August 20th, 2019
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Karen and Steven

Hello! We are Karen and Steven. We hope our hearts will speak to your heart through this book. Since you are reading this, you must be in the midst of making big choices and we wish you a sense of peace with whatever decisions you make.

After we married, we imagined that we’d be parents right away. Now we feel that adoption is how we are meant to find the baby destined to be in our family. Our hearts are full of so much love to give. Thank you for taking time to learn about us. If your heart leads you to us, we hope to have the opportunity to get to know you. It will be love that unites and ties us all together.


We are both animal and nature lovers.

We have big hearts and love to help others.

We keep our commitments and don’t give up.

We make sacrifices to do what feels right.

We use intuition to guide us in making decisions.

We are authentic, open-minded and down-to-earth.

Despite the fact that we grew up on different continents, we found each other! Steven grew up in Los Angeles and I was born in England and raised on the Isle of Man, an island in the Irish Sea in the United Kingdom. We still marvel that we met when I went into Steven’s hardware store. We believe that we will find our child in a MIRACULOUS way too!


I joke that I lost a customer, but I gained a wife! When Karen first came into my hardware store, she stood out with her smile, friendliness and British accent. I wanted to get to know her, but I had to get up my courage and it took a while! So I decided to put Valentine’s flowers and card by her front door. Once we started hanging out, we became inseparable!


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  • Quality time connecting with each other, playing with Zoe, and being with friends.
  • We enjoy all sorts of music and live concerts.
  • Each week, we go to our nearby farmers’ market for fresh and local produce.
    We like to be in nature – having picnics at parks, going on walks and hikes with Zoe and taking her to the dog beach.
  • We really like the zoo, gardens, flea markets, historic houses and museums.


WE’VE TRAVELLED TO FUN PLACES in the USA and Europe together, including numerous road trips exploring our beautiful state of California. Our latest holidays were in Northern CA and Orcas Island, WA. We both particularly love to be near water. Discovering Steven’s family roots in Spain together was one of our best adventures. We want to share with our child the many wonderful things in this glorious and amazing world of ours!


I’ve always liked being creative and making things. After completing degrees in studio art, history of art and photography, I started my own business as a freelance photographer. My studio is next door, so it is an easy commute! I feel very fortunate to have the flexibility and choice to become a full-time mother or to schedule work time around our family’s needs.

I love the magic of traditional photography and creating black and white prints in my darkroom.

During the school year, I volunteer at a local art museum as a docent, taking students on tours. Engaging with the kids, seeing what they notice, and sharing my enthusiasm is fun and rewarding.

There’s always a big pile of books beside my bed as I love learning. Right now, I’m reading about ayurvedic cooking, Reiki energy healing, and how trees communicate.

I enjoy gardening and caring for our many potted indoor plants. I like getting my hands in the soil!

I’ve been sewing and knitting since I was a young child – everything from clothes to curtains! My Mum recently taught me how to crochet.


  • talks to animals of all kinds
  • has taken books to bed since she was a baby
  • likes to be barefoot and sit cross-legged
  • loves meaningful conversations


Karen is both smart and sensible, as well as fun-loving and child-like. SHE’S GENTLE AND CARING AND IS ALSO A STRONG PERSON WITH INTEGRITY.


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I’ve always enjoyed helping people. I manage my family’s old-fashioned hardware store. It’s always busy! We have long-time customers who have known me since I was a child. It is a friendly place where we joke around and go to great lengths to help customers solve their hardware issues. Some customers like to hang out or to even help out!

I like to work with my hands and find it relaxing. Cooking and baking are fun for me.

My passion is vintage cars. I’m restoring a 1932 Ford piece by piece after redoing all the mechanics on my red 1955 Chevy.

I made my first bowl in a pottery class recently and loved the experience of working with clay on the wheel.

I just got a cool vintage guitar and I’m pursuing my dream of learning to play.

I have fifteen potted fruit trees and enjoy watching over them. Delicious Satsuma oranges ripen around Christmas time every two years and they are worth the wait!


  • enjoys grocery shopping and doing dishes
  • eats his veggies before anything else
  • dogs love him, and he loves them
  • can fix almost anything



His heart is full of giving. Many times, I’ve seen him take time to go out of his way to do things for friends or neighbors. He is generous with his family and mine.


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Karen: My parents and brother live on the Isle of Man. I enjoy talking with my parents at least twice a week on video calls. They come for a long visit around Christmas time. My aunt and uncle live in France and many of my cousins live in England.

Steven: My parents and two brothers live nearby in Los Angeles. It was my grandparents and my father who came here from Spain and started the hardware store. I grew up working along side my grandmother and father. My mother’s family came from Sweden and England. I have eight cousins on my Mom’s side of the family who were adopted.

Many of our friends feel like family as we are so close. Some have grown-up children and others are parenting young children. There will always be wise friends to help us when we need guidance and they will be a great blessing in our child’s life as they are such kind and special people. We know there will be lots of love poured forth to our child.


We love our home and it always feels good to walk in the front door. We live in a charming and historic neighborhood in Los Angeles. To the west of us (about half an hour away) is the ocean, mountains are to the north and the desert is to the east. We are near to everything we need in the city and yet feel we are in the suburbs with grass, trees, squirrels, and birds singing.

We’ve enjoyed working together to make our 1920s Spanish-style apartment feel relaxed and comfortable. There are tall ceilings and big windows that open inwards and let in fresh air and lots of sunshine. Many things in our home have a story and who we are is reflected in our home.

Zoe brings us so much joy. Zoe greets us with kisses and hugs. She’s our beloved Eskie (American Eskimo Dog) who is very smart and fun and has a big personality. Our ZoZo talks, sometimes howls, and knows lots of words, Zoe loves to play, explore and do tricks for treats. Green beans and strawberries are her favourites! Zoe watches tv and barks at it to tell us when she wants it turned on!




  • We wish to give our child what they need to be able to thrive and become their full and best selves.
  • Love. Appreciating and loving all of our child’s qualities just as they are.
  • Communication. Listening well and using intentional, loving and respectful language.
  • Connection. Delighting in their presence, paying attention and engaging.
  • Affection. Offering abundant caring, closeness, cuddles and kisses.
  • Feelings. Making space to feel and talk about feelings and giving empathy.
  • Choice. Providing options, making requests, and respecting their needs.
  • Creativity. Encouraging imagination, originality, play and independent thinking.
  • Support. Being there, holding hands through life no matter what.



  • nesting and creating a nursery.
  • thinking about how we wish to parent.
  • reading baby care & parenting books.
  • researching safe baby products.
  • going to baby care and CPR classes.
  • learning what newborn cries mean.
  • talking to friends about parenting.
  • spending time with our friends’ children.




To know for sure that they are loved for who they are not what they do.

To be kind and respectful to themselves, all people, creatures and nature.

To be aware and responsible for their thoughts and actions.

To notice and appreciate life’s miracles that are all around.

To be okay with making mistakes as that’s how to learn.

To play well and to do their best in whatever they do.

We wish you well as you follow your heart.
If love brings us together, you will always be part of our miracle.
You will be with us whenever we feel love in our hearts for our child.
As we read books, make art, pick up beach shells, hug trees, sing songs and enjoy everyday parenting moments we will give deep gratitude to you for making it all possible.

Sending you hugs and love,

Karen & Steven

x o x o