October 22nd, 2018
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Tony and Terry

Hello! We are Tony and Terry from Los Angeles, California.

Dear Birthmother: We have long desired to give a child a home full of love, caring, and mentoring. Love is a word we do not use lightly. Love is the way we are with each other. Our love is ready for a child who would benefit from all we can provide. We appreciate the importance of the decision you’re making. It is a loving and life-changing one for everyone involved. Our wish is for you to grow into being a part of our family as your child gets older. We want you to have a special place in his or her life. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We can’t wait to help make all the hopes and dreams you have for your child  come true!

About Us

A chance meeting on a night out with friends led to the love of a lifetime. Our song is “The Rainbow Connection” because our first date was a screening of “The Muppet Movie.” That song’s positive message of possibility is what we believe in and want to share with a child. We’re ready to add “The Wheels on the Bus” to our playlist too!

Fun Facts About Us:

  • We’ve been together for 39 years! We married in 2002 and have homes in Los Angeles and Massachusetts.
  • We work together keeping people healthy at Pacific Oaks Medical Group. Tony is the Medical Director and one of six doctors on staff. Terry oversees management of the practice.
  • Our favorite travel memories include visiting Alaska, London, Amsterdam, and Canada. We look forward to sharing the wonders of the world with your child.
  • Most Sundays we pick a spot anywhere from 5 to 100 miles away and go discover places we’ve never been. These fun day trips are a wonderful way to explore California.
  • We keep our relationship strong with an open channel of communication. It speaks volumes about our connection and commitment to one another that we can work together during the day and enjoy one another’s company at home in the evening. Your child will always have parents who listen, answer questions, and are ready to help.
  • We’re also passionate about helping others. We’ve held fundraisers in our home for those in need and are starting our own foundation. Contributing to the community builds lasting friendships and teaches us all that we can make a difference in people’s lives.
  • Our life together has been busy and full and full of joyous moments, but becoming fathers has been our dream for years. We want to create another ‘rainbow connection’ with a child and embark on the adventure of parenthood, and we know adoption is the right road to travel on this journey. We’re excited to give a child a happy home, a sense of tradition, and a recipe for good gravy and biscuits!

Meet Tony

I grew up in a small family in Newton, Massachusetts. Being Italian, I like to joke that we were constantly nosy and in each other’s business, but my heritage and the traditions I grew up with are important to me. Both my sister and I pursued medical careers; she became an ER nurse and I’m a family practitioner. I’ve been the primary care doctor to some of the same patients for over 30 years. I delight in seeing them live happy, healthy lives and enjoy rewarding relationships and families of their own. It’s what drives my dedication to my work and will drive my devotion as a father. Caring for people isn’t just my job, it’s who I am. I love teaching others, easing people’s worries and fears, and offering hugs after a tough day. And I do love to cook a good meal and feed my family well – it’s what we Italians do!

Tony in Terry’s Eyes: I knew I loved him the moment I met him. He’s very smart and his perspective on things brings clarity and hope to me all the time. He cares deeply about people and the issues that affect our community. And he’s a firm believer in education; he will ensure our child is fully prepared for success in life.Meet Terry

Born and raised in California, I’ve excelled at overcoming adversity. Though struggling with learning disabilities, I graduated in the top third of my high school class. It’s given me an ability to understand and assist others having a difficult time. I have a knack for knowing when someone is in need. Though I’ve been the CEO of Pacific Oaks Medical Group for the last 20 years, I inherited a love of building and repairing things from my father. I’ve renovated both our houses and even ran my own construction company for several years. I love being around kids! Traveling between our homes in California and Massachusetts, I’ll often offer to help other parents on the plane by either holding a child when Mom or Dad needs a bathroom break or using my ‘baby whisperer’ skills to soothe a little one to sleep. Once we become parents, I’ll stay home to care for our future child full-time. From celebrating first words to maneuvering through the toddler years, I’ll be there to provide unconditional love, structure, and support. I also love to bake so there will be healthy, homemade goodies to snack on too!

Terry in Tony’s Eyes: He’s wonderful. He’s passionate and hardworking with a keen sense of ethics and morals and won’t take anything lying down. He stands up for others and I know he’ll teach our future child to be true to themselves, to trust in their heart, and to treat others with kindness and dignity.Our Loving Families

We are blessed to be surrounded by people whose love and friendship enrich our lives every day. From our work colleagues, to our wonderful neighbors, to dear friends who have been by our side for years, we know our loved ones will be there for our family. Among our star-studded support system is Terry’s niece, Mallory, an aspiring comedienne who visits often and is looking forward to helping babysit. We also see Terry’s sister and brother-in-law, Staria and Michael, several times a year. They love kids, are terrific parents themselves, and are just as thrilled as we are about this new chapter in our lives. In fact, they’ll be playing an important role in your child’s world as Godparents.Our Home and Closing Thoughts

Home Sweet Home: We have beautiful homes on both the east and west coast. Here in Los Angeles, our spacious home in Los Feliz is minutes away from the Los Angeles Zoo, Universal Studios, and several museums. Griffith Park is also right across the street and a perfect spot for walks, biking, and exploring nature. We have a view of the coastline and the sunsets are magnificent. It’s a city where a child’s imagination can take flight. Over on the east coast, Tony inherited his beloved childhood home in Newton, Massachusetts. It’s a cozy ranch dwelling with a large kitchen, dining and den area for entertaining family and friends, and a huge yard to play in. We can’t wait to introduce tiny feet to the crunch of snow on frosty mornings and new eyes to the beauty of the seasons. Our Newton home is a short walk to the Charles River and next door to a park with a soccer and baseball field. A visit to historical Boston is 20 minutes away. The neighborhood is filled with warm, friendly families and children of all ages. It’s a caring and close-knit community that truly looks out for one another. We host a huge Thanksgiving gathering there every year. We’ll relocate to Newton permanently when our future child is ready to attend school. The area has one of the highest standards of education in the country. Several new schools have been built recently and there are 12 colleges within five miles of our home. The school bus even stops at our front door!

Our Promise As Parents:

  • We will always make family our top priority.
  • We will offer unconditional love, nurturing, and acceptance and a supportive, stable, and creative environment in which your child will thrive.
  • We will honor and acknowledge all your child’s feelings and discuss them openly and honestly.
  • We will teach your child to embrace who he or she is and to do the same for others.
  • We will instill confidence and encourage your child to reap the rewards that come with following one’s heart and finding a passion in life.


Our Closing Thoughts

Having successfully built a thriving medical practice caring for other families over the years, it’s now time to create our own family and welcome a child into our lives to whom we can give all our love and attention. We’ve been so blessed and there is no greater gift than passing those blessings on to another. Our life together continues to be an incredible journey, yet we still have so much we want to give. Becoming parents is an exciting opportunity to share our knowledge and wisdom, to help a beautiful being find a place among the stars, and to experience the world anew through the eyes of someone seeing it for the first time. Thank you for getting to know us today. We can’t wait to meet you and the child of our dreams!