August 20th, 2019
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Sarah and Mark

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Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile!

About us

We’re Mark and Sarah! We met nearly 7 years ago at a birthday for our friend John. It turned out we had several friends in common, but had never before that party. We immediately hit it off, talking about our interests in travel and adventures. Mark told Sarah about a long road trip he took all the way from California to Alaska one summer. Sarah talked about a summer she spent in Mexico with her brother. We knew we’d be a great match and would be able to have amazing adventures together.

Mark proposed on a hike to the top of Mount St. Helena in Napa Valley. We had a small wedding in a beautiful hotel in downtown San Francisco. We had a view of the city and loved being surrounded by our closest family and friends.

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Mark about Sarah

Sarah is bright, funny and lights up a room. She works as a doctor in an emergency room in San Francisco. She’s great at her job because she is hardworking, smart, and truly cares about her patients. An awesome part of her job is that it’s super flexible and great for being a Mom. She’s planning to primarily stay home to raise our child. She will take lots of time off after our baby arrives and then work just a few times a month afterwards.

Sarah has always loved kids, and spent many summers as a camp counselor. She is thrilled to spend time with the kids of friends, family and neighbors. Sarah is a terrific cook and loves cooking for friends, our extended family, and best of all, me. We get a big box of vegetables from a local farm every week and Sarah loves digging through it to create ingenious pastas, salads, and big piles of roasted vegetables.


Sarah about Mark

Mark is adventurous, fun, clever and incredibly smart. He has taught me so many things, like how to drive a stick-shift car in the hills of San Francisco (which took a lot of patience!). He also showed me the joys of backpacking, and we’ve spent many nights camping in the woods around California. Mark works in technology and is always tinkering with gadgets at home. His job has a fantastic paternity leave policy and he’s looking forward to being home for several months with our new baby.

Mark is super excited to be a Dad, he’s amazingly goofy and fun with our nieces and kids of friends. I can’t wait to watch him to play catch and games, and travel with our child.


Our families

Mark”s parents are high school sweethearts and have been married for 40 years! Sarah’s parents met in the 5th grade, and have been married for 38 years! Mark grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where his parents still live. Mark’s brother and sister in law live in Portland, Oregon with our two nieces who are ages 2 and 5. We visit with them as often as possible, and love having them come visit us. Mark’s parents love having grandchildren and frequently make it out the west coast to visit.

Sarah grew up in Southern California, near Disneyland, spending her summers swimming, biking and playing at the beach. Sarah’s brother and his wife live on the beach in Santa Cruz, California and are excited to teach their future niece or nephew to fish, surf and swim. Sarah’s parents still live in Southern California, and they come to visit regularly. They are thrilled about the prospect of grand parenthood, and are looking forward to being awesome grandparents.

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Traveling and the outdoors

We love traveling together, having adventures in foreign lands, meeting new people and trying new foods. We’ve enjoyed the most amazing, sushi, barbeque, and fried rice. We’ve been sailing in the Caribbean, hiking through the big rocks in Utah, and taking speeding trains in Japan. India was especially amazing, full of bright colors, loud music and terrific food. We also love being outdoors. Last summer we spent 10 days backpacking in the mountains of Yosemite. One of the best things about living in California is exploring the amazing national parks and beaches.

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We love weekends! We like to go hiking, cook up big dinner parties and visit with family and friends. We’re lucky to have many family and friends that live nearby. We especially love walking through San Francisco, spending time in the parks, and trying new restaurants.

What’s going to be fantastic about adding a child to our lives:

We”re super excited to have a baby come into our lives. We both grew up in small, close families and know having kids is going to be great. We’re excited to read, play and explore with our child. It will be really fun to help introduce a new person to the world. We’re excited about school and birthday parties and Christmas, and introducing our child to his or her cousins. We”ve had amazing adventures together all around the world, but are even more excited to be settled and at home for our child.

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Our house

We live on a quiet street with lots of kids in San Francisco. We have block parties, barbeques, and give out a ton of candy on Halloween. We are super excited to have so many young families around us, and our neighborhood is a great place to raise a child. We love living in the city, and think it is a great place to have a family, as we are surrounded by parks, libraries, museums and restaurants. Our house is also a super fun place for kids. We have a four bedroom house with a nice yard with a lawn and bbq, and a great playroom. We live just two blocks the way from a weekend Farmers Market, full of fresh food, live music and friendly neighbors.



Fun things about Mark:

1. Really likes boats, and even knows how to sail!
2. Likes rock and roll- especially any new music that rocks!
3. Favorite food: anything Sarah cooks!
4. Grew up eating fried shrimp, okra, and bbq, will always love southern food
5. Loves airplanes: watching videos of them reading about them, stopping whatever he’s doing to watch one fly

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Five fun things about Sarah:

1. Makes an awesome roast chicken
2. Loves reading: Recently read Tina Fey’s memoir, it was hilarious!
3. Has done more fishing than you’d believe with her brother and Dad
4. Favorite food: pizza! She makes an amazing corn pizza!
5. Loved girl scout camp as a kid, and still sings the silly songs all the time

Thank you!
Sarah and Mark