October 22nd, 2018
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Todd and Craig

Hi! Thanks for hearing our story! We hope these pictures and words give you a peek into our lives.

We’re lucky to have a lot of happiness in our lives, and we have long dreamed of sharing the love and laughter, and the family and friends that fill our days.

You are on a journey, and so are we. Maybe our paths will cross.  No matter what, we appreciate you looking at our story.

Todd & Craig


Our story

We met in college, when we lived in the same building. At first, we did everything with groups of friends, but gradually we started to hang out with just each other. We’d stay up late talking about our families, our hopes, everything. Soon we scraped together the rent for our first apartment as a couple. Yes, we were those friends who fell in love.

Now we’ve been together for more than 15 years. We said “I do” in 2008, when marriage became legal for us, in a ceremony surrounded by more than 150 family members and friends. We became godparents to our friends’ twins.  We bought a house.

On weekends we love seeing movies, hiking with our dogs and visiting local beaches. Summer vacation has been one of our favorite traditions, and we hope our expanded family can experience the world together.


Our favorite adventures

Rock climbing on waterfalls in Hawaii

Kayaking in the Czech Republic

Reliving the Coliseum’s history in Rome

Parasailing in Cancun

‘Boating on the canals of Amsterdam

Celebrating the Fourth of July at a cousin’s lake house

Looking for the best bratwurst in Berlin

Joining family reunions in Las Vegas and North Carolina

Exploring the ancient ruins of Pompei

Hiking Cadillac Mountain in Maine

Snorkeling and diving in the Caribbean

Meet Todd!

I was the youngest of three, growing up in Illinois along the Mississippi River.  My mom taught elementary school, and she instilled a curiosity about the world around us. Every summer, we pulled our travel trailer for a two-week vacation exploring different parts of the country. Those trips are among my favorite memories of my childhood. My dad worked as an engineer, but he nurtured my interest in writing. I wrote the Henneman Nightly News, and he helped me share it with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents.

After high school, I went to college near Chicago and studied journalism. I liked the idea of giving a voice to the voiceless and serving as a watchdog on people with power, so I became a news reporter when I graduated. I later decided to get a master’s degree, and that’s why Craig and I moved to Los Angeles.  Now I teach journalism at a university. I love helping students learn new skills. The job also gives me a super-flexible schedule, which will be helpful when we become parents.


10 facts about Todd, by Craig

His goofy humor makes people smile.

He’s always asking, “What should we do for fun?”

He plays video games with our nephews – and occasionally wins.

He lets our niece braid his hair, like he’s her doll.

He is a master at the barbecue.

His students say he’s the best teacher they’ve had.

His favorite workout: a one-mile swim.

He gets obsessed with decorating for the holidays.

He’s calm and cool under pressure.

He has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve met. Ever.

Meet Craig!

I also grew up the youngest of three kids. My family lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, where my dad was a county employee and my mom was an administrative assistant. Sports were big in my family – soccer, basketball, baseball and tennis – and in high school I was sports editor of the school newspaper.

I majored in journalism in college and have spent much of my career as a lifestyle journalist, covering fun topics such as travel and home design. I currently am an entertainment editor for a national news organization. I specialize in the arts – art museums, architecture, theater, dance and more – but I also work with movie reporters, TV writers and others covering Hollywood.


10 facts about Craig, by Todd

He tries to make me giggle most nights — followed by a triumphant, “Made you laugh!”

He knows the names of a surprising number of flowers.

He’s the first person I’d call if I needed help.

He’s the better dancer.

He has two plastic bins of soccer and basketball trophies in our garage.

His former co-workers called him the best boss at his going-away party.

He still has a collection of “Star Wars” trading cards from his childhood.

He buys a lot of shoes (but denies it).

He slips table scraps to our dogs when he thinks I’m not looking.

He makes my heart race


Our home

We live in a friendly neighborhood of Long Beach, on a tree-lined street where every spring the jacarandas fill the sky with purple flowers. Our U-shaped house has extra bedrooms that look out onto a central courtyard, so there’s lots of space for family to visit and for friends to hang out. Our backyard includes a pool where Todd likes to swim, a garden that Craig nurtures and a patio where Daisy and Wally like to lie in the sun.


Our dogs

We rescued Wally, a German Shepard mix, from the Los Angeles city animal shelter. He was a nervous little guy, but he immediately gave us kisses, and in the years since we’ve built his confidence so he’s a happy and playful pup. He bonded instantly with Daisy, our terrier-beagle mix, who we found through the Glendale Humane Society. They like to cuddle on the couch, and they both love children.


5 things we love about our neighborhood:

  1. Lots of families who say hello when you see them
  2. Elementary school recognized by the state for excellence
  3. Indie shops and restaurants
  4. Two playgrounds within walking distance
  5. Fun aquarium along waterfront park

Friends and family

As a California native, Craig has a lot of family throughout the state. Craig’s brother lives in San Diego, where we go to watch our nephews play baseball. Craig’s sister lives in Sacramento, and most of Craig’s extended family — more than 60 aunts, uncles, cousins and their children — are here too, so family gatherings are big!

Most of Todd’s family lives in Illinois. Todd’s nieces and nephews live in the Chicago suburbs, and we visit them several times a year. Todd’s mom still lives in his childhood home, and Todd not only visits often but talks to her every day. Really.

In Los Angeles, we have a tight-knit circle of friends. Together, we celebrate children’s birthdays, have picnics and get together for game nights. Several of our closest friends have young children, and all of our friends are as hopeful and excited as we are about our adoption plans.


Our promise to you

We promise to love the child unconditionally.

We promise to provide educational opportunities.

We promise to help the child reach his or her full potential.

We promise to fill life with arts, nature, sports, travel, friends and pets.

We promise to nurture respect for all people and champion social justice.

We promise to honor your role as the birthmother.

Our heartfelt thanks

Thanks for looking at our profile. Becoming parents has been our dream for years. We hope we can go on this journey together.


If you would like to speak with us about adopting your child or have any questions for us, please contact your case worker at AdoptHelp by calling 1-800-637-7999.