April 21st, 2018
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Taures and Mike

Hello, we are Mike and Taures from San Francisco!

A Message To You: If you’re reading this it means that we are lucky enough to have made it into your stack of profiles and you liked our front cover enough to turn the page! We would like to say thank you for taking the time to read our story and get to know us. It’s hard to fit our whole life into this little book but we hope that it will give you an idea of who we are and why we would be good fathers.  We have a wonderful life together and we can’t wait to raise a child. We know that there is a baby out there waiting to be born into our family and every day we hope that their mother will find us soon. Maybe that mother is you. Thank you for giving us a chance to find out.

Our Story: When we first met on the floor of a San Francisco dance club at the young age of 21, we had no idea that we would get married and settle down together 12 years later. Taures was visiting from Atlanta, where he was getting his undergraduate degree in psychology, and Mike had driven up from Stanford University to hang out with friends. We clicked immediately and spent the whole night talking and dancing. During the rest of Taures’ short visit to San Francisco we went on several dates and got to know each other better. The attraction between us was strong, but we knew that our time together would be short because Taures had to return to school in Georgia and Mike was going to spend most of his senior year studying abroad in Oxford, England. We parted ways but we always stayed in each others’ hearts.

Over the next ten years we lost touch and our lives took separate paths. Mike graduated from Stanford, moved to Southern California, became a lawyer, and then moved back to San Francisco. Taures finished his undergraduate degree in Georgia, moved to San Francisco, got his graduate degree and became a psychologist. Then one fateful day in 2009 we ran into each other on the street and the attraction we had felt 10 years ago rekindled immediately. Mike sent Taures a message on Facebook to ask him out and the rest became history. Three years later, in May 2012, we had a beautiful wedding in Napa Valley attended by our closest friends and family.

Both of us have always been drawn to San Francisco’s natural beauty, diversity, and free spirit, so we were excited to buy a home in the Castro District and settle down with our dog Jake. We’ve known from the beginning that we would like to have children, but we decided to take a few years to enjoy each other, travel the world, and advance in our careers before starting a family. In recent years we traveled to Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Israel, and a number of other places. We also renovated our home, established ourselves at work, and grew even closer than before.




Introducing Taures

About Taures: I grew up in South Georgia with my caring, hardworking mom and younger sister and brother. I was raised by a mother who believed in the importance of education and provided me with the support and love to embrace learning as an exciting and essential part of my life. I developed a curiosity that allowed me to seek out the unfamiliar, which lead me to the wonderful world of music. I started to read music at the age of 8 and then begin to play the trumpet, euphonium, tuba, clarinet and saxophone. I was in band all during middle and high school. I even was selected to play in the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. I still compose and play instruments and look forward to sharing the wonderful world of music with my future child.  After high school, I received a full ride music scholarship and stayed close to family. After 2 years, I moved to the big city ( Atlanta) and decided I wanted to become a psychologist to help others. I finished my bachelor’s degree and later got a masters degree in psychology. Now, I work for a government-funded non-profit that provides counseling and support services to homeless, and formerly homeless, individuals. I am the Support Services Manager for 2 supportive housing buildings and I supervise 5 counselors doing this demanding, yet rewarding work.

Mike Talks About Taures: Taures is patient, loving, and cheerful. He is always there to listen when a friend or family member needs support and he has a knack for finding the silver lining in every situation, which is why he is such a good therapist. He is very extroverted and loves getting to know people. Taures’ friendly demeanor and warm personality often make him the life of the party, and he is a wonderful partner who brings out the best in me. He’s not just my husband he’s also my best friend. I look forward to seeing his face when he sees his future child for the first time; it will be one of the most beautiful moments in our life because Taures loves kids. What a wonderful day that will be!



Introducing Mike

About Mike: I grew up in Palo Alto, California, with loving parents and a younger sister. Sports were always a huge part of my childhood – I grew up playing soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball, and my dad often took me to sporting events including Giants and 49ers games. As an adult, I still love playing sports. I belong to a recreational soccer team in San Francisco and I also regularly play tennis with my sister. I look forward to being active with our future child and sharing my love of sports with them.  After high school I went to Stanford University where I got a dual degree in Human Biology and English. I then attended law school, and I’ve practiced employment law ever since. Now I work for Google as an in house attorney, managing a small team of employment lawyers who ensure that the Company treats its employees fairly.

Taures Talks About Mike: Mike is confident, intelligent, ambitious and caring. He stays calm in the midst of difficult situations and is always supportive when I need him. With his fondness for adventure, when we leave the house I never know if we are going hiking for 6 hours or heading to a comedy club or fancy restaurant for date night. Mike is loving and hardworking — I am so excited and grateful to start a family with him.



Our Family & Friends

Both sides of the family are excited to  add a new member to the crew. They can’t wait for Mike and Taures to have a baby! Mike is a native Northern Californian which means we are lucky to have family nearby. Mike’s younger sister and her husband live across the bay in Oakland, and his father lives 20 miles to the south in sunny Palo Alto. We often get together for family BBQs, pool days at dad’s house, hiking trips, football games, picnics at Dolores park, and movie nights.  Taures grew up in Valdosta, Georgia, where most of his family still lives. He is the oldest of four and the proud uncle of 6 nephews and nieces. Taures is very close with his siblings – in fact he helped raise them! Growing up, Taures often took his brother and sisters to school, cooked dinner for them, and read them bedtime stories when his mother had to work. We make it a priority to visit Taures’ family throughout the year, especially during holidays.

Fun Family Holidays: A Tropical Thanksgiving every year we rent a house in a tropical location, like Puerto Vallarta or Hawaii, and spend the week cooking together, lying on the beach, relaxing, and enjoying each others’ company. Santa’s Cookie Bake –  We all make cookies for Santa! Halloween Costume Making Party – We make costumes with materials and supplies from my mom and all go trick or treating together as a family. Friday Night Movie Night –  3 times a year, we come together on a Friday night to watch a movie, my mom even pops popcorn with extra butter! : )



Our Home and Closing Thoughts

We love San Francisco! Over the years we’ve put a lot of love into renovating and decorating our home. We have tons of outdoor space, including a deck where Taures grills, Jake sunbathes, and Mike reads, and a beautiful garden that Mike enjoys tending. The house is our cozy oasis in the middle of San Francisco’s vibrant Castro District. Castro is full of historic Victorian homes, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and parks. No matter the time of year there is always something to do, whether it’s exploring the secret stairways in the neighborhood, getting a latte at the dog friendly cafe around the corner, enjoying the view from Kite Park, or seeing a movie at the Castro Theater.   We live only five minutes away from Dolores Park, which has the best playground in the city. Our house is also just across the street from the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, an elementary school that celebrates diversity and fosters strong family-school-community connections. It’s an amazing place!

Meet our dog, Jake: We rescued Jake from the local animal shelter when he was 4 months old and he has brought joy into our lives ever since. Jake is mixed; not sure of the exact mix but he looks like a yellow lab. He is a people lover and incredibly happy go lucky. We call him our “Surfer Dude,” because he loves swimming and hanging out in the sun more than anything. We love walking him around the neighborhood, throwing the ball for him at the park, and cuddling with him on the couch. Jake is patient, affectionate, and very good at entertaining kids.

Thank you! Thanks for reading our story and letting us share a little bit about ourselves! Hopefully you have an understanding of who we are as a couple and who we want to be as parents. We can’t wait to welcome a little person into our world, and we’d be honored if you chose us to be fathers to your child.