October 22nd, 2018
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Stephanie and Mike

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us!

We are so grateful that you are considering adoption and considering us for your child. We admire your strength, love, and selflessness as you make this difficult decision. We hope our profile will give you an idea about who we are, the love we have for one another, and the love we would have for a child as parents.  We are so excited to continue building our family through adoption. We want to share our lives, and home with another child! We are committed to raising your child and giving them unconditional love, support, and encouragement. It would be a dream come true to become parents again, and we have enjoyed every aspect of parenthood, even changing diapers and waking up in the middle of the night for feedings! We have loved experiencing everything that comes along with parenting, and hope this glimpse into our lives will give you a better sense of whether for whether we could be the type of parents you would want for your child. Thank you again for your bravery and your consideration- we are forever grateful to you for the chance of making our dreams a reality!


Mike & Stephanie

We met on a cold Winter night through a mutual friend who was hosting a game night. Mike was quiet, shy and taken with Stephanie. Stephanie was outgoing interested in Mike. While Mike was trying to put the words together to ask Stephanie out, the mutual friend told him that Stephanie thinks he is cute. That gave Mike the courage to just talk to her. Now we have been together for 11 amazing years!  We have done it all together. From late night “binge watching TV shows,” to taking college courses together, to saying “I Do.” Mike proposed to Stephanie on her birthday, but it was not an ordinary proposal.  Mike had Stephanie’s favorite sushi laid out and had the living room full of balloons that had the letters “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” with a few extra letters to throw her off, and she had to piece the phrase together. Our wedding day was the best day of both of our lives… to that point. On July 21, 2015 our son Brayden was born. He is what makes our lives so special and full of love. Our little family had grown by one and we would love nothing more than to complete our family by making Brayden a big brother.


Meet Stephanie

I was born and raised in Missouri.  My dad was an engineer at Boeing and my mom is a teacher.  My parents were both raised in the suburbs.  My sister, and I spent most of our summers playing outside in a tree house by dad built in our back yard with the neighborhood kids.  We also had a small swimming pool that all the kids loved to swim in. I had an amazing childhood with wonderful parents and was and still am very lucky to have them in my life. My parents mean a great deal to me and they have taught me a lot about life. I went to college 1 year after I graduated Highschool.  I got my degree my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in 2014. With my degree I have been a substitute teacher, tutored children and have nannied for several families. I hope to one day have own my own daycare.  As of right now I work at Jewelry store just down the street from our home.  I love finding people that special piece they our looking for! In my free time I enjoy scrapbooking, doing crafts or just relaxing on the couch and watching a good movie. I also enjoy reading books, my favorite genre is mystery. My favorite place to be is outside! This year was my first-time gardening and I had a blast. I love taking Brayden to the park where we can just run around and have a fun time! After we are done playing we usually have a picnic and then go out for ice cream. I adore my life and all the special people I get to share it with!

Stephanie Through Mike’s Eyes

Stephanie is the most amazing woman I have ever known. I still remember what she was wearing the first night we met. I was too nervous to talk to her, but fortunately for me a friend broke the ice for us. She is more inspiring tome than she will ever know. She lives her life the way itis meant to be lived. If she is having a tough time, you would not know it as she continues smiling and laughing. Brayden and I are blessed to have her in our life.


Meet Mike

I was born and raised in O’Fallon Missouri. I grew up in a neighborhood with several kids mine and my brother’s age. During summer breaks or after school, we would all gather in the field behind my house and play baseball for hours until it was dark out. Our father was and is a huge St. Louis Cardinals fan and brought us to several games growing up which is one of my favorite childhood memories. It’s something I will continue to do with my children! I have had a wonderful life. I met the love of my life just after I graduated high school and we have been together ever since. It is because of Stephanie that I went and became a paramedic. I love helping people and, at times, being the difference between life and death. We have an amazing, smart, funny and loving son. Our families are very supportive of our decisions and are always willing to help out. I truly enjoy and love my family, friends and life.


Mike Through Stephanie’s Eyes

I am so thankful to have Mike in my life. From the moment I met him I knew we were meant to be. I was most attracted to Mike by his sweet and gentle personality. Mike is very passionate about his job as a Paramedic. It inspires me every time he tells me a story about work that turned into a happy ending.  When I am overwhelmed or upset, he is the calm problem solver. Mike is also honest, compassionate and smart. I admire his ability to approach new challenges with optimism and never give up attitude. Mike is an amazing father. The first thing he does when he gets home from work is runs to Brayden and tickles him till laughter fills the room. Most nights Mike lets me go to sleep early even if he has to work in the morning and I don’t, he is truly sweet. Now You won’t have to guess whether Mike will become a great father because he already is. He is my everything.


Things we love to do

One thing we love to do is travel. Our last two trips have been to Mexico. We really do enjoy the beach and water. We our hoping that our next adventure will be to Disney World or even just going to Florida with the kids playing in the sand and water, just having fun. Another thing we love to do is having family and friends over for a BBQ.  Stephanie enjoys getting all the sides together and Mike likes to grill, or should we say let others grill while he watches (Mikes learning). Honestly the best part of having a BBQ is just enjoying family and friends and having a good time. The most important thing we love to do is taking Brayden out to new and fun places where we can just have fun being together as a family!


Home sweet Home

We live in a three-bedroom house, just perfect for our growing family. Our home is comfortable and a great place to raise children. Our neighborhood is quiet and peace full and close to many attractions and parks. We live on a cul-de-sac which makes for safe playing outside. Our favorite unique decor in our house is an area with Brayden’s art work and above it says, “Every Child is an Artist by Pablo Picasso.” We would have to say our favorite part of our home is the back yard. There is a large deck and plenty of space to play and have a good time. Brayden loves to go exploring back there. Our home is also a great space to relax, have movie nights, and share meals around the dining table.


Amazing Places by Our Home

The Magic House –The Magic House has a giant indoor area with four levels. The Museum is home to hundreds of hands-on exhibits. The museum had an endless amount of activities for children to explore.

The Saint Louis Zoo- The zoo is full of the most amazing animals and exhibits.

City Museum- is a play house museum perfect for children to explore and have fun.

The Butterfly house- Its displays butterflies with an emphasis on education. It is such a beautiful place to go. The best part is when a butterfly lands right on your shoulder!

Parks- There are so many amazing parks around the area all very different and unique. We enjoy going to almost every single one for different reasons.


Meet Big Brother Brayden

Brayden is just two years old but has a whole lot of personality and is the light of our lives. He has the best smile and laugh. When he laughs, we both cannot help laughing along because the sound of his laughter is so contagious. He loves being outside, if he sees water he is going to run that way. Just recently he has learned to dance, and It is the cutest, most hysterical thing to watch. We usually both just end up getting up and dancing along. He also enjoys having mom read him bed time stories.  He loves playing with is cousins Kendra and Carson along with the neighborhood kids. Brayden is going to make an awesome big brother and cannot wait to have a little brother or sister.

Family Traditions

This year we dyed Easter eggs for the first time we ended up lots of cracked eggs, some very interesting colored eggs and huge mess, but it was completely worth it. For Christmas, every year we pick out a new ornament to put on to the tree. We can’t wait until the children our able to help us pick! Every fall we go to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin. Since Brayden is still so young we go with the pumpkin he seems most attached to. This year we just let him paint the pumpkin. That was quite a scene, but we had so much fun!

The People we love

We’re very close with our immediate and extended families and spend holidays and celebrations surrounded by parents, grandparents, siblings, nephews, and cousins. We are fortunate to have a great relationship with both our families and they are thrilled to welcome the newest addition to our family.   Stephanie’s family lives about 20 minutes away from us, having family close is very important. We get to see them frequently at least once a week.  Stephanie sister Stacy and husband Jay and their daughter, Kendra live in Kansas City just about 2 hours away. They come out here frequently to visit.  When we all get together we just enjoy having a good time together by eating, talking and playing with the kids. Michael’s family lives about 10 minutes away from us we see them about twice a week. Michael’s Brother Kyle and sister in law live very close and have a son named Carson. When we all get together we our usually Barbecuing, playing outside and having a blast with each other full of giggles and smiles. Things our never boring at our house.

Meet Foxy

We rescued Foxy when Stephanie was two months pregnant with Brayden, so she has grown up with babies around her. She loves people, and instantly thinks that everyone should love her.  She is very shy and mostly keeps to herself. Foxy loves to relax in the sun and lay in her bed for hours. She truly is a sweet dog.


Our Promise to Your Child

  • For him/her to feel unconditionally loved by us!
  • To have a life where he/she can fully enjoy being a kid and have fun!
  • To see the world with his/her own eyes and to be compassionate as a result
  • To express their feelings, happy or sad.
  • To be themselves and enjoy life even when things may get tough.
  • To know we will always be there for him/her know matter what

A Special Message to you

Thank you form the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to get to know us. We can only admire and respect your personal courage and strength to find the best home for your baby. We plan to raise your child with an understanding and appreciation for you and the sacrifice you are making for him or her. We appreciate you considering us for the opportunity and to give your child a life filled with unconditional love, support, and fun! We are so excited about the journey and cannot wait to experience all that parenthood has to offer all over again.