February 20th, 2019
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Sean and Marcy

THINGS that make us HAPPY

  • 1. Evenings out with Marcy
  • 2. Spending time with my children
  • 3. Traveling
  • 4. Serving in the Air Force
  • 5. Running
  • 1. Evenings out with Sean
  • 2. Reading to my children
  • 3. Watching my children laugh
  • 4. Coffee and a good book
  • 5. Family gatherings

Dear Birthmother,

Beginnings are sometimes the hardest places to start. They can also be the most exciting places to be in the world. We are at the cross roads right now as we write to you– finding just the right words to give you a picture of life in our family and anticipating the day we’ll celebrate a new baby in our home.  As we write this letter, we cannot fathom the heavy decision that you are making. We are well aware that you are considering many families and carefully deciding which one best suits the dreams you have for your child. While we can tell you all the wonderful things about our family, we simply pray that God would give you great clarity and peace about the decision you are making.

While looking through family photos, we recalled the many “clicks” it took to get just that perfect moment on film. But for each of those perfect moments captured, there are a thousand mental pictures that tell so much more. A picture is really worth a thousand words. We can offer you photos and hope the words to follow will give you a better picture of our family. Thank you for taking the time to turn the pages to meet our family.

r-2014 May 365


Hello! We are Sean and Marcy from Connecticut! We were married in June of 1997. Our families have known each other since Sean was a newborn. His family moved from Connecticut to Maine when he was young, but our families kept in touch over the years. After graduating from college, we both accepted jobs far from home and we began writing to each other. One year of letters – no visits and no phone calls – provided a great beginning for a deep and lasting friendship. We both moved back to our families after one year and Sean made the long drive from Northern Maine to reacquaint himself with the girl from his childhood and the friend he found in the pages of those letters. We were married in 1997 and the rest is truly history in the making!

I worked for a number of years as a technical writer while Sean completed his studies in the Physician Assistant (PA) program. Once he was established in his career, I left my job to stay home with the kids. I love the privilege of being home with them full time!

We have always dreamed of having a house full of children and often talked about adopting. I was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly eight years ago and, after completing all proactive treatment, I have had great health reports with no lingering effects or negative results from treatment. When we realized that I was unable to have more biological children, we knew the time was right and so we began talking to close friends who have adopted and researching agencies to find the right fit for our family.


About Marcy

I grew up in Enfield, CT with two loving parents and one older and one younger brother. I enjoyed the security of a loving family, protective brothers, and parents who loved each other unconditionally. My parents were both very active in my life (school, friendships, sports, dance, and hobbies). They supported my dreams and goals as I grew toward independence. My mom was a stay-at-home mom until we went to school and then she returned to work. Our home was always full of friends! She loved being a mom and I could not wait to follow in her footsteps! We were actively involved in our church and youth group and celebrated regular family traditions. I was blessed with a great childhood and today enjoy true friendship with my parents and both of my brothers. My dad was a great example of a loving husband and family provider. He was such a great influence as I looked carefully at qualities that were important in a husband. I was thrilled when Sean asked my dad for his blessing before proposing to me.

I always knew I wanted to be a wife and mother more than anything else! As a mom I have the pleasure of spending the day with the most important people in the world – my children. They each offer unique gifts and personalities to our family. I love watching them learn new skills, tackle challenges, encourage each other, serve others outside the family, and make new traditions. One of my favorite hobbies with my kids has always been reading to them and teaching them to read. Teaching them to read was like unlocking the world for them.

I find great pleasure in the little moments of life. I enjoy journaling them to share with the kids, long after the moments have faded. I carry the camera nearly everywhere to catch the kids in their everyday silliness and serious moments: swimming, swinging, reading, playing with friends, working hard on a task, playing ball, and tending to the pets. Life is made up of little everyday moments. I also enjoy gardening. When the snow melts, I am eager for the first sights of spring as the flowers bloom and the birds sing. I love to plant flowers and watch the birds in our yard, especially the hummingbirds!


More About Marcy, by Sean

Marcy has always dreamed of being a Mom. She soaks up every moment and even enjoys the middle of the night moments when the kids are up with her. No matter how tired she is, she makes her rounds of the house tucking all the kids in again and whispering “I love yous” into their slumbering ears.  Marcy tends to look at motherhood like I do a race. Some days are a marathon, some days a sprint, and some days are a walk in the park. No matter what the pace, there’s joy in every step and a rewards at the end of each day! Marcy loves to teach and nurture our children. She is abundantly affectionate with me and with our kids, never missing an opportunity to say, “I love you!” That comes very naturally to her!


Marcy is my balance. While I am concrete and decisive, she is creative and insightful. Marcy loves to listen and then offers advice, when needed. She is more concerned about relationships than just acquaintances. Marcy is a great host and very flexible. She is willing to have crowds over at our house (with very little notice). She has been unconditionally supportive of my military career and handles the needs at home well while I am away on periodic military trips.  Marcy enjoys the simple things of life—family, building memories, celebrating life’s little moments.


About Sean

I grew up in Northern Maine where a 100 acre farm was my playground.   I loved being outside and exploring the property and working alongside my Dad on the farm. I often worked for another farmer in town as well. I learned how to work hard and discipline myself to study. My dad modeled a strong work ethic and a genuine love for family. I admire my mom’s drive and passion for pursuing her nursing degree while raising four children.  I grew up with an older sister, an older brother, and a twin brother. We are all different in personalities and passions, but we enjoy friendships as adults and our kids all soak up any opportunity to spend time with their cousins!  As a child, I played basketball, ran cross country, participated in 4-H, and worked at a local dairy farm.

There are certain moments in life that are forever sealed in my mind: the day I saw Marcy walk down the aisle and then the moment I held each of our children for the first time. Our children have given me the greatest name in the world – Daddy. I love it when I arrive home from work and find them running to greet me!  When I am not working, some of my favorite hobbies include running, playing Scrabble, volunteering with various ministries (including a trip to Africa), traveling to historic sites, or exploring our own local area. I thoroughly enjoy serving my country in my role in the Air Force. It gives me great satisfaction to be part of a dedicated unit.


  • Running
  • Traveling
  • Volunteering
  • Board games
  • Service to country in the Air Force



More About Sean, by Marcy


Sean is my balance! He’s decisive when I’m indecisive. He’s task oriented and I’m detail oriented. He loves to explore new places and teach our children about his life on a farm and help them learn new practical life skills. I admire how he provides for our family and wisely plans for our future. He knows the value of hard work and takes his job very seriously. He also understands the need for our family to enjoy times of rest and fun, whether it’s a planned vacation or a spontaneous trip to the beach or night out for ice cream. He’s generous with his time and money when he sees a need and can help meet it.  Sean loves God faithfully. He loves his family unconditionally. Sean is faithful and dependable. He’s protective of our family and our country. He works diligently. He is a man of his word! He’s my best friend!



Each of our children offer unique gifts, talents, and personalities to our family. While Alyssa is very much a girl who loves anything pink, ballet, and babies of all kinds, Michael and Jack enjoy anything with Legos, outdoor play, forts, and sports.  They add laughter and joy beyond measure to our home.

Alyssa Lynn – Alyssa is an organized and self-driven child who strives to do all things with excellence. She loves all things pink and pinker. When not tending to her chickens, playing softball, or dancing, she is active with her 4-H (poultry) club and Youth Group at church. Alyssa has always loved being a big sister. She has been faithfully praying that God would bring a new sibling to our home. Alyssa’s quote: “I’ve always loved babies and clearly remember when my brothers were born. I love having two younger brothers and cannot wait to add a new sibling to our family!”

Michael Sean – Michael loves to make us laugh! Sometimes mealtime can be just plain silly because Michael is constantly entertaining us with his antics! He is an outdoor adventurer: biking, swimming, hiking, skating, building forts, helping the neighbors, and playing baseball. When inside, Michael is content to build Legos and hang out with Jack.  He loves enjoys being involved with his weekly youth group at church and playing the piano.  Michael loves having a little brother who follows in his footsteps and is eager to have another sibling join our family! Michael’s quote: “I am super excited about adding a new sibling to our family! I love being a big brother.”

Jack McCormick – Jack loves to giggle! Sometimes we tickle him just to cherish his laugh. He’s easy going, sensitive and eager to help. He tackles life with abundant laughter. He loves Legos, reading, baseball, piano, swimming, and building forts of all kinds, and participating in his weekly youth group at church.   Jack’s favorite thing to do is whatever his big brother is doing.  They are truly side-kicks.  As the youngest of the kids, Jack is eager to earn the title of “big brother.” Jack’s quote: “I am ready to be the big brother for the first time and pass on the title of ‘youngest’ to a new baby.”


Sean served in the Army for eight years. In 2008 he transitioned from the Army to the Air Force where he enjoys the military profession and proximity to home. He serves one weekend a month and various short term assignments during the year.  As a civilian, Sean works in a private practice as a neurosurgical physician assistant. He has been working with the same doctor for the last 13 years.  Marcy left her job as a technical writer to be a full time stay at home mom. During that time we considered homeschooling our children. While teaching Alyssa to read, Marcy discovered that this was her passion. What began as a year of, “let’s try it and see…” has turned into an adventure with each child. It’s a blessing amidst the busyness and it’s given us more time to spend together as a family.


We have two cats and a family dog who leave paw prints all over our home and heart.

Two long hair cats – Lacey and Kipper

Hungarian Vizsla dog – Emerson Denali (aka Emmy)


We both have great relationships with our families and all of our siblings.

Marcy’s family:

  • My parents have been happily married for nearly 48 years and still live in my childhood home just across town.
  • My older brother and his wife and two daughters live in town as well.
  • My younger brother and his wife and seven children live about 30 minutes away.


Sean’s family:

  • Most of Sean’s family lives in Northern Maine and we see them frequently throughout the year.
  • My parents have been happily married for nearly 50 years.
  • Sean’s twin brother and his wife and two children live in Maine.
  • Sean’s older sister and her husband and two sons live in Maine.
  • Sean’s older brother lives in Philly and enjoys his “favorite uncle” status.


The kids enjoy spending time often with all their cousins…13 total. There is plenty of time for making memories at any gathering.




  • Pray
  • Worship in church as a family
  • Go on family vacations
  • Read the Bible
  • Have family movie nights
  • Cheer each other on
  • Make snow forts in the yard
  • Roll out pizza every Friday night
  • Run 5K’s together or cheer on the sidelines
  • Schedule weekly one-on-one dates with each of the kids
  • Have family game nights
  • Enjoy ice cream dates for no special reason
  • Make family goals on New Year’s Day



  • Everyday milestones (losing teeth, skills learned, first day of school, last day of school)
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Grandparent’s day
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • The true meaning of Christmas
  • Good Friday and Easter Sunday!
  • Armed Forces Day