October 21st, 2018
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Jamie and Sean

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Outdoor Adventures
  • 2. Eating out of the garden
  • 3. Playing in water
  • 4. Music and Art festivals
  • 5. Being around family and friends
  • 1. Watching the Sunset
  • 2. Being Outdoors
  • 3. Fresh fallen snow
  • 4. Students engaged in learning
  • 5. Gardening

Dearest Birthmother: Thank you for taking the time to learn about us.  We respect and honor the difficult and courageous choice that you are making by giving life to your child, and sharing that life as a gift with others. We are privileged to be considered to receive a gift only a mother can give, and will be forever grateful to you for considering us to be able to raise and love your child.

When we met, it was as though we had known each other forever. Jamie moved from California to New Mexico when Sean hired her to work at his elementary school. There is an instant connection of familiarity, care, and trust with people in life that cannot always be explained. A blossoming friendship built on trust, respect, laughter, communication, and rich life experiences, turned into a deeper love, and a trusting and supportive partnership that continues to blossom.

Our love for working with children, family, friends, the outdoors, and traveling are a few things that enrich our lives. We have a dog, Phoenix, that we love to go hiking, camping and snuggle with. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to enrich our family with a beautiful baby.

Both of our lives have been based around nurturing, learning about, and working with children and their families. We know how important it is for a child to know and understand where they came from and will always be honest about the love and foundation from where your child came. Provided the opportunity, we will be thrilled to embrace your child with the love, family, experiences, and support they need to grow into the person they want to become.

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About Jamie: Jamie has a child-like heart, full of joy and energy, with an old world spirit that understands beyond her youth. From the first time I ever met her, and every day since, she carried herself with an air of lightness and confidence at ease with herself and the world around her. I have always admired Jamie’s courage and confidence as a young adult traveling around the world. Jamie has an enthusiasm for life and the humility for knowing the importance of having been able to experience many parts of this world first hand.  At our school, Jamie is a most sought out teacher for the families in our community; everyone wants Jamie to be a part of their child’s life.

At home, Jamie fills the air with the sweet sense of cookies or banana bread, vases filled with fresh cut flowers, potted plants in and out of bloom, and lots of activities in the craft room.  One of my most favorite birthday experiences was a larger than life poster collage she made me using paint, marker pens, cut out photos, and 20 different candy bars . . . all glued together on the poster like a giant game board.


About Sean: Sean is a bright, down to earth and fun loving man. Sean’s love for life, education, adventure, history, nature, and growth shine through with everything he does. He is very reflective, nurturing, and very playful. He looks at the challenges in life and focuses on the positives. Sean has shown his great patience and understanding of people and circumstances both in the work place as well as in personal relationship. One of the many things that I fell in love with him was his ability to connect with children. He would come into my classroom and my kids would run up to him giving him hugs, tickles, and stories. He would also dress up as a story character such as a fairy and read to the kids. This is a common theme with the children in our personal lives as well. As a former college athlete, Sean’s love for athletics has continued through his life. He is a natural coach to kids having coached them from learning to swim to college athletics. Sean creates a safe place for those around him to embrace who they are, make mistakes, grow, and learn. At home I will often times find him curled up in a chair reading, in the backyard playing with the dog, or listening to and dancing to music. I love that Sean knows me so well. He understands my quirks and strengths and loves and supports me for who I am. Sean is my best friend and a ray of sunshine on a stormy day.


Our Families: Both of us come from loving and supportive families.  Jamie grew up in a very large, extended family.  She has two sisters who both have two wonderful children that we see every chance we get.  Jamie is also close with her childhood friends who have also become family in our lives.   Most of the kids call us Auntie JJ and Uncle Sean.   Sean has a smaller extended family but is close with his three sisters, parents, nieces and nephews.  Throughout the year, we connect with both families that are both close and far, on a regular basis for celebrations and vacations.  We do this to maintain strong family ties and because we have a great time together.  Our close relationships allow us to support each other at any given time.




Our Hobbies and interests

We are very playful and laugh a lot.  We love to dance and cook together and with friends.  Growing our own food and cooking healthy is important. We love to greet and end the day with sunrises and sunsets.  We love hiking, swimming, and camping.  We go to concerts at the zoo, festivals, and community events.  Traveling and experiencing different cultures is a passion of ours.  We collect heart rocks.  We enjoy family and friends over for barbeques, picnics and game nights.

Our thoughts about education and work

We believe that every moment in and out of school is an educational experience and lesson of the heart, mind and body.  We love what we do, and being educators is just a natural part of who we are. Jamie has worked in the Sierra Nevada Mountain and on the East Coast as a naturalist.  She has also worked with Elementary aged kids at a Circus/performing arts school teaching art and leadership, and third grade at an International Baccalaureate Elementary School. Sean has worked as a middle school teacher as well as a principal.  Jamie’s plan is to stay at home full time while Sean continues to education.  We are very fortunate to have the summers off and together.

Our Promises and Beliefs: We both believe family and community enrich our lives, and no dream is too big to achieve.

In our lives, traditions and celebrations both large and small are to be celebrated enthusiastically, and the power of laughter and love heal and inspire.  We believe that it is important for a child to learn about the world and all its possibilities from a safe place. We have an understanding that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain, and that life is not about finding yourself, but about creating yourself.

We promise to raise your child with an open mind, unconditional love, respect, structure, support and a strong sense of family.  We will be open and honest with them about the loving way in which we became a family.  We promise to have a home environment that is full of love, laughter, learning, celebrations, and is safe for your child to blossom and grow into themself.  We promise to put your child to sleep with snuggles and stories and wake them up with butterfly kisses and warm smiles.  We promise to provide your child with the educational opportunity to achieve their goals in life. Your child will always know that we are there for them.  We promise to be the warm and open arms on their challenging days and their greatest fan on their good days.