February 24th, 2019
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Stephanie and Jeremiah

Hello and Thank You,

We are Jeremiah, Stephanie and Josiah. We are from a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by cornfields, woods, family and friends! Thank you for taking your time to get to know us. We can’t begin to imagine what you are going through.  We can only hope and pray that by looking at our profile you will get the courage and strength to make your decision.  Your child will grow up with a big brother “JoJo”, surrounded by many family and friends nearby.Getting To Know Us

We are high school sweethearts! We met through a mutual friend at the lake my family boated on over the summers! I knew I was going to marry him the first time we met. We became pregnant with our first son Jaden, then got married. A few years later we became pregnant with Josiah.  When it’s just the two of us we like to grab dinner,  come home,  relax and watch a movie!  We live very simple lives, but our lives are filled with so much love, joy and laughter. Over the years we’ve always felt the need to adopt but never really looked into it, until the unimaginable happened. Our oldest son, and my father was tragically killed in an automobile accident. As time went on, our need for adoption kept getting stronger.  Through many nights of prayer, we came to the decision that now is the time. We are excited and can’t wait for this to become our reality!

A Little About Stephanie

I am the youngest of 3 girls. I am shy, until you get to know me. I’m always up for an adventure! I’m very independent, one summer my cousin said she was taking her boys on a weekend camping trip and wondered if we wanted to go, NO men just the moms and their kids. So that weekend we were packed and ready to go. It turned out to be one of my favorite times with my boys. It showed that, I could go out of my comfort zone and have a good time!  I enjoy taking care of people, I love laughing and making others laugh!  One of my favorite traditions is putting a picture ornament on our Christmas tree every year of our kids. Each year when we decorate the tree we can see how much they’ve grown.   I currently work at Josiah’s school in the cafeteria. This will be my last year working there because I will go back to being a stay at home mom!

Why Jeremiah Loves Stephanie:  Stephanie was shy at first but now she is the complete opposite. She is my best friend.  She puts Josiah and myself first, she’s always making sure everyone is taken care of.  My life isn’t complete without her in it.Stephanie’s Hobbies:

  • Shopping
  • Gardening
  • Laying on the beach
  • Sitting by the pool
  • Spending time with nieces and nephews
  • Campfires
  • Having Birthday parties, reunions and party’s in our garage
  • Watching sunsets


A little about Jeremiah

I am the younger of two sons, I’m a mama’s boy, and I am a hard worker. I am thankful that I have a job that I enjoy and that allows me to spend time with my family.  I have a job working in the maintenance department of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. I love watching Josiah play sports. I am blessed with wonderful parents who love and support my family and me. I love my mom and dad but I was also blessed with a good mother in law.  I love taking care of our home, keeping it maintained and taking care of our vehicles. I like to stop in and see my mom and dad on Sunday mornings and have coffee with them.

Why Stephanie loves Jeremiah:  He is my best friend; he has the biggest heart of anyone I know! He is always willing to lend a hand, and I love that he has a close relationship with his parents.  I admire that he is a hard worker and provider for our family so that we can enjoy life together doing the things we love!Jeremiah’s Hobbies:

  • Mowing the grass
  • Watching Josiah play sports
  • Washing the vehicles
  • Watching football
  • Helping my dad work on antique cars


Our Neck of the Woods

We live 1 hour from Pittsburgh and 7 miles from our small town. So we live in a quiet, peaceful area! Woods and cornfields surround us, and better yet, we are surrounded by family and friends. We love hosting birthday parties in our big garage, and having campfires at our fire pit! Josiah is always having his buddies over to play in our big yard! We started a memorial garden in Jaden’s honor. By the end of this spring it should be completed! There is a pond back the road that Josiah and his buddies meet at to do a little fishing. Josiah’s school is small; there are about 50 kids in his class. We love it because the kids get more one on one time with their teachers! It is Kindergarten thru 12th grade.Introducing Our Kids:

Your child will grow up knowing about their oldest brother Jaden, who is now in Heaven!  There will not be a day that goes by that your child will not hear his name or a story about him.  Jaden was very funny, athletic, and loved to be with his cousins and friends. His heart was big and he enjoyed reaching out to others. He wanted to go to school to learn the electrical trade and join the Air force when he graduated!

Josiah can’t wait to be a big brother! He is 12 years old and is in the 6th grade. He loves helping others; he has his dad’s heart and his mom’s goofy humor!  He can’t wait to teach your child how to play soccer and basketball!  He loves hanging out with his buddies at their house or ours, playing backyard games, swimming and fishing! Currently he is snowboarding with his school’s ski club at our nearest ski resort!

The People We Love

Stephanie’s Family:  Stephanie’s mom is known by the grandkids as Nana. She lives 6 miles from our home.  Before Stephanie’s father passed away they spent the cold PA winters in Florida by the beach. We enjoyed visiting them once a year. We will continue to go there as soon as she gets settled into a new place.  Nana is an awesome grandmother who is always there for her children and grandchildren. She loves spending time with them and spoiling them. Stephanie’s oldest sister lives in New Jersey. She is married and has 3 kids. Her other sister also lives very close to our home. She is also married and has 6 kids.  Because we live so close we spend countless hours with each other, talk on the phone each day, and visit with all of the nieces and nephews often. We often take family road trips and adventures. We are a very close family. About once or twice a week we get together to have family dinners!

Jeremiah’s Family:  Jeremiah’s parents are known by the grandkids as Pap and Grammy. They live about 5 miles from our home. They love to spend time with their grandkids and enjoy going to all of their sporting events. His older brother is married and they have 1 child. His brother’s family lives right next door to Jeremiah’s parents.  Most years we take a vacation with Jeremiah’s family once a year to the beach!Our Tribe:  We have friends that we consider our family. We are always doing dinners on Sunday, fun family trips to the zoo, and spending the day at amusement parks.  We have even taken little mini trips to New York City.  We enjoy Friday night campfires, pool parties, or just sitting around enjoying each other’s company. We are very blessed with all of these people. This is our community, our family, and our tribe.

Our Faith:  Faith is a central part of our home and family. We attend church regularly and our faith is an important part of our role as parents. It is important for us to raise our family following the principles of the Bible and with a Christian faith. Our church is a major support system and an extension of our family. Your child will be raised with these same values and support system.

Meet Roxy:  Roxy is a German Shorthair Pointer. She was bred to be a hunting dog, but it turned out she was just like us, likes to spend her days with her family! She loves going outside and running all around. Anytime Jeremiah or Josiah is outside, she is right by their side!  She loves kids and is very protective of them.  When she was a puppy and Josiah was just 1, Roxy would only eat out of Josiah’s hand. Now every time she goes to eat, she thinks someone has to sit with her! She’s a very smart dog!Our Promise to You:

If you choose us to be your child’s family we promise to love your little one unconditionally. We promise to provide a stable and safe home environment. We promise to teach your child to experience the beauty of God’s creation. We promise to give them a support system through a loving extended family. We promise to give them every opportunity to learn and have a bright future. We promise to show them the joy life has to offer and hold them tight when they need a hug. We promise to guide them through the difficult times and rejoice with them in the happy times. We know that God designed each individual child as a unique human being, and we promise to embrace your child for their uniqueness. We promise to encourage them in all of their endeavors. We promise to provide for all of their needs.  We promise to give your child a forever family that will last for a lifetime.

A Special Message to You:

Where do we even begin and what words could we use to express our gratitude for taking the time to get to know our family. Your baby would be an amazing blessing and gift that would mean the world to us. We believe your child would make our family complete.  Your sacrifice and bravery is an incredible expression of the wonderful woman you must be. Our prayer is that you would choose us to love, guide, and cherish your child through this life journey. Thank you and God bless you.