August 20th, 2019
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Todd and Delialah

Dear Birth Mother,

Hello! We are Delialah and Todd and we want to start by saying thank you for taking the time to read our letter. You doing so gives us hope and even though we haven’t met you, we are already grateful for you! We hope that as you look through our profile, it gives you an idea of who we are as a couple, as parents, and as a family, and we hope that you can picture the type of loving home we promise to provide for your child.

We have always known that one day we would adopt a child, but we just didn’t know when that day would be. With 3 biological sons from Delialah’s first marriage, Todd basically married into an instant family. We had our first son together a year after we were married and our daughter a few years after that. Shortly after she was born, we started discussing adoption. We knew we would have another baby, and we both knew in our hearts that adoption would be our path when the time was right.

We know we are a large family, but that just means we have even more love to give. Please don’t let that scare you, it really is so special! With so many different ages (21, 15, 14, 8 and 5) our home is full of different personalities and more love than you can imagine. It truly is like a small village. 4 of our 5 children live with us, our oldest is away in college but he comes to visit a lot. The two teenage boys spend a lot of their time playing sports, hanging around with friends and of course playing video games. The 2 younger ones look up to them so much and when all 5 of them are together it is really so special to watch how they all interact with each other. This Fall, our youngest will be starting Kindergarten, which means we will have an empty house for the first time in many years! Being that we don’t have jobs outside of the home (we have a business that allows us to stay home to raise our family together) we have no idea what we will do at home all day. This really is the perfect time for us to adopt, because we will have all day for both of us to love on that precious baby before the kids come home. Then when they are home, they will have their turn with her. I promise, your sweet little one will truly be so loved!


Our Story

We had an instant connection when we met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. It was the strangest feeling, like we had known each other for our entire lives! We had a lot in common…the same taste in music, a love of theatre, both of us former athletes…but when he pushed the chairs aside to make a mock dance floor in a crowded restaurant and dragged me up to dance to the song Purple Rain, it was a done deal! We immediately became the best of friends and started dating very soon after. After a short engagement, we were married in front of 40 of our closest friends and family members. The 3 boys walked me down the aisle and stood near us as we spoke our vows, taking part in a symbolic sand ceremony to represent us all becoming a blended family.

Things we Enjoy as a Couple

  • Live music
  • Dancing
  • Dueling pianos
  • Going to the theatre
  • Lunch dates
  • Comedy movies
  • Sunset dinners on the lake
  • Hosting fundraisers
  • Dessert dates
  • Netflix binges
  • Muscle cars

See Todd, From Delialah’s Eyes

Although Todd and I had an instant attraction, it was seeing him with my children that really melted my heart. He was such a natural that it was hard to believe he had no kids of his own and that he grew up as an only child. Friends call him the “Baby Whisperer” because he has the magic touch with them. I think it’s because he’s 6’5” and kind of like a giant teddy bear. One of my favorite things to do is to listen to him sing our little ones their bedtime song every night.

Todd is so loving and nurturing and it is so important to him that he makes sure that everyone’s needs are taken care of. He is a lot of fun and shares my whacky sense of humor! He is the guy on the block that will be seen sledding with the kids in the snow while wearing a blow up T-Rex costume, making couch forts in the den on rainy days or having Friday night freeze dance pajama parties. In every area of my life he has always been my number one fan, supporting and believing in me even in times when I didn’t believe in myself. He is my rock, and he is our family’s foundation!



See Delialah, From Todd’s Eyes

Spending time with Delialah and her children let me quickly see how deeply caring and loving she is. Her strong passion for motherhood was apparent in everything she did. The way she always pushed to do better and strived to be her best self, two that she could be an example for her children to follow, it was so attractive to me. When I met her I was amazed at how strong she was, and her outlook on life was still as cheerful as a child’s in many ways. Not only was she incredibly beautiful, but she is such a bright light with so much love on the inside, and super intelligent too! Her love of music and the arts matched my own and it’s a strong connection we share.

Delialah is incredibly selfless and is always putting others before herself. She finds joy in the smallest things and is the center of the family. With her Italian roots, there is always a reason to celebrate. We meet together with the extended family (they all live close by) for all occasions…holidays, birthdays or even just to share good news. No event is too small, and there will always be food and festivities, grandmas, aunts, uncles and cousins. Traditions are very important to her, both old family ones and creating new ones. Her energy is infectious and people just love to be around her.



Meet the kids!

All of our kids are so unique, each with their own special personality…we really have such a diverse family! Some things all of them share is a love of football, pizza Fridays, Ice cream Wednesdays, Star Wars, beach trips and everything Marvel Comics. They all attend different schools because we know that they all have different needs and personalities, and it is important to us that we meet them where they are at, not try to fit them all into the same mold.

Our oldest son recently turned 21 years old and is a junior in college. He graduated from a Christian high school as the student body President, captain of the soccer team and having starred as a lead role in his school plays. He is so loving and kindhearted, solid in his Christian beliefs, very responsible and just well rounded. His younger siblings all adore him, and he is growing into a fine young man!

Our wild child son is 15 and just finished his freshman year in high school. He spent a year in public school but quickly realized he missed the Christian environment he was used to and returned this last year to the same private school he was at. He is our natural born athlete who excels at any sport he plays but has a passion and talent for soccer and wrestling. This year he started acting and had a lead role in his school play. He is both sensitive and stubborn like his mama! He is the cool kid and the ladies’ man, and without a doubt the one that will give me grey hair someday.

Our 14-year old son is going into high school next year. He is our academic scholar in the gifted and talented program at his Christian school. He has always been my little mush, super sweet and lovable, and kind to everyone. He played on his middle school basketball team and is taking up golf this year. He is so good with the younger kids, he spends a lot of time playing with them and teaching them things like how to shoot a basket, how to do tricks on their bikes and really anything an older brother can teach. He just loves to play with them and always goes out of his way to include them in things.

Our 8-year old son is wrapping up second grade soon, he goes to a play-based Charter school. He spends most of his time outdoors learning and exploring in nature and play. He has a smile that lights up the room, a little bit of a wild streak, lots of energy, and loves to snuggle and give hugs. He loves being outdoors and any type of physical activities make him happy.

Then there is our only girl. She just turned 5 and she has turned this boy house upside down with her love of unicorns, princesses and all things pink. She is sassy but sweet, shy but happy to make friends. She goes to ballet and gymnastics once a week, and in the Fall she will start preschool. She is so excited to be a big sister and asks me every day when God is sending her new baby to us. She has decided she wants us to name her sister Sunflower, Lola, Charlie or Pink Vader.

Things we Enjoy Together as a Family

  • Beach trips
  • Disney trips
  • Mom’s Sunday sauce
  • Sunday dinner with extended family
  • NBA games
  • Church night
  • Family game night
  • Day trips to the mountains
  • Breakfast for dinner
  • Sunday football
  • Friday night pizza and ice cream
  • Christmas Eve festivities



Our Home

We live in a beautiful lake community and our neighborhood is full of children of all ages. We chose this location because it is one of the best places to raise a family. We can spend a day at the lake, head into town for pizza and ice cream, even take a drive up to the mountains for the day. We are only a few hours from the beach too, so quick weekend trips are our favorite! We recently moved into our dream home on cul-de-sac. We have 7 bedrooms, 2 playrooms and last week we started converting our second garage into an indoor play area for the kids. Todd is installing a slide and small trampoline and we bought a giant ball pit. We live on almost 3 acres and are thinking about getting some chickens one day. There is a community pool with 2 water slides and a snack bar and lots of kids of all ages. They host a lot of fun activities like Breakfast with Santa, Halloween parties and summer Dive-In movie pool parties. It really is the best place to live!

Promises to Your Child

We promise that your child will be surrounded by love, love and more love! She will have 4 older brothers who make sure she doesn’t date until she is 25 (they asked me to add that here) and a sister who is anxiously waiting to meet and hug her, promising to be “her very best friend forever and another forever to the moon and sky”. She will have the best of both worlds, private time with special attention from her mom and dad all day while her siblings are in school, then a house full of love and laughter from her brothers and sister later in the day and on weekends!

We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know our family, and we hope that you can picture your precious baby becoming part of that! We want you to know that we are comfortable with whatever level of openness you desire. We are excited about our adoptive journey and we hope to hear from you soon!