June 18th, 2019
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Shane and Haley

Fun Facts

  • Favorite Hobby

    Shane Skateboarding

    Haley Swimming

  • Favorite Movie

    Shane Stepbrothers

    Haley Dirty Dancing

  • Favorite Actor

    Shane Daniel Day Lewis

    Haley Brad Pitt

  • Favorite Food

    Shane Mexican

    Haley Thai

  • Favorite Holiday

    Shane 4th of July

    Haley New Years

  • Favorite Animal

    Shane Dogs

    Haley My dog, Oliver!

  • Favorite Vacation

    Shane Tulum, Mexico

    Haley Palm Springs, CA

  • Favorite Singer

    Shane Frank Ocean

    Haley Beyonce

  • Favorite TV Show

    Shane It's Always Sunny

    Haley Broad City

Hello! We are Haley and Shane!

Dear Birth Mom: You are AMAZING!! It takes a very special person to make such a selfless and courageous decision.  We have so much admiration for you and are very grateful for the opportunity to tell you a little about us. We are beyond excited to become parents and couldn’t be happier that our child will have such a beautiful start to life through adoption! We will get to tell our child that it was the love and bravery of someone else that finally made us a family. We hope by reading this you will see what a FUN RELATIONSHIP WE HAVE, FULL OF LOVE, TRUST & ADVENTURE. We CAN’T WAIT to bring a little one into this wonderful life. Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us. We’re BEST FRIENDS who LOVE, SUPPORT & RESPECT each other.

Our Love Story: Our love story began when Haley walked into the restaurant where Shane was working. We were all smiles as we noticed each other, and we’ve been attached at the hip ever since. About a year later, we packed up our cars and moved from Washington State to sunny San Diego. It was a little impulsive, but we were in love and knew we could go anywhere together. Shane asked Haley to marry him during the most beautiful sunset at her favorite beach. He was so nervous that Shane swore Haley could hear his heart pounding through his shirt! We got married 8 months later in a fun-filled Palm Springs wedding, which had 3 puppies on the guest list and included cotton candy as appetizers.   We laugh constantly and really value our time together. We spend afternoons at the beach with our dog Oliver and evenings cooking and listening to music. On weekends you can find us dancing at concerts or cheering on our favorite soccer team in Mexico. We love to travel, eat and experience new people and places. We can’t wait to experience the world with a child.

Weekend Getaways: We love to travel together, so we hop in our car and take a road trip at least once a month to one of our FAVORITE SPOTS:

  • Palm Springs, CA for hot weather, relaxation and pool time!
  • Los Angeles, CA for concerts, dinners and museums. The Broad is Haley’s favorite museum.
  • Rosarito, Mexico for tacos and beach time. Shane keeps a taco shop list on his phone!
  • Ojai, CA for bike riding and glamping. We stay in a cute hotel made of old Airstream trailers.



Meet Shane

Shane Through Haley’s Eyes: Shane is the BEST! He is the most thoughtful, patient and genuine person. He’s always finding ways to help others…even something as simple as cleaning the house after I’ve had a long day. He’s hardworking and passionate about his career as a Restaurant Owner and Manager. Shane is reliable and committed to his loved ones. He is my rock! Shane’s supportive and encouraging attitude inspires confidence in others and will be such a gift for a child. He’s also seriously funny! He makes everyone laugh with his silly impersonations and ‘dad jokes’. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Shane. My heart leaps with excitement thinking about what an incredible dad he will be.

Growing up in Washington, Shane fell in love with outdoor activities like biking, snowboarding and hiking. He’s recently added surfing to the mix! I can’t wait to see him teach our child how to catch a wave or push a skateboard around. He loves learning how to build and fix things (He’s currently rebuilding a bicycle for our friend). I know he will nurture that same sense of curiosity and ingenuity in a child. Shane is so full of life and has an incredible amount of love to give. I can’t wait to see him share all of that with a child.

Fun Facts About Shane:

  • Shane grew up playing hockey and even played in college. Luckily he still has all of his teeth!
  • His work is so close to home that he can walk or skateboard there.
  • Shane has a major sweet tooth and will never turn down a Reese’s Peanut Butter cup. Ever.
  • Haley’s coworkers call him ‘Super Shane’ because he once rescued a puppy from a coyote’s mouth!



Meet Haley

Haley Through Shane’s Eyes: Haley LIGHTS UP THE ROOM when she walks in. People are drawn to her because she is kind-hearted, genuine, and has a hilarious sense of humor! Our lives are filled with amazing people, mostly because everybody wants to be around her. She’s magnetic. Haley is thoughtful and generous. Seriously. She’s constantly thinking of ways to brighten someone else’s day. There’s always a handmade gift she’s wrapping, or a card she’s writing to a loved one. She’s incredibly selfless and puts everyone else first. The same is true in her job as an Insurance Coordinator at an Oral Surgery office. Haley regularly goes above and beyond to help her patients get the healthcare they deserve. It’s just in her nature to be caring and nurturing.

I can’t wait to see Haley as a mom. Kids absolutely adore her! She grew up in Washington swimming, snow skiing and making up dance routines with her siblings and lots of little cousins. She’s continued to love outdoor activities and still possesses a fun, playful attitude. She’s always the favorite auntie.  She’s made our house a home by filling it with delicious food (she makes the best spaghetti sauce), family photos, and the unconditional love and warmth needed for our family to grow.

Fun Facts About Haley:

  • Haley is a great snow-skier even though she seriously hates being cold.
  • She went on a road-trip all by herself to see the Grand Canyon last summer.
  • She will fall asleep in 90% of the movies she watches, even in the theater!
  • She was once an extra in an Angelina Jolie movie.



Our Family & Friends

The People We Love: We have the most amazing support system made up of relatives, friends and coworkers. Our parents both live in Washington but visit several times a year, as do our (combined) 4 siblings and 5 adorable nieces and nephews. Haley’s mom Robin actually spends 6 months a year in California. (You can always tell Robin has been here for a while when Oliver starts to get pudgy from all of the treats she sneaks him!)  We also have the most incredible group of friends who we call family. We spend a ton of time with our “friend family” which includes two little ones, Elsie and Wiley. They’re especially excited for Uncle Shane and Auntie Haley to become parents. A strong sense of community is so important to us and our child will always have a loving, diverse and supportive group of people around to encourage, listen and love.

Fun Family Traditions:

  • Every summer we take a road trip up the coast to our family lake house in Washington. We spend our time boating, swimming, paddle boarding and making s’mores over beach fires at night.
  • Our family is big on animals. Every year after we’ve finished the Easter Egg Hunt we have a Doggie Treat Hunt for all of the dogs. Oliver usually gets the most treats as he is the fastest!


Meet Our Dog, Oliver: This scruffy little guy has been a ray of sunshine in our life since we rescued him from the streets. He loves to play fetch and swim in the ocean. On beach trips he likes to cover himself in sand and bake in the sun! He enjoys hiking and riding bikes with us in his backpack carrier. He’s playful during the day and snuggles up to watch movies with us at night. He’s really great with kids and loves to give kisses!



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Welcome To Our Home! We love living in San Diego. The weather, the people, the diversity, the ocean…it’s an AWESOME PLACE TO CALL HOME! Our 3 bedroom house has a big grass yard, on a palm tree lined street where our friends gather for holidays and birthdays. It’s about 70 degrees all year long so we spend a lot of time in the sunshine BBQing and playing fetch with our dog Oliver. Our neighborhood is full of art galleries, concert venues, local restaurants and coffee shops. A community garden was just built across the street, and there are 3 parks within walking distance. We are a 5 minute drive from Balboa Park, The San Diego Zoo and the beach! We love our neighborhood because it’s safe, and full of activity and culture. It will be an amazing place to raise kids.

Our Promise To You: We promise to always be LOVING, SUPPORTIVE AND PATIENT. We will encourage creativity, exploration and silliness. Your child will be raised in a safe and loving home, surrounded by family and friends. Their life will be full of adventure, music and travel. We promise to ensure that your child receives a good education and has the opportunity to explore their interests. We understand the importance of heritage and promise to share in your child’s cultural values and traditions. We are excited to share their adoption story. We promise to always tell your child how much you love them and how special and courageous you are. Most of all, we promise to do everything we can to make sure your child feels happy, healthy and loved unconditionally!!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know about our dreams and us for the future. We are so grateful.