April 27th, 2018
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Taylor and Patrick


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Following a chance meeting at a scavenger hunt in 2008, we embarked on a shared adventure of love, admiration, and respect that has grown yet stronger every day.  Despite sharing many things in common, including having both grown up in Orange County, California, both having worked at Disneyland, and each having two brothers, our relationship truly has been a case of opposites attracting. Patrick is often more methodical and detail-oriented, whereas Taylor loves spontaneity and making the most out of each moment. One thing that we’ve always shared, however, is our desire to build a family.  Of course, there were a few key milestones we wanted to take care of first. In 2014 we were engaged, followed by a spectacular Santa Barbara wedding in May 2015. A year later, we purchased our first home, and now, we’re ready and excited to take the biggest step of all- to start building our family.





Growing up as the eldest of three boys in Southern California, Taylor and his brothers were encouraged by their parents to pursue their passions. For Taylor, that took the form of Theme Parks, namely Disneyland and Universal Studios. Years later, he was able to take this passion and transform it into the career of his dreams as a Theme Park Designer, with projects now open in America, China, Korea, Mexico, Indonesia, and many other places. Taylor is a strong believer in maintaining a balance between work and life. In his downtime, he loves live theater, film, food, fitness, friends, and family.



Being born into a large Irish-Italian household, family has always come first for Patrick. Constantly alongside his brothers and cousins, Patrick enjoyed an idyllic Southern California childhood with constant trips to the local beaches, lakes, mountains, and of course, Disneyland. After graduating from college, Patrick started to build his career, and several years ago he and his business partners founded a financial firm that has grown steadily and successfully. Despite having several offices across the country, Patrick enjoys the flexibility of working from home, giving him the ability to be with our child at all times of the day. Patrick finds excitement in hitting the gym several times a week, watching Food Network competitions, and giving our home a stylish touch.


Just north of Hollywood, California, we found the house of our dreams! Our home is a Palm Springs-style retreat in the middle of suburban Southern California, pool and all. When we first purchased the house it was in need of a great deal of love and care, which we’ve been all too happy to give. Over the first year, we completely transformed the yard and interiors, playing up the mid-century aspects, and transforming it into a high-style resort-like setting.


Meet a dog so amazing that he gets an entire page to himself. Roo joined our family in June 2016, and has enriched our lives every day since. He is a tug-of-war champion and bone connoisseur whose favorite activities include fitness (in the form of multiple daily walks with Patrick), travel (particularly to the Dog Park), and trying new foods, as well as keeping our home safe from pesky neighborhood cats.


Our love of travel has taken us to six continents and countless countries. From seeing the world’s most incredible sights, to making new friends and trying every food and adventure under the sun, we find the allure of cultural immersion irresistible. It’s something we’ve always been passionate about sharing with family and friends, and we can’t wait to start creating new memories with a child of our own.


There’s nothing more important to us than the love of our family, and we can’t wait to have our child join our large and continually-growing tree. Most members are also located in Southern California, so our child will always be in good company for birthdays, sleepovers, holidays, and vacations. We are proud to say Cousin Mila also joined our family after an AdoptHelp match!




From small habits (including frequent exercise and sushi dinners) to larger events (like annual trips to catch all the latest Broadway shows in New York and Cirque du Soleil premieres in Montreal), we have built lives rich with healthy habits and exciting traditions. It’s our intention that our child will be raised with the best of all possible worlds at their disposal, enjoying a healthy, happy, and cultured childhood in the infinite wonderment and opportunity of California.