July 23rd, 2019
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Sharon and Mike

Hello! We are Mike and Sharon from Connecticut

Dear Birth Mother, Hello & Welcome! We want to start off by saying THANK YOU for considering us, we understand that this is a huge decision and that there is so much information to take in, but hopefully with a little background, you will get a better sense of who we are as a couple and as prospective parents.

The most important thing we want to convey is that children are a big part of our extended family currently and we hope to be chosen to have the honor of being parents to a child so that we can grow our immediate family as well.

A Little About Us: We are an active couple, who loves to spend our time enjoying new experiences. We enjoy traveling, watching movies, hosting dinners and game night with friends and family, taking our nieces and nephews to local events or museums, and going to concerts or comedy shows. We love going to amusement parks and the local farm during the summer, playing in the leaves and going to the pumpkin patch to pick and paint pumpkins in the fall, and sledding or making snowmen in the winter. Mike enjoys boating, fishing, and flipping houses, and Sharon enjoys cooking, swimming, and dancing.

MOST OF ALL, our families are the biggest part of our lives and many of our hobbies include visiting and spending time with our extended family members.

A Few Of Our Favorites:


Sharon: shopping

Mike: flipping condos

Musical Artist

Sharon: Alanis Morsette

Mike: Megan Trainor

Vacation Spot

Sharon: Puerto Rico

Mike: Italy

Dream Job

Sharon: actress

Mike: full time house flipper


Sharon: Catch Phrase

Mike: Fibbage

Kid Show

Both: Little Mermaid

Mike: Masha & the Bear

Meet Sharon

A Little About Sharon: My name is Sharon and I moved to West Hartford, Connecticut while in high school and have remained here ever since. West Hartford is an amazing family town, with a great school system, and a long list of activities for families of all types. Mike and I both have family who live in town or nearby and we spend most of our time enjoying family outings with our nieces and nephews.

My childhood was great! My dad worked as an arbitrator for the post office and my mom stayed at home while we were young, then later became an office manager once we were older. I am one of three girls and have the fondest memories of when we were younger. We have always been a close family, making sure that we are supportive of each other and that has been our strength through hard times. HAVING CHILDREN HAS BEEN MY DREAM FOR AS LONG AS I CAN REMEMBER AND I HAVE ALWAYS HOPED TO PROVIDE GREAT EXPERIENCES AND MEMORIES FOR THEM LIKE THE ONES I HAD GROWING UP.

Mike and I met 10 years ago and he has been such a great support through tough times. He is playful and funny, smart and motivated, and watching the way he is with his nieces and nephews shows me how great of a dad he would be! We spend most of our time together. We love going to movies, concerts, traveling, and being with family.

What Makes Sharon Happy:

  • Being with our nieces & nephews
  • Going to the beach
  • Going to the movies
  • Pajama Days
  • Baking

Meet Mike

A Little About Mike: I grew up in West Hartford, CT, one of seven children, and loved the experience of growing up in this town! I still have several siblings close by and I enjoy spending time with them and their kids often. I have other siblings who have moved to Florida, which always makes for a great place to visit. I love the water and enjoy traveling, so Sharon and I go down several times a year to spend time with family and enjoy the great weather and warm water!

My dad was a mechanical engineer and my mom was a bookkeeper. My parents were both very supportive and worked hard to provide us with the best life possible. My dad was very creative and he inspired me to always look for opportunities to develop my own ideas. I HAVE MANY INTERESTS AND HAVE SPENT A LOT OF TIME GAINING KNOWLEDGE THROUGH EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION, WHICH I HOPE TO ONE DAY PASS ON AS AN ASSET AND A TOOL TO MY KIDS IN THE FUTURE.

Sharon has been the most cheerful, uplifting, and strongest support in my life. She’s not just my wife, but my best friend! We enjoy doing almost everything together and the biggest part of our focus is on family, both hers and mine. We have wanted children for quite some time and hope to be able to call ourselves parents soon, so we can plan to do things not just as a couple, but as a family.

What Makes Mike Happy

  • Going fishing
  • Going to the movies
  • Going to the beach
  • Going out on a boat
  • Flipping houses

Our Family

People We Love and Cherish: WE ARE JEWISH IN FAITH. Sharon was raised in a more religious home following many of the traditional Jewish practices. Mike was raised more reformed, focusing on the high holidays. Together we incorporated pieces of each of our beliefs and have strengthened our bond through our combined faith.

Family Traditions:

  • Baking Hamantachen
  • Lighting the Chanukah candles
  • Having family dinners together
  • Celebrating everyone’s birthday with the whole family
  • Playing board games

Our Thoughts About Parenting

As parents our goal is to raise a child that is happy, healthy, and confides in us. We have both been blessed with great childhood experiences and hope to be able to provide the same type of loving, supportive, and carefree environment that we had growing up. We want to encourage their individuality and support their dreams. We want them to come to us with their problems and know we will love them and guide them through anything. We have a huge family with plenty of cousins, aunts and uncles that would embrace our child and welcome them to the family, so they would receive love in so many ways. WE CANNOT WAIT TO BE PARENTS, TO WATCH OUR CHILD GROW, TO MAKE THEM FEEL SAFE AND SECURE, AND MOST OF ALL TO LOVE THEM AND SUPPORT THEM THROUGH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Where We Call Home: Our home is close to the center of town in West Hartford, where events are hosted all the time. WEST HARTFORD HAS RECEIVED SOME OF THE HIGHEST RATINGS IN THE COUNTRY FOR EDUCATION, FAMILY LIFE, SAFETY, AND COMMUNITY. We live around the corner from one of the local high schools, there is a middle school down the street, and three elementary schools within two miles of our home. There is a park in walking distance with a pool and community center. Our house has a newly added in-law suite where Sharon’s mom lives.

OUR PETS: We have a dog and a cat who get along so well that they just follow each other everywhere.

A Special Message For You: We know that this is a very difficult time for you and that there are so many options to weigh and decisions to make. Please know that if you choose us, you will not be disappointed. We plan on giving him/her/them all the love two people could possibly give. We plan to fill their days with laughter, joy, and a sense of self-worth. We want to make sure their heart is filled with love, never let them feel alone, and most importantly we want to make sure they know they can always come to us with anything!

We are surrounded by family all the time, and hope to have the chance to make our own family complete. Thank you!