June 16th, 2019
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Serge and Lorraine

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Serge: Kayaking

    Lorraine: Photography

  • Favorite Movie:

    Serge: Matrix

    Lorraine: Love Actually

  • Favorite Actor:

    Serge: Denzel Washington

    Lorraine: Viola Davis

  • Favorite Food:

    Serge: Lobster

    Lorraine: Asian

  • Favorite Holiday:

    Serge: Christmas

    Lorraine: Thanksgiving

  • Favorite Animal:

    Serge: Dolphin

    Lorraine: Giraffe

  • Favorite Vacation:

    Serge: Hawaii

    Lorraine: Hawaii

  • Favorite Band/Singer:

    Serge: John Legend

    Lorraine: John Legend

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Serge: Game of Thrones

    Lorraine: This Is Us.

Hello! We are Lorraine and Serge from Northern California.

Dear Birth Mother: Hello and welcome, we are excited to share our story with you. We are excited that you are taking the time to view our profile and we hope this gives you an idea of the kind of parents we will be. We are so moved by your courage of making this decision and because of your choice you are giving us the hope that we can become parents. Thank you so much for considering sharing the gift of life with us. If we are blessed to be chosen by you, please know that your child will be our entire world.  We wish you peace and happiness with your decision and offer you our respect and admiration.

Our Story

To understand the strong bond that we have is to understand first that we are best friends.  We met, fell in love and got married in New York city. On one of our first dates, we talked about a book of poetry written by Kahlil Gibran “The Prophet” and spent the rest of the day in Central Park. It was perfect. We have been together 10 years and married 6 years. Some time after we met, Lorraine moved back to work in Europe. This time apart was not easy and we learned to focus on our communication, we learned to laugh and moreover we learned to trust each other. Serge even wrote a love song to sing to Lorraine. From the very beginning, we have always been able to talk for hours about nothing and something all at the same time. We can go from Star Trek to politics and then back to the latest episode on the Game of Thrones. After 10 years, we are still laughing and more than anything we can’t wait to add a child into our family of love and laughter.

5 Things We Will Teach Our Child:

  • To be compassionate
  • To never give up
  • To love life
  • To ask questions
  • To have faith

Meet Lorraine

About Lorraine, by Serge: Lorraine has a beautiful British accent as she was born and raised in London, England. Lorraine loves to plan family activities and keeps us engaged in all the fun things happening within the community. She has already organized our child’s wardrobe and has a child-care plan in place. Like her father who was a chef, she loves to cook. I love the way she is always mindful to keep our meals healthy and balanced with vegetables and salads. Lorraine is an attorney for a global tech company. Her job allows her to easily work from home, which she does. She really enjoys mentoring younger people from all ages. It is amazing to watch how she is able to effortlessly engage with people she just met. She is always smiling and finding the best in everyone. Lorraine will be a great mum because she is naturally maternal. She loves deeply and unconditionally. Her mum is a retired midwife and nurse and she has also learned a lot of first aid so she always makes me laugh when she has readily available band-aid or something in her bag, like Mary Poppins, to quickly aid whilst we are traveling. Lorraine will always finds innovative ways to show you she loves you. The other day she sent me “I Love You” card “just because”.

Fun Facts About Lorraine:

  • FAVORITE COMEDY: Bridget Jones’ Diary
  • FAVORITE ANIMAL: Giraffes and Elephants
  • FAVORITE GUILTY PLEASURE: Ice cream and chocolate lava cake
  • FAVORITE POEM: “Phenomenal Woman” by Maya Angelou
  • FAVORITE CHILDREN’S BOOK: Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift
  • FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Abbey Wood, West Wing and Game of Thrones

Meet Serge

About Serge, by Lorraine: Serge is a creative and loving soul. Serge is a creative soul. He studied visual arts and later, he pursued a career in the music business becoming a recording engineer and music producer. He worked with aspiring musicians as well as established recording artists. My husband can sit for hours and sketch a beautiful portrait or produce original music. Our child’s creative energy is going to love drawing with him. His passion for helping people is evidenced in his chosen career as the Director of a housing program that provides apartments for homeless adults. He also spent an incredible amount of time dedicated to a non-profit as vice-chairperson of a national mentoring organization for young people. Serge is going to be a wonderful father as he is patient and generous with his time when teaching someone. For example, I love the way he is with my mum. He recently taught her how to use her smart devices, which is amazing. She learned how to text and email. Through him, she found the confidence to upgrade from a flip phone to an iPhone. The other day he sent me a short video of him dancing in the sandwich store. Serge brings me absolute joy and makes my soul feel at peace.Love Makes a Family

Meet Our Family and Friends: We have 5 nephews and 5 nieces that all are waiting to play with our little one. Our family lives across the US, Canada and Europe and we stay connected with them during the holidays. They are all very excited and hopeful at the prospect of another baby to spoil. If we are not in California during the holidays, we like to spend Christmas in Toronto and Thanksgiving in New York as each side of the family have their own wonderful traditions that involve lots of cooking, games (particularly monopoly and dominoes) and laughter.

What We Love:

  • Getting on a plane or a cruise ship together and exploring the world. Our favorite places so far are Italy, St. Maarten, Hawaii, Disney World and Universal Studios.
  • Road trips particularly in Malibu and in Europe and taking picnics of home cooked food.
  • Playing board games like monopoly with our family and friends.
  • Cooking together and making up new smoothie recipes.
  • Cycling along NYC Hudson Pier Bike path.
  • Going to the theater to see performances like Cirque du Soleil and Alvin Ailey dances.
  • Listening and dancing to music. We appreciate most genres from RnB to classical music.
  • Taking long walks, holding hands and just talking. Plus working out together.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: Our home is a happy one full of unconditional love, laughter and music. Our home is a happy one full of unconditional love, laughter and music. We live in Northern California, which is a wonderful place to raise our child. We are close to the mountains, the beaches and the city filled with cultural activities. We live in a very nice gated apartment building with a pool, gym, lounge, movie theater, and barbeque grills—almost like living at a resort! Our unit itself has a beautiful balcony with white rocking chairs that we bought with a child in mind. It has beautiful views of the mountains and sunset. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to have homes in California, New Jersey and London. Our roots are in California. We travel to London at least once a year to visit our family. Lorraine’s mum currently lives in London but will be relocating to live with us later this year. She will be a fantastic Grandma. Our homes are great places for our child to experience. They are located in incredibly safe neighborhoods, walking distance to beautiful parks and great schools.

Our Hopes and Dreams: We will raise your child to be happy, to be respectful, to be self-confident and to be kind. Through reading, travel and attending different cultural events they will have the opportunity to explore and learn more about the world. As they grow, we will always encourage them to ask questions. We want them to flourish and find the joy in life. We will nurture every talent they have whether it’s art, sciences, music, math, business or literature. We will be right there by their side, championing there own unique path. Like you, we want the best life for this child. We are in a great place in our lives and ready to be parents.

Thank you for reading about us, and our dream of growing a family through adoption. We admire your courage and conviction to want the best you possibly can for your baby. We are excited to get know you and learn more about your story.