July 16th, 2019
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Sarah and Jerome

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Jerome: Friends

    Sarah: Fixer Upper

  • Favorite Recipe:

    Jerome: Nutella Crepes

    Sarah: Boeuf Bourgignon

  • Sports Team:

    Jerome: French National Soccer

    Sarah: the Red Sox

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Jerome: Repairing vintage cars

    Sarah: Camping, boating, skiing

  • Guilty Pleasure:

    Jerome: Kit Kats

    Sarah: Chocolate Chip Cookies

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Jerome: Bastille Day

    Sarah: July 4th

  • Childhood Activity:

    Jerome: Soccer

    Sarah: Gymnastics

  • Children’s Movie:

    Jerome: Ice Age

    Sarah: Ratatouille

  • Odd Food Combo:

    Jerome: Melted cheese on ham

    Sarah: French fries with mayo

Dear Birth Mother,

THANK YOU for your selflessness, bravery and love for considering adoption.  In a world here people are idolized for superficial reasons, you are a true hero—our “rock star.” You don’t know us yet, but we have already been thinking and praying for you and your baby!  We hope our pictures and words bring you comfort and show our commitment to love and protect your child. And if you are open to it, we hope this can be the start of a life-long relationship. We cannot wait to meet you!

With much love and gratitude,

Sarah and Jerome

How We Became Us

We are very excited to share our story!

(SARAH) After having lived in France and Montreal, I had just recently moved back to the U.S. and was taking cooking classes at a French restaurant. I became friends with the French chef and his wife by introducing myself in fluent French.

(JEROME) I had just recently arrived in the U.S. on an adventure from my home in France. In the midst of learning English and discovering a new culture, I befriended a fellow Frenchman and his wife at their restaurant.

Without Jerome knowing, our friends set Sarah up to meet a “cute” French guy. As the designated hour arrived, however, Sarah procrastinated and almost canceled. She arrived seconds before Jerome and his friends were about to leave the restaurant. Our almost missed date changed the course of both of our lives! Jerome still remembers Sarah’s wet hair (not caring if she impressed), smile, stories and pink sweater.  Sarah will never forget his gentle voice, cute French accent, beautiful blue eyes and cultured conversation.

Home Sweet Home

Our neighborhood has so much to offer kids: a great school system, tree forts, woods, basketball hoops, a pond—and children playing together outside!  Right down the road, we have a zoo, Patriot’s stadium, and Jeff Kinney’s (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) bookstore. Spending time at these places, our child will be encouraged to dream BIG!

We bought a fixer-upper that is just now almost finished. Before marriage, Sarah had heard of Jerome’s “golden” hands that won numerous French awards for design and building. Jerome is a master craftsman who turned a house into Sarah’s dream home! Sarah is pretty handy too. She grew up sewing, painting and knitting. She painted every room in the house and carved their number sign! WITH OUR OWN HANDS, WE CREATED A WARM AND LOVING ENVIRONMENT FOR FAMILY, FRIENDS—AND A BABY. We have already started the baby’s room filled with color, happiness and fun!

A Little About Sarah

I grew up in Plymouth, Massachusetts, where my love of nature, culture and adventure began. From my mom’s house, I could see the ocean in the distance and could explore historical areas.  New England offers so much: I grew up boating, skiing, scuba diving, camping and going into Boston museums. Nowadays, I am still discovering new places and activities here with Jerome. We travel a lot to Vermont to my mom’s lake house to kayak, hike and explore. We are so excited to provide our new baby with these experiences! And speaking of experiences, my adventures in Paris, France during college greatly influenced my life.  I loved this culture so much that I stayed for a total of four years, living for a portion of that time on a French island! I also lived in Montreal during my Masters in Translation at McGill University.  BACK HOME NOW IN THE U.S., I AM A HIGH SCHOOL FRENCH TEACHER. This is such a meaningful part of my life because I can inspire students to dream about having their own adventures abroad! Being a teacher also has the benefit of beaucoup vacation time.  When our family expands, I will be able to take off some time to care for our child.

A Little About Jerome

I was raised in France on a small farm with my parents, sisters and extended family. My childhood was awesome! I had cows, chickens, goats, pigs and my dog ZooZoo. Life was an adventure everyday:  fishing with homemade poles, shooting baskets in my homemade hoop, playing soccer with cousins and pretending to be Robin Hood in nearby woods.  Because of my family’s love and my freedom, I was the happiest kid on earth! At 18, I pursued a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Design and CAD. I went on to work for a high-end shop, designing and building stores all over Europe for Louis Vuitton, Christian LaCroix and Christian Dior.  Traveling to Germany, London, Paris, Greece…opened my mind, and this is why I flew to Boston. I didn’t even speak English, but that was the best way to learn!  After one year in Boston, I started my own business, and then sold it 8 years later to a company who has hired me. This situation gives me a lot of time for family—and a future baby. I love kids, and I think they love me! I have so much fun goofing around with nieces and nephews or coaching children’s soccer teams. I cannot wait to be a part of our child’s life like that too!

Love Makes a Family

(SARAH) I am the only girl and youngest of three children. I am really close with my mother. Together, we enjoy day trips, Red Sox games, trips to her house near the beach or to her Vermont lake house. We also spend a lot of quality time with my dad, brothers, nieces and nephews. WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE BEING TOGETHER FOR BIG FAMILY DINNERS at my dad’s beach house and for cheering on the nephews at their hockey games!

(JEROME) All of my family lives in the Loire Valley, France. We take a trip every other year to visit—and my family does the same with us. My father is one of 12, so we often have lots of cousins visiting too. IT’S A GREAT FEELING TO BE SURROUNDED BY SO MUCH FAMILY. Typically, we laugh a lot, enjoy each other’s company—and eat tons of really delicious food!

Here’s The Fun Stuff About Our Life

(SARAH) Jerome and I speak to each other in both French and English. I love using French slang to make him laugh. Jerome’s English rocks too even though he has never lost his French accent. But it is so beautiful! He can tell a great joke in either language—which he does a lot!

(SARAH) I learned how to cook when I lived in France. Cooking and family time at the dinner table will be a big part of our child’s life.

(SARAH) The flowers in my garden make me happy! I can spend hours taking care of wildlife.  Since Jerome grew up on a farm, teaching our child about growing plants and vegetables is important to him too.

(JEROME) The most important sport for any French person is….SOCCER, of course! I played at a fairly high-level in France. I would love to coach our child one day. Sarah and I also love to ski, and we go a couple of times a year.

(JEROME) Renovating our house is my hobby! It’s very simple: Sarah goes on line or we take a ride to look at houses we like. A few weeks later…I start the project and voilà!

(JEROME) I love restoring old vintage cars, motorcycles and bicycles. I like the history behind this stuff. I would love to work on a project with my future son or daughter, and give it to them when it is done.

Five Family Traditions

  1. LOBSTAH” BAKES in the “summah” at Plymouth
  2. CHRISTMAS COOKING and holiday decorations
  3. FOURTH OF JULY COOKOUTS at Sarah’s dad’s beach with the best fireworks display!
  4. Winter and summer VACATIONS IN VERMONT at Sarah’s mom’s lake house
  5. Making NUTELLA CRÊPES for Candelmas (La Chandeleur French holiday on February 2)


Our Promise To You

To bring up your child immersed in love from family in both the U.S. and France

To teach your child to speak French and English fluently

To help him or her pursue dreams and hobbies to obtain any aspiration

To provide lots of opportunities to play sports—and to coach him or her in soccer!

To teach your child to cook delicious French meals

To show them how to use their own 2 hands to repair a house, a vintage car or even an appliance

To give them the opportunity to learn a musical instrument (perhaps the fiddle since Sarah’s mom plays it!)

To expose him or her to art, culture, education and nature

To encourage an adventurous spirit in your child for travel and for trying new things

To be there for each other always as a family

Thank you

Thank you for your great love and sacrifice in choosing adoption. In our story, we hope that you found comfort in our love for each other—and for you and your child. We are so excited to meet you and to make this life-long commitment to love and protect your child. PLEASE KNOW THAT RAISING YOUR CHILD IS THE HIGHEST HONOR WE COULD EVER HAVE.  It will fulfill the deepest desires of our heart and be the most important accomplishment in our lives!

Sarah and Jerome