June 16th, 2019
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Teejay and Tanya

List of Favorites!

  • Favorite Hobby:

    Tanya: Swimming

    Teejay: RC Airplanes

  • Favorite Movie:

    Tanya: Titanic

    Teejay: The Sandlot

  • Favorite Actor:

    Tanya: Julia Roberts

    Teejay: Liam Neeson

  • Favorite Food:

    Tanya: Mexican

    Teejay: Cheeseburgers

  • Favorite Animal:

    Tanya: Dogs

    Teejay: Dogs

  • Favorite TV Show:

    Tanya: Criminal Minds

    Teejay: History’s Vikings

Hello! We are Tanya and Teejay from Southern California.

FIRST, we want to thank you for reading our profile and considering us as adoptive parents to your precious baby. We live in the High Desert located in Southern California. It is an amazing place to live with many exciting things to do. We would love to have our own biological children but due to medical reasons we cannot. We are choosing adoption because we both love children very much and have tons of love and affection to give. To be able to raise a child together and teach them our values and love them as much as we can is very important to us. Teejay does not have any biological children and Tanya has three biological sons. The first is Jordan, then Tyler and the youngest is Zachery. We would love more than anything, to grow our family as large as we can. We look forward to growing our family and being surrounded by many loving children.

About Us, by Teejay

We first met each other where we both used to work. I was the lead Information Management Officer working for the government. Tanya was a new employee, signing in as a transfer Orthodontic Dental Assistant. Tanya went to my office to receive her email account and get access to the computer systems. At first, the relationship was a casual work friendship, but over time we got to know each other. We realized that we had so much in common and that our interests were almost exactly the same. We both value our family. We love adventure and do the same outdoor activities. These brought us even closer together and let us open up more to each other. After a few years, our love for each other had grown to the point to where we had to be together. Our hearts and souls took over and have bonded us for life.

Our Fun Facts:

  • We love attending sports events, especially Los Angeles Dodgers games.
  • We spend summer weekends at Lake Havasu Arizona and winter weekends in Big Bear, CA.
  • We have at least one date night every weekend.
  • We enjoy the beach.
  • We love relaxing by the lake near our house.
  • We love taking our Jeep on trail rides.
  • We enjoy going to the movies.
  • We really enjoy playing practical jokes and having fun as a family.

Meet Teejay

About Teejay, by Teejay: I was born in Germany and grew up in Southern California. I had a normal childhood and I loved playing sports with all of my friends. I joined the military when I was 18, and served in the U.S. Air Force for 11 years. I got to travel the world and see many states. I have earned three degrees, one Associates in Science in Computer Science and two Bachelors of Arts in History and Anthropology, both from Arizona State University. I currently work for the Department of Veterans Affairs in Loma Linda CA, as an IT specialist. This gives me the flexibility to work whatever shift is necessary to be able to come home and take care of a newborn baby. All my hobbies involve the outdoors. I like to go off-roading in my Jeep and visit nature’s wonders. I like to sit back and enjoy the sounds of nature and to gaze at the earth’s natural landscapes. I am very excited to become a father again, to raise a newborn to be a loving, caring person and to teach them the ways of life.

More About Teejay, by Tanya: When I first met Teejay, I knew he would be a great husband and dad. I would watch him with other people and would always tell him that he would make a great husband and little did I know he would be my husband. Teejay is a very caring, giving man, husband and father. His heart is as big as the universe and he shares his love as much as he can. He has taken Zach under his wing and is the best dad Zach could have. Over the years, I have fallen more and more in love with Teejay. He is very funny and always makes us laugh. He is the perfect role model for Zach, and will be the same for your baby if you choose us.

Meet Tanya

About Tanya, by Tanya: I grew up on a farm in Northern California with my parents, two sisters and my brother. We moved to Southern California when I was in the seventh grade. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to have a big family, because to me, family is everything. I had my first son Jordan, who is now 28, when I was very young. I finished high school and then went to dental assisting school. A few years later, my second son Tyler, who is now 24, joined us and around 9 years after that my youngest son Zach was born. Zach is now 15 and lives with us. I am a Registered Dental Assistant and have been for 20 plus years. I absolutely love doing outdoor activities like going to the beach, the Colorado River, to the mountains in Big Bear, CA and riding ATV’s and UTV’s. I also enjoy going off-roading with my husband in his Jeep. I get to hang out with the love of my life and be in the outdoors at the same time. Children are the greatest gift in the world. To be able to raise a newborn with my soulmate will be the second greatest gift second only to the newborn.

More About Tanya, by Teejay: I knew there was something special about Tanya, from the very first time I saw her. She is the sweetest, kindest most generous person I have ever met. Her heart and the love she has in it is endless. Tanya truly balances me out and is often times that person that helps me understand difficult situations. She is amazingly calm in most situations. One of the most miraculous things I have ever seen is when she cares for a baby. The way she cares for and loves children is pure magic. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to raise and love a child with Tanya!

Our Loving Families

Meet Zachary, Tyler and Jordan: Meet Zachary, or as we call him, Zach. Zach is 15 years old and is a freshman in high school. He is the practical joker of the family. He tends to hide in the shadows trying to scare us as he pops out. He loves to play sports, but since he started high school his focus has been on football. He also loves doing everything that involves the great outdoors. He like fishing, camping, boating and during the football offseason he is heavily involved in the Future Farmers of America Program. He gets the opportunity to buy and then raise a little pig and learn what it takes to be a farmer. Zach is completely ecstatic about being a big brother and is perfect for the job. Tyler is Tanya’s middle son and is 24 years old. He is married to his high school sweetheart Aracely and they have a beautiful baby girl named Ariella. Tyler works for the railroad and Aracely is a full-time student. Tyler and Aracely live close to us and are eager to help us out with the new baby. Jordan is the oldest of Tanya’s three boys at 28 years old. He is a former Deputy Sherriff and is now a power pole Lineman. He is married to Malerie and has two step-daughters, Zoe and AJ and together they have a super cute baby boy named Callum. They currently live in Boise Idaho, along with their two dogs.

Our Family and Friends: Teejay’s side of the family is the smaller of the two families. Teejay’s mother and father, Sandra and Jay live close by. We often go to their house to visit and spend lots of time chatting. His older brother Jayson lives by their parents as well. His younger brother Lawrance lives in Lexington, Kentucky and is a full-time student at Eastern Kentucky University.  Tanya’s family on the other hand is very large. She has one older sister Dawn, two younger sisters Crystal and Johanna and a younger brother John Jr. We celebrate holidays a little different then some people. We usually celebrate a holiday one day with one side of the family and then with the other side of the family the next day. This is great because it means we get to celebrate the holidays twice. We hold our families very close to our heart.

Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Our Home and Community: We live in a spacious house within a private community in Victorville, California. We have a lake within walking distance where kids can swim, fish and play. There are also several parks located around the community that are exclusively for residents only. The community is patrolled by a security team that ensures the residents safety. Our neighborhood is very quiet and is equally safe. Most of our neighbors are school teachers of various grades. We love talking to our neighbors and enjoying barbeques during the summer time.

About Our Dogs, Missy and Eva: We have two very friendly dogs. The first is a two-year-old mixed dog named Missy. She is a very small dog and loves to be held. Our second is dog named Eva and is about a year and a half old. She is an English Mastiff and is very large. We joke and call her a moose instead of a dog. Don’t let her size trick you. She is the sweetest dog ever and both dogs loves and adores kids and babies.

Thank You!

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting to know us. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you and hope we were able to demonstrate the love we would have for your baby. We hope to be able to get to know you better and to learn more about you and your journey through life.