April 27th, 2018
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Stacey and Seth

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Being a Mom!
  • 2. Our dog, Cali
  • 3. Anything crafty
  • 4. Family beach trips
  • 5. Pizza and a movie
  • 1. Goofing around with our son
  • 2. Playing golf and soccer
  • 3. Family road trips
  • 4. St. Louis Cardinals baseball
  • 5. A pretzel with cheese

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us!  We are so grateful that you are considering adoption, and considering us for your child. We admire your strength, love, and selflessness as you make this difficult decision. We hope our profile will give you an idea of who we are, the love we have for one another, and the love we would have for a child as parents. We are so excited to continue building our family through adoption. We are unable to have children of our own, but we love sharing our lives, love and home with a child! We are committed to raising your child and giving them unconditional love, support, and encouragement. It would be a dream come true to become parents again, and we have enjoyed every aspect of parenthood, even changing diapers and waking up in the middle of the night for feedings! We have loved experiencing everything that comes along with parenting, and hope this glimpse into our lives will give you a better sense for whether or not we would be the type of parents you would want for your child. THANK YOU AGAIN for your bravery and your consideration—we are forever grateful to you for the chance of making our dreams a reality!



We are Seth & Stacey & we currently live in a beautiful community in Tennessee, and have been married for 5 years. We met at work 9 years ago while we were both living in St Louis, but we did not start dating until two years later! After working on a project together we ended up having an instant connection unlike anything we had experienced before, and wanted to spend all of our time together. After dating for two years we planned a trip to Mexico with Stacey’s family, and it just so happened that Seth’s mom and stepdad had planned a trip there the for the same week! Both of our families got together for New Year’s Eve and that’s when Seth decided to pop the question. Family is the most important thing to us so it was so special to have both families there for such an important moment. We are the perfect match for one another because we want the same things in life — family, travel, and adventure! We both always dreamed of having a family, and being very involved in our children’s lives just like our parents were involved in ours. We are hoping that through adoption our biggest dream will come true again! It was devastating to learn that we would never be able to conceive, but we strongly believe that love makes a family and it does not matter to us whether or not it’s our biological child. We will love and support the child as our main goal, everyday! We will also work hard to give the child a life filled with exploring new things, pursuing dreams, and travelling to experience different cultures and people. Seth never travelled much before Stacey came into his life, so now he’s hooked! We have been on some amazing trips together—Thailand, the Cook Islands, France, St Thomas, and Alaska—and we can’t wait to share our sense of adventure with our child someday.


A few of our favorite things:

Spending time with family, especially our adoptive son

Our dog Cali (and all animals, we are animal lovers!)

Our Friday night tradition of pizza and a movie

Cheering on our favorite sports teams, the Auburn Tigers and St Louis Cardinals

Travelling to places we have never been before

Making our son giggle and smile

Anything outdoors- a hike, kayaking, or a BBQ with friends

Our company- because that’s what brought us together


Stacey Written by Seth:

When I saw Stacey for the first time 8 years ago at work I instantly had a crush on her. Her smile lit up the room and she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Never in a million years did I think I’d be lucky enough for her to become my wife! Stacey is the most determined, strong, loving person I have met. When she puts her mind to doing something there will be nothing that stops her.  Stacey grew up in a close knit family and they get together for all of their birthdays and holidays. Stacey would do anything for her family and her loyalty is unmatched. If you are loved by Stacey you will never have to wonder if she has your back.  I absolutely love seeing Stacey as a mom. She loves our child unconditionally and seeing her with our son makes me so happy. She will share her values, and love of sports and travelling to ensure our child experiences all that life has to offer!

A look at my career-

I have worked for my company for almost 8 years, and I love that I am able to work from home as a Recruiter. My favorite job of all though is being a mom! Spending time with my son and husband gives me fulfillment that no job could ever give me! We eat breakfast and dinner together, have daily playtime, and read books before bed. This time with Keegan is the highlight of my day and the light of my life! I can’t wait to become a mother again!



6 Things about Stacey that make me smile:

When Stacey calls me to share a story and I don’t answer the phone, she immediately calls her mom and I have to wait to hear the story

I love watching Stacey snuggle with Keegan and rock him to sleep each night

When she plays with her ears

Her loyalty. I love seeing Stacey take care of her family

Her love for everything Auburn Tigers!

Stacey is very crafty and I love how she’s always making something special for Keegan


Seth written by Stacey:

Seth has the biggest, kindest heart of anyone I’ve ever known! He sees the good in everyone and every situation even during difficult times, and for that I feel so blessed to call him my husband. Seth volunteers and gives back to the community through the Special Olympics and Veteran organizations, and always makes time to help others.  Seth is such an amazing father, and seeing him with our son brings the biggest smile to my face! He’s very hands on and helps with everything from changing diapers to rocking Keegan to sleep. He’s such an amazing partner for me, and role model for our son. I’m so grateful for him and all he does for our family.

Seth is an incredibly hard worker and has been working hard to build his career as a Financial advisor so that when our future children are older he can spend a lot of time coaching their sports and not missing any of the activities that they are a part of. Seth is an avid sports fan and loves watching his favorite baseball and football teams, and enjoys golfing with his friends. He enjoys staying active, and definitely lives life to its fullest!


A look at my hobbies:

I love doing things outdoors. I still play soccer in an adult league and have made some great friends through my team. I love to snowboard, go hiking or rafting, and playing golf. I can’t wait to coach my children’s sports teams and take family road trips to state parks and cities around the country.



6 Things about Seth that make me smile:

Seth is always reaching out a hand to help someone in need and has such a caring heart

Watching Seth with our son and the type of father he is melts my heart

His love for his hometown sports teams, the St Louis Cardinals and Tennessee Titans- even when they’re terrible he’s an avid, loyal fan

His positive outlook and attitude towards life- it’s contagious!

Seth still loves playing soccer, and he’s disappointed if he misses a game or it gets rained out

Anytime he runs to the store to pick something up, he always comes home with a thoughtful treat for me- my favorite gummy bears or gossip magazine


Our Family and Friends:

WE ARE VERY CLOSE TO BOTH OF OUR FAMILIES. Stacey’s parents have been married for over 40 years and are incredible examples for us. Stacey’s mom is her best friend and they talk every day, and her father is the person we turn to when we need advice and a voice of reason. Stacey’s mom watches our nieces two days a week and she absolutely adores spending time with “grammy and pops”—our child would be very lucky to have them as grandparents!  Stacey’s brothers, Chris and Justin, both have two young children, and we would love to have our children be around the same age as our nieces and nephews so they can grow up going on family vacation’s together and spending the holidays with cousins their same age. Seth has a brother, Marshall, who has a son and a daughter and they live in Seattle, WA so we don’t see them nearly as often as we would like to! Seth also has a sister, Beth, who has three teenage children. We try to get to Illinois as often as we can to see their swim meets and soccer games.  Seth’s mom is such a fun grandmother because she’s full of energy and loves doing crafts! She’s been a teacher all of her life and is great with kids of all ages.  Seth’s father is also very excited about the possibility of another grandchild, and we look forward to future visits to Florida where he has a condo at the beach.


Meet our son Keegan:

Our one year old son, Keegan, joined our family through adoption, and he is the light of our lives! He has the best smile and giggle, and is always a happy boy! He loves to eat and play, read books, and get together with the other little ones on our street. He loves our dog, Cali, and he follows her around everywhere! Keegan is going to be an awesome big brother and can’t wait to have a little brother or sister to play with!

We were blessed to spend 3 days in the hospital with Keegan’s birth family when he was born. We continue to send pictures and updates to Keegan’s birth mother, but at this point it’s too hard for her to have a relationship with us. We want Keegan to be proud of being adopted and know where he came from, so we hope to have an open relationship in the future.


Our Home:

We live in a beautiful, safe, family friendly community in the Nashville, Tennessee area. We built our home with having a child in mind in a neighborhood that has a ton of children and lots of family activities like Easter Egg hunts and visits from Santa. All of the bedrooms are on the same floor so we can be very close to our future child’s room. The schools in our county are ranked as some of the best in the state, and we have a community pool, playground, a river for fishing and canoeing, and hiking trails in the neighborhood. We CAN’T WAIT for your child to possibly join us in all of these activities!

Photo by High Five for Love Photography. Website: http://www.highfiveforlove.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/highfiveforlove

Meet Cali:

Cali is a 4 year old terrier mix, and she is full of love and energy! We enjoy taking her down to the river in our neighborhood so she can swim and chase her ball. Cali and our son adore each other. Sometimes he chases her around or pulls on her tail and she doesn’t mind. She just gives him kisses in return! She’s a great dog and we know she would be great with a baby too!


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to get to know us. We can only imagine how difficult this decision must be for you. We appreciate you considering us for the opportunity to give your child a life filled with unconditional love, support, and FUN! We are so excited about this journey and cannot wait to experience all that parenthood has to offer!