October 22nd, 2018
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Karen and Steven

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Dear Birth Mother,
Our hearts go out to you, knowing that you have very hard decisions to make. In the midst of this difficult time, perhaps there will be comfort in knowing that you have the possibility
of making someone else’s dream come true. We wish you a sense of peace with whatever choices you make.

There is no doubt that holding our child in our arms for the first time will be the most special moment in our lives. We are so ready to meet our little one and to start our life together.

We’ll create a special book for our child to tell the story about how we became a family – how we wanted them with all our heart, how we created this book to find them, how we waited and waited for them, how their birth mother chose us & we were brought together through love and the miracle of adoption.

We ve formed a deep unconditional love and understanding of each other over the fourteen years that we’ve been together. We still marvel that we met each other and tell stories about how that happened. Despite the fact that we grew up on different continents, we found each other! We both believe that we will find our child in a miraculous way too! We are very eager and excited to find our child through the miracle of adoption.

Thank you very much for taking the time to learn about us.

Karen is sweet, kind and generous with her time and her heart. She is very thoughtful and is always offering her help to anybody for anything. Karen is warm and gentle.

When I first met her, I could tell that Karen was very bubbly and friendly. She has a positive view on life and it has rubbed off on me! I love her sense of joy and excitement about all kinds of things. Karen always wants to learn and experience new things and share what she’s learnt.

Karen is very creative and is always coming up with ideas to improve our house or lives. She is the one that keeps our home in order as she’s so organized and thorough.

She is extremely family-orientated. She is often in touch with her family even though they live far away. Karen organized an amazing large family gathering in England so that they could all meet me and I could meet them.

Karen loves animals. She is extremely devoted to loving and nurturing our pets. In the evening, they want to be close to her and Jasper sits on her lap, Samy curls up on her shoulder and Heidi sits beside her.

Karen is very smart and sensible as well as fun-loving and child-like. I’ve seen how much she loves to be with children. Every time we are with our friends who have children (near or far), she treats them like they are hers.

Any child would be extremely lucky to have Karen as their mother.

R-Photo #2

My sweet hubby really gets me. He has great intuition and is very perceptive of how I’m feeling and picks up on things without me having to say anything. He’s supportive of me in all ways. What a gift!

When we first met, I felt immediately at ease and comfortable in his company. I never tire of being around him and we spend most of our free time together! It was a very good sign that my parents loved Steven right away.

Like my Dad, Steven is a natural storyteller. He can do accents and imitate voices that make me roar with laughter. He can recall stories from the past in great detail – that amazes me!

I totally admire so many of his qualities. He’s incredibly dependable, responsible, thoughtful and hard-working. He is street smart. He’s focused and determined. Steven can fix almost anything!

Steven is caring and generous with his family and mine. Many times, I’ve also seen him take his time to go out of his way to do things for friends of his and mine. He enjoys doing things for people as he likes to see the smile on their faces.

I love watching how he nurtures his fruit tree seedlings and plants. I love that he finds cooking relaxing! It’s fun to see how adventurous he is with trying different foods.

Steven’s heart is full of giving and love – and I know how so very much he wants to share that with a child. The joy of being a father will be so fulfilling for Steven and he’s so ready!

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Our beloved dog, Heidi, recently passed on after being a very special member of our family for over fifteen years. We look forward to sharing the joy of animals with our child and the unconditional love and fun of our two cats – Jasper and Samy. They’re both so gentle and sweet. We make our schedule around their care and desire to be with them.

Jasper loves to be with us and follows us room to room. He likes to sit on our knees when we are watching tv. He is very smart and communicative. To tell us that he’s hungry, he tears up paper! Jasper’s sweetness is shown in how he wraps himself around our hands and gently puts his wet nose on our eyelids to wake us up.

Samuel is extremely affectionate and he loves to cuddle. Samy sits on Karen’s shoulder, puts his face in her hair, and purrs in her ear! He is fun and loves his food. One of his favorite things is curling up in a box or basket. He often snuggles up to Jasper and they sleep together.

Karen: I was born in England and grew up on the Isle of Man, a charming little island in the Irish Sea. It gave me a great love and appreciation of nature. My parents still enjoy living there and have been married for 43 years (and together for 50 years). My brother and his wife live there too. Richard and Kaz have been together for 17 years. We love to visit my family on this very special, magical island and can imagine how much fun it will be share it with our child.

Growing up, I felt loved unconditionally. We had a very caring home with strong morals and a spiritual basis which infused and informed our daily lives. My sweet parents have waited ages to be grandparents and they are extremely excited and eager for it to happen. My Mum has already knitted beautiful clothes for her grandchild!

Steven: I grew up in Los Angeles with the influence of my Spanish grandparents (on my Dad’s side) who lived above their family hardware store business that they started in 1947. I began learning from my grandmother about the business as she had me work along side her from the age of nine. I’m the oldest of three sons and we all work in the family business. My father still works and I love working along side him. My mother’s family came from Sweden and England. Three of my uncles (on my mother’s side) adopted children so adoption is normal in my family. My parents (who have been married 49 years) live just seven miles away from us and they are so excited about us adopting and becoming parents.

These are the INTENTIONS and DESIRES we have for parenting.
We want to give our child LOVE + OPPORTUNITIES
so that they can THRIVE and become FULLY themselves.
We can’t wait to give our child ALL that we have to give.

  • Parenting so that our child truly feels known, seen and heard.
  • Love: appreciating all of our child s qualities and loving them just as they are.
  • Creativity: encouraging imagination, originality, play and independent thinking.
  • Connecting: bonding and getting to know our child moment by moment.
  • Communication: using intentional, loving and respectful language.
  • Attention: delighting in their presence and paying attention.
  • Affection: giving abundant caring, cuddles and kisses.
  • Learning: providing a wide variety of opportunities.
  • Fun: having joy, play and laughter every day.
  • Support: being always there.



We’ve lived together in our charming, historic neighborhood in Southern California for over thirteen years. Together we’ve created a comfortable and relaxed space that feels warm and inviting. We put lots of care and attention into restoring our 1920’s Spanish-style home. The rooms are spacious and airy with tall windows. Most things in our home have a story – they hold memories and add special meaning and character to our home. We believe that love is in the details! We also believe that feeling a sense of comfort and peace at home is very important.

We have lots of fun decorating for Christmas – making it special with wreaths, garlands, plants, log fires, decorations and cards everywhere. We enjoy getting traditional yummy British and Spanish foods. We also like to get out family recipes to bake things we remember from our growing up. Particularly during holidays, we enjoy jigsaw puzzles, playing cards and games.

We ve been preparing ourselves and our home to welcome a child in so many ways. We moved Karen’s office out of our spare bedroom to make room for a nursery. She now has her own studio. Steven stripped the paint off the original baseboards, door jams and window sills and Karen stained and varnished them and painted the walls. We had the hardwood floors refinished and bought a huge, beautiful rug to make it cozy. We started nesting and making a safe, comfy and peaceful space all ready for the day our child arrives home! We’ve been getting ourselves ready too – by researching baby products, reading parenting books, going to baby care and CPR classes and educating ourselves.

Our friends are incredible people and we treasure them. We’ve known many friends for over twenty years and we’re also enjoying getting to know new friends. Many of our friends feel like family. Some friends have grown-up children and other friends are parenting young children. Our next door neighbor is baby Kade. Sweet baby Zenara is also waiting to play. There are lots of babies and children in our neighborhood. There will be wise friends to call when we need guidance or support. Our wonderful friends will be a great blessing and influence. We know that there will be LOTS of love and affection poured forth.

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We look forward to our time together and consider days off as our precious time for being with each other. Sometimes we’re ambitious doing all sorts of projects together- such as restoration and gardening projects for our home. We’ve been researching our family history and this led us to plan a meaningful holiday to Spain to see and discover Steven’s roots. We enjoy the small things – like being with our pets, taking naps, cooking meals together, having candlelight dinners, hanging out with friends, and being in touch with family.

We like to be in nature – putting our feet in the sand at the ocean or walking Heidi and having picnics at parks. We go to places like gardens, museums and historic houses. A favourite outing is the zoo – we love seeing the animals. Each week, we go to our local farmers’ market. We both enjoy concerts and the theatre. There is a rich diversity of choices in our interesting city. We can’t wait to share with our child the wonder and beauty around us – like looking at nature, watching wildlife, growing things, going on walks and adventures to explore. Whatever they love, it will be fun to do with them.

Steven got the travelling bug from Karen. We’ve been on holiday to special places in the USA together, including numerous road trips exploring our beautiful home state of California. Our latest trips have been to England, France, Spain, and the Isle of Man. We look forward to many more exciting adventures with our child and to seeing things through their eyes. There are wonderful things to see and experience and there is so much to learn from travelling. Our child will inherit both British and US citizenship.

Steven manages his family’s hardware store. He gets to help people and problem-solve practical issues that make a difference in people’s lives. He shares his extensive knowledge and advice. Steven is home by 6pm most days.

Karen has her own business. As an artist and photographer, she does black & white portrait commissions and specializes in babies, kids & families. She gets to make art photographs that people will cherish for years to come. Karen is very fortunate to have the flexibility to become a full-time mother.

Steven loves doing things with his hands. His passion is vintage cars and is putting together a 1932 Ford. He has recently enjoyed growing fruit trees from seed – tending to them and watching them grow. Steven has restored clocks, antiques and furniture and retouches old family photos. He can fix almost anything!

Karen’s passion is doing any kind of creative project and making things beautiful She loves books, learning and researching. Karen is very interested in her family history. She has always liked to organize! Once a week, Karen volunteers as a docent at the nearby art museum, taking children on tours to see art.

The projects vary but we do what we love to do! This is something that we want for our child… to find their own passion and what is fulfilling to them.

We send you hugs and love, Karen & Steven xoxo

Steven and Karen