August 20th, 2019
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Stephanie and Rob

We are Rob and Stephanie from Los Angeles! We met the old-fashioned way: at a friend’s party in the Hollywood Hills. Our first date was at a movie theater, a favorite activity for both of us. The next date was at the landmark restaurant and theater, the “Magic Castle.”  On our third date, Rob made shrimp and grits and after that, we were inseparable, and we were engaged about a year later. We like two types of pie, hot and cold!  In our hallway, we have pictures of our ancestors and parents, and hope to have pictures of our future child’s roots as well.  We have a music room that we spend most mornings in.  There’s a piano, guitars, ukulele, banjo and a lot of records of all types of music. We love summer evenings at the Hollywood Bowl or in our back yard. Rob has a great voice, and Steph has a terrible voice, but we both love Karaoke.  We’re up for almost any travel adventure, especially if it’s somewhere we’ve never been before or if it involves spending time with family.  We like to take long ‘urban hikes’ – exploring cool neighborhoods on foot, we walk in LA! We are animal lovers and our blessed with a cute mutt named Tallulah.


About Stephanie
Stephanie was born and raised in Los Angeles, and her parents Bruce and Heide live a couple blocks away, in the house she grew up in.  We are very close and it’s fun to visit them (especially in the summer) because they’ve got a pool! Steph grew up rollerskating, playing tennis, and visiting her grandmother during the summers in Germany. Steph works in the entertainment industry as an independent film writer & producer.  She’s been lucky enough to make films in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Chicago.


About Rob
Rob grew up outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee and has a large loving family.  He’s always been very creative and was drawn to music, painting and writing, even as a little boy. He has fond memories of vacations to Florida with his grandmother and making peach ice cream with his grandpa on hot summer days.  His nickname was “Squirrel.”  As a young adult, he went to college in Vermont where he studied painting, ceramics and writing.  His love of art took him to New York and eventually to Los Angeles for his graduate degree in Fine Art.  He runs a gallery in Culver City and his passion is playing the guitar and writing songs that tell a story from the heart.  He cannot help but share his love of music and art with a child.


Our Home
We live on a tree-lined street in one of the most charming neighborhoods in Los Angeles.  All of the houses were built in the 1920s and we can walk to a little main street to visit our favorite restaurants, a bookstore, toy store, barbershop, as well as a weekly farmer’s market. We own a three-bedroom / two-bathroom house with a backyard where we grow vegetables and herbs, it also has a wooden sandbox.  We are also walking distance to a cute park and playground and several of the best schools in the city.  Our neighborhood is often used in TV shows, movies, and commercials!


Our Friends and Family
We are both very close to our families and after 8 years we often celebrate the holidays all together.  Stephanie is an only child but has cousins and childhood friends she is very close to whom are like sisters and brothers.  We see Stephanie’s parents at least once a week and we can walk to their house for a Sunday afternoon by the pool and Sunday Suppers.
Rob has two sisters, who are both married with two children each.  We see them at least once a year either at Christmas, summer vacation, or both!  They live in Charleston, South Carolina and Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Rob talks to his parents once a week on the phone and we see them many times throughout the year.  Steph’s parents love to host parties and celebrations at their house. These include St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We have many friends in the neighborhood who have children of all ages, and we enjoy getting together for outings, meals, or weekend trips. We are eager to welcome a baby into our large and loving community of mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, friends and wonderful neighbors.