe their crying newborns. She has the best sense of humor, is awesome at building things and I love that she can turn my visions into realities! She is a patient teacher and can break complex ideas into understandable analogies. She has amazing follow-through and dedication. Sara makes me feel supported and safe in the world. She will teach our child these values and will be an engaged, fun and adventurous parent! Whether she’s playing hide-and-seek or basketball with the kids, she has endless energy and immense patience.

Fun Facts About Me:

  • Sara loves Gadgets
  • Sara can make anyone laugh
  • Sara’s favorite movie is Lego movie
  • Sara is great at fixing things
  • Sara works in tech as a data storyteller
  • Sara grew up surrounded by a musical family, she learned to play the drums from her grandmother who played in the 1940s!
  • Sara works just down the street from our house, and comes home for lunch everyday.

Meet Sarah

About Sarah, by Sara: Sarah has a great sense of humor about herself. She reminds me to be grateful, to take life less seriously and to look up from the computer screen to watch the sunset or have a laugh. She makes our home beautiful and keeps our family healthy and nourished. As a perpetual knowledge seeker and constant reader, Sarah is a gifted counselor empowering people to overcome self-limiting beliefs. She is tender, nurturing, comforting and kind. She is genuine and accepting. Her deep empathy helps people feel supported and understood. As a talented photographer, she documents our life together. Sarah will be a wonderful mother, she is a natural with our niece, nephew and god kids. She understands emotions, helping the children in our life feel seen and heard. Sarah is always coming up with activities for the kids where they have fun and get to learn new things. The kids run to me when they want to be lifted in the air or when they feel mischievous; they run to Sarah when they need comfort or when they’re ready to snuggle and fall asleep. She will nurture our child, giving them the tools to express themselves and handle new and challenging situations. Sarah is excited to become a stay at home mom! Sarah is a wellness coach and nutritionist, so we love shopping for fresh and healthy food at our local farmers market. Twice a month we visit a local farm where we pick up fresh produce. We love visiting the animals!

Fun Facts About Me:

  • Sarah makes up little songs about everything!
  • Sarah dances in the kitchen when cooking.
  • Sarah’s closet overflows with style and shoes
  • Sarah usually cries at the end of movies
  • Sarah loves to be creative! She studied Fine Art in school and has been snapping photos since she got her first camera from her dad in the 2nd grade!

Our Family & Friends

All of our family and friends are excited to become aunties & uncles to our new little one! We’re grateful to have loving families who live nearby. We all enjoy spending lots of time together! Sara has a big family and we celebrate holidays and birthdays together, and we love sharing big cheerful family dinners. We’re close to our parents, Sara’s two sisters and their families. We’re always there for one another, celebrating, encouraging, and caring. We love traveling together, camping, spending time swimming at the beach or in the pool and taking day trips to Disneyland or the Zoo. When we’re all together, we’re loud and full of laughter! We cherish our friendships, they span distance and decades and we think of our dear friends as an extension of our family. We travel to visit our good friends in Canada and throughout the U.S., and they also travel regularly to visit us. We love sharing our home with those closest to us. Sarah’s mom lives with us, we are grateful to get to spend so much time together. Joan is a retired 3rd grade teacher and is patient, generous and passionate about the world. She can’t wait to become a grandma and is so excited to share her loving heart and share fun projects with her grandchild!

We love our niece and nephew! Annie is five-years-old and she loves to dance and sing. Anything Frozen or Moana is her favorite. She has a big imagination and loves her mini guitar and microphone. Marco, her brother, is three-years-old and bursting with energy, sweet smiles and hugs. He’s all about Spiderman and loves to play whatever games his big sister dreams up. We had the wonderful opportunity to help little Annie during her infancy and toddler years while Sara’s sister was in medical school. We spent quiet evenings rocking her to sleep, took long walks in the afternoon, and got to celebrate her first steps and her first words!

We Promise…

  • We promise to give your little one a foundation of unconditional love.
  • We promise to be thoughtful and patient; to always listen, to talk it out, feel it out and hug it out.
  • We promise we will always give your child a stable, secure and soft place to land.
  • We promise to be present as parents, giving your child the ability to fully experience the brief and wondrous time of childhood. We have set up our lives so we can be parents first and Sarah is looking forward to being a full-time mom.
  • We promise to bring magic, creativity and imagination to your child’s life. There will be lots of laughter, adventure and fun!
  • We promise to help your child cultivate knowledge, positive self worth and emotional intelligence.
  • We promise to be your child’s biggest fan, to cheer them on and encourage them, supporting their dreams and talents.
  • We promise we will teach your child to be brave with the courage and wisdom to have a compassionate heart.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home is Where Our Heart Is: Our home is our heart-center and we love spending time in our warm, loving and welcoming home. Our kitchen overlooks our backyard and it is the daily cornerstone of our life filled with music, conversations and cooking. We chose this house because we knew it would be a wonderful place to raise our future child. We can’t wait for spring picnics together in the backyard, helping our little one plant seeds in the garden and playing basketball together in our courtyard. We imagine mornings with our child exploring, painting and coloring and afternoons in our kitchen creating healthy meals together. We’re excited for long summer days, our kids swimming in the pool and warm evenings discovering the stars. Our community has many outdoor family activities. We love the family concerts and movies in the park during the summer months and Christmas magic with horse-drawn wagon rides, twinkling lights and singing carolers. Our neighborhood elementary school is just down the street and is one of the best school districts in our State. We feel very grateful to live near so many parks that are filled with amazing kid activities. Near our home are baseball fields, basketball courts, skate parks and an aquatic center. We look forward for our child’s first swim class, art class or basketball game.

Puppy Love: Lucy our red and white Beagle has lots of joyful energy. She’s curious and silly and up for snuggles anytime. She loves to swim and everyday during the summer she jumps into our pool to cool off. Nigel our rescued Bichon-Poodle loves playing or sitting on your lap. He’s sweet and gentle, and  just wants to be with everyone. He’ll happily play dress up or cuddle up while we read our books.

Thank You:

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us! We honor your tremendous courage and your brave and loving heart. We’re grateful to be here with you and we can’t wait to get to know you! We see this shared journey ahead, filled with immense love and we welcome you with open hearts. We want you to know, even more than all the adventures we hope to have with our future child, what we’re most looking forward to are the simple everyday moments: washing messy hands, comforting tears, reading bedtime stories, eating breakfast before school, helping with homework, and singing soft lullabies while rocking our little one to sleep.