August 20th, 2019
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Todd and Carrie


We are Carrie and Todd from Southern California and we can’t wait to grow our family through adoption again!

Although we have known each other for over 18 wonderful years, we just got married in 2009 when we decided we were ready to have children. We struggled with getting pregnant on our own for a few years and, while it was difficult, we emerged from the experience with a confidence that our relationship has the strength to overcome obstacles and that adoption was the right choice for us to grow our family. Looking back, we are now so grateful for the hand life dealt us with our fertility obstacles; without it we wouldn’t have met our daughters, Quinn and Pepper, who are the most amazing gifts and have inspired us to wake up every day with a devotion to being the best parents and people we can be.

We can’t imagine what a difficult time this is for you, however, we are impressed with and grateful for the selfless decision to consider adoption for your child. We strongly believe that everything happens for a reason; we are excited to know that the child we will take home is the one we were meant to parent. We have so much love to offer another child in a home that’s stable, supportive, and full of life within a family such as ours who is kind, nurturing, and compassionate. It is our wish that as you read through our profile, you’ll get a good sense of our life and what we have to offer your child. Thank you for taking the time to consider us when choosing a family for your child.

Our Weekend Adventures!

We are big hikers! We love to find a new trail to explore with Quinn, Pepper, and our Golden Retriever, Monty. We bring lunch and make a day of it, usually trying to find a peaceful spot with a great view to relax and take in the view.  We are excited to include another child in our adventures!

Our Travels!

We love a beach vacation and try to make it to Hawaii or another beach location every year or two. This past year we went to Hawaii with another family where Quinn kayaked for the first time and the girls went to their first luau! Whether we are lying by the pool, riding the waves, or exploring the hillsides, we are so excited to bring our children with us on these adventures. We also love taking weekends away for short road trips up to the wine country, to visit with Carrie’s mom and stepdad up in Northern California, go snowboarding in the mountains, or to the desert to with visit friends!

Work By Carrie…

When I graduated from college, I starting working in real estate, which I love. I have a very flexible schedule and I work from home quite a bit. Since Quinn and Pepper have arrived, it has been my priority to work much less, now coordinating my light work schedule with Todd’s time off so that I can spend as much time with Quinn and Pepper (and soon the new baby!) as possible.   Because we have worked hard for years, we have more established stability to ensure that our children are the first priority!

Work By Todd…

I love what I do. Since graduating college I have always been in operations and management.  Currently I am the Vice President of a legal firm that allows me weekends and holidays off. I have a lot of responsibility, but with that comes the flexibility in scheduling around things like doctor’s visits and other personal obligations and hopefully, one day, after-school sports!


About Carrie by Todd…

I can honestly say with 100 percent conviction that Carrie is the most amazing and caring woman that I have ever met. From the day I laid eyes on her over 18 years ago, I knew not only was she the woman that I wanted to marry, but also the woman I wanted my children to call ‘mom.’ I fell deeply in love with her infectious charisma, sharp sense of humor, and her ability to unconditionally love me truly and deeply. The word “soul mate” is often overused, but throughout the trials and tribulations that our relationship has encountered, this word applies to us.  No matter what happens, Carrie and I were meant to live this life and to raise a family together. Now having seen her as a mother, I can’t imagine a better role model for a son or daughter. As I continue to learn from her everyday, I can only imagine what amazing things that our children will be able to learn from her. It warms my heart when I see Carrie with Quinn and Pepper. She is patient, understanding, and pours love and affection into every moment she spends with her. I am so excited for the day when Carrie and I will have a third child to add to our family.  As much as I love her already, I continue to develop a new kind of love for her, now as the mother of my children.

About Todd by Carrie…

Todd is my best friend, my biggest supporter, and my partner throughout all of life’s adventures. I’ve never known anyone who can make me laugh like he does; even at the worst of times, he seems to find lightness in almost any situation, reminding me that life is short. I watch Todd with Quinn and Pepper and am so proud to say that he is the best father; he has so much love to give and so much to teach our children about kindness to others, the results of hard work, the importance of family, and how to embrace each day as it comes. Making Quinn and Pepper giggle is a daily occurrence but he also changes a lot of diapers, reads books with them, and did his share of midnight feedings when we were in that stage. Although I’ve known Todd for 18 years, I often look at him and feel that same spark I felt the first time I met him.  Becoming parents together has made me fall in love with him all over again; he’s an incredible husband, person, and a father who inspires me to be the best mom and wife I can be!


Quinn and Pepper

In 2012 and 2014, we were blessed with our beautiful adopted daughters, Quinn and Pepper. We were fortunate to have a wonderful and loving experience with both Quinn and Pepper’s birthparents. We watched both girls come into the world and have never been so overwhelmed with love and gratitude for anything in our lives. Even as we write this, we are emotional in recalling our feelings on those days. Our intention is to tell Quinn, Pepper, and our next adopted child their birth story from a very young age so that they can have the same respect, admiration, and gratitude as we do for their birthparents’ selfless gift to our family. Quinn, at only four, is incredibly compassionate, thoughtful to others, and extremely bright. Pepper, even at her young age, already has a wicked sense of humor, a huge personality, and a lot of fearless curiosity. Having both come from families with siblings, we feel strongly that siblings learn about patience, sharing, and love from one another. It has always been our dream to have three children, close enough in age so that they can play together and have more in common.  Quinn has really embraced being an older sister and we know Pepper will as well!



Carrie’s Family

I am so lucky to have the family I do! I spent most of my time growing up with my mom and my sister. My sister and I are incredibly close; we acted as maids of honors at each other’s weddings and I am the “favorite” aunt to her son, Sydney. We speak daily and love to go up to visit my mom with whom we’re also really close. She lives with my stepdad on a gorgeous farm in Northern California where we go white water rafting, hiking, and snowboarding. My father and stepmom live in a beautiful area near the water in Washington State; when we visit we walk the beaches, collect seashells, and look for whales. Quinn made both my parents grandparents for the first time – it’s been so much fun watching them interact with and get excited about Quinn and Pepper! Everyone in my family is so excited at the prospect of Todd and I being blessed with a third child. My sister and I love getting our families together for holidays or just an impromptu afternoon!


 Todd’s Family

My brothers and I went through a lot when we were younger that helped to shape us as the men we are today.  I have two older brothers; Jeff and Greg.  Jeff lives in Los Angeles with his family, including a 6-month-old daughter. Greg lives in Orange County with his family; they have three kids of their own!  My father, Tom, also lives in Orange County and we see him and his wife every other week or so.  My dad has always been very involved in our lives and is the wise one that we often seek advice from.  My grandmother, Patty, who we call “Honey,” raised us boys after my mom passed away when I was 12.  We visit Hon every other weekend.  Hon is very sweet; a firecracker of a woman.  She kind of had to put up with my brothers and I growing up!  When we all get together, it often leads to a lot of laughter and story telling.  We really enjoy each other’s company. My dad and grandmother already adore their grandchildren and great-grandchildren…adding another grandchild to the family will be exciting for everyone!


Our Holidays

We are fortunate to have such loving families who live so close. We are able to spend holidays with both sides…usually with us as the hosts!  We have a full house every Thanksgiving with friends and family where Carrie cooks an extra large turkey every year. Both of our families come – Todd’s from Southern California, and Carrie’s from Northern California – where we have food, dancing, and games all afternoon and evening. Christmas Eve we spend with Todd’s family and Christmas Night we spend with Carrie’s family at our house. For 4th of July, our neighborhood has a famous parade where all the neighbors dress themselves, their kids, strollers, and cars up in patriotic garb. We participate each year with Quinn, Pepper, and Monty…watching our kids’ reactions to the floats, balloons, and music was so much fun! We walk the route to where it ends up at the local park where we have a BBQ with all of the neighbors and their families. And Halloween (Todd’s favorite!) is a blast…hundreds of kids trick-or-treat at our house every year. Todd joins in with most of the neighborhood dads in decorating our house full of props, sound effects, and smoke machines to the delight of all the trick-or-treaters!

Home Sweet Home!

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful neighborhood with a great school system.  Carrie has spent the last few years renovating our home with a great result! We have a large yard with lots of room for kids to play and a pool to splash around in on hot summer days.  Our neighborhood is known for its mature tree-canopied streets. We have an 80-year old jacaranda tree in the backyard for which Todd has drawn out plans for a tree-house! There are a lot of parks in our neighborhood within walking distance of our home. Living in Southern California, we don’t have to go far to go bike riding, hiking, swimming in the ocean, or snowboarding…


Although commonly referred to as “Peanut,” “Montelicious,” or “The Hairy Beast,” Monty is our lovable Golden Retriever that we’ve had since he was a puppy.  He’s so submissive, he rolls on his back even at the sight of a Chihuahua. Monty is such a source of love and happiness for us, always wanting to be by our side, whether we are swimming in the pool, walking the neighborhood, or going on a road trip. He is a gentle giant, loving every man, woman, and child he comes into contact with. Let’s put it this way: Quinn’s first word was “Dog”!


Our Values

We look forward to teaching our children about the importance of integrity, self-respect, compassion for others, and being true to who you are, all while not taking life too seriously.  Laughter is an important component to our family life and it will be our goal to incorporate humor into our children’s lives. Education is also very important to us so while we intend to support our children in whatever dreams they wish to pursue, we also will strive to teach him or her that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. This is a mantra that we were both raised to believe and live by.


Thank You

We truly hope that your search for a forever family ends here… with us.  But if not, we wish you continued strength in your search for adoptive parents and a loving home for your precious baby. You have our greatest admiration and respect.

If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp toll free at 1-800-637-7999.