August 20th, 2019
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Steven and Brian

Hello! We are Brian and Steven from San Francisco, California.

Dear Birth Mother: Because we so greatly value honest and open communication, we are honored to be a part of an open adoption — and we admire your courage in your choice. We imagine you have so many things on your mind, and we are humbled that you have taken the time to read our letter. We look forward to sharing more about ourselves, connecting with you, and taking this journey together. Please contact us at anytime!

Getting To Know Us

We met and fell in love in Seattle, Washington. Our shared love of music and art provided many adventures for us when we started dating. Eventually, we found our way to New York City, all the while, missing the west coast and our families. Before we left New York, we had an amazing marriage ceremony at the courthouse with a few of our dearest friends. When we made the decision to build a family through adoption, it was clear to us that we needed to move closer to our families on the west coast and chose San Francisco as our new home. We love living on a tree-lined street, in a neighborhood that is filled with parks and libraries and cannot wait to check out the swings and slide, and check out books for bedtime stories. Our beloved cat, Butcher Holler (named after Loretta Lynn’s home town) is also excited to welcome a child into our family. He loves it when the kids in our lives come to visit — and follows them around the house from the moment they get here to the moment they leave.

Fun Facts About Us:

  • Brian loves gardening in our backyard. In addition to tending to our fertile avocado tree, this year he’s trying to grow tomatoes, watermelon and cantaloupe.
  • Steven loves to explore the many hills in our vibrant San Francisco neighborhood. Every time he goes on a walk, he comes back with pictures of city views from a new hill-top he’s discovered.

Meet Brian

About Brian, by Steven: Brian is the most generous  and caring person I know. He sees the good in everyone—which means that the people in his life dearly love him. (So much so that three friends have asked him to officiate their weddings!) Just like his mom, he is a genius in the kitchen and effortlessly puts together delicious meals. You often find him there, as it is the hub of our home, and will no doubt become the favorite gathering place as a family. The kids in our life are drawn to his good heart and talent for keeping those around him laughing. As our child grows older, I know our family will have so much fun cooking and laughing in our kitchen. Brian is passionate about his job as a Human Resources Director at a global real estate development company. Brian thrives at his job because he’s able to impact the lives of his colleagues. Meet Steven

About Steven, by Brian: People are drawn to Steven’s youthful sense of humor, kind heart, compassionate spirit, and willingness to help others. He has a way with words and expressing his emotions that really influences those around him because he easily communicates his love and devotion. Family, friends, colleagues, and the kids at his work will tell you that he makes time for everybody so they feel both loved and special. I love to watch kids light up when they see Steven—I’ve been lucky to see firsthand that he is already a father figure to so many—and I’m excited about the kind of dad he will be. Steven has been a school teacher for 14 years in both New York City and San Francisco. He’s now a Special Education teacher at a public school close to our home where he helps elementary children with disabilities meet their classroom goals. We are both extremely lucky to have jobs that are within walking distance of our home, and that have the flexibility to leave the office, or in some cases work from home.Our Friends and Family

We are fortunate to have a loving, close-knit family. Both of our mothers, and most of Steven’s extended family are one state away in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. We often plan vacations with family members—having recently just returned from Hawaii with Steven’s side of the family. We look forward to going on these family-filled adventures. All of the grandparents cannot wait to meet their grandchild! Closer to home, we have a wonderful network of friends who are so excited to see us become parents. We are the godparents to three boys, all on the west coast. Their parents are eager to see us start our own family and prepared to support us during this exciting journey of parenthood. We can’t wait to share the wealth of love and support we feel everyday from our family and friends with our child!Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: San Francisco is a wonderful place to raise a child. In addition to having amazing year-round weather, this is a city that honors diversity and has a wealth of interesting activities for families. Our house is in a thriving, child-friendly neighborhood. Some of our dearest friends with small children live close by and are ready to have play dates. We will definitely be exploring our big backyard and enjoying walks in the neighborhood. We are certain that family, friends, and grandparents will take advantage of our guest room so they can spend extended time with our family.

Our Promise To You: Thank you for taking the time  to read our letter and for learning a bit more about us. We hope you know that we are beyond thrilled to become parents and appreciate your consideration in sharing this journey with us. We would be honored to have a special relationship with you. Throughout the years, we would make communication with you a priority at whatever level makes you comfortable—we will be  as open as you would like  us to be. We look forward to hearing from you!