February 20th, 2019
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Trevor and Wyatt

We are Trevor & Wyatt!

Dear Birthmother: Thank you for considering our profile. We are so thankful for the opportunity to add a fourth baby to our busy family. While we have already worked through the adoption process for 2 of our 3 kids, we are as excited as ever by the journey ahead. After 2 previous adoption stories, we understand the importance of our relationship with the birth mother and the true miracle of welcoming a new child. We are humbled by your courage and can’t wait to meet you.

Our Journey: We met in the summer of 2006 and somehow instantly knew that we had each discovered a true partner in life. We discussed the prospects of building a family on our first date and married about 3 years later. We spent the first 2 years of our lives together traveling all over the world, exploring mutual interests in art and architecture and just enjoying the thrills of getting to know one another.

We welcomed our daughter in 2008 after she was delivered in Wyatt’s Emergency Room and placed in foster care after her birth. We met with the birth parents and the connection was immediate. She came to live with us at 6 weeks of age. The following year, we decided we wanted to experience the excitement of a pregnancy as a family and pursued a surrogacy for our son. After many complications and a thankful healthy birth, we realized we preferred adoption. While it took over 2 years to find him, our youngest son found us in the summer of 2014 and has been thriving. Now that he is reaching his toddler years, we are ready to add our fourth and final.

The last 7 years have been amazing journey as we have witnessed our babies become people with opinions, thoughts and personalities all their own. They are amazing individuals who are filled with love and joy for one another and will embrace their new sibling with warm enthusiasm.

We are committed to providing a home filled with joy, celebration, adventure and unconditional love. Our home is a bustling center of energy and laughter with 3 active children who adore each other and are thrilled to welcome a fourth. We want to build a family committed to life-long friendships and family devotion. Ours will be a home that celebrates diversity, encourages questions and makes a safe space for our children to explore who the are, where they come from and where they want to go.




Meet Wyatt

A Closer Look At Wyatt: I grew up in a small town in Maryland with my older brother and parents in a stable and loving home. My dad is an artist and would take us to museums, draw and paint with us, while my mother loved to cook, was a devoted parent and smart business person. Our home town was one of the nations first planned cities with bike paths and neighborhoods built for families and it was very diverse. My parents joined there skills, became entrepreneurs, and opened their own business. Later, we moved to the D.C. area. I would spend the afternoons in my parents office or exploring all the city had to offer. I went to college and medical school in Chicago and enjoyed the city, but after Trevor and I met and decided to pursue a family, a smaller town became more appealing.

I wanted to explore the world and was so fortunate to have the support of loving parents who gave me the opportunity to travel and learn. I went to Canada and Mexico at a young age, France by 13 and then Europe to study and travel. I’ve been all over the US as well as South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia. I loved learning about so many things from science to history and politics and psychology. I have been a teacher’s aid a few times in my life and volunteered to tutor kids who needed extra help.

I am an emergency room doctor which allows me tremendous flexibility in my schedule. Because our family focus has always been on the kids, we decided that I would pursue a job where I could be home with the kids 3-4 days each week. Service to our community is a priority in our home and my job allows me to help so many different types of people. My schedule allows me to help ready the kids and walk my daughter or son to school many morning as well as participate in their after school activities several days each week.

About Wyatt, By Trevor: Wyatt’s devotion to our children is palpable and it’s often the first thing people notice when they see him with our brood. We joke that he is the “fun one” and we both know it’s true. I will come home from work to a dance party with disco lights and loud music or a large chalk mural about our family decorating the entire cul-de-sac. Wyatt’s enthusiasm for creative play and expression infuses our home with joy, energy and laughter. He inspires me to be adventurous and to try new things.

Art and history are fundamental parts of our family. Wyatt will take the kids on tours of local museums with amazing enthusiasm and teaches our children to respect and practice creative expression in all aspects of their lives.



Meet Trevor

A Bit About Trevor: I was born in a small town in the middle of Montana where I was raised by my mother, with my sister until we moved to Seattle when I was 12. I stayed in the Pacific Northwest until I left for medical school in Wisconsin and residency training in Chicago. I remained in the mid-west until 2014 when Wyatt and I decided to move to the west coast for the weather, culture and opportunities for our children.

Growing up in a small town instilled a deep respect for community and personal relationships and a love for rituals and traditions. However, once I experienced the amazing culture and energy of a large city, I was hooked and knew that I wanted to raise my children in a place where diversity was everywhere.

I remain devoted to the idea of traditions. I especially love the holidays and the meals that bring families together so intimately. I am an avid cook and insist on involving my kids whenever I can, using it as a tool for teaching, reading, math, a respect for details and pride in a final product. I love creating and tending and express this passion through urban farming and our garden.

I am a physician who specializes in the care of complicated pregnancies. I work closely with families to ensure mom’s health throughout the pregnancy while focusing on the best outcomes for sick babies. I have a very predictable schedule that allows me to be home for dinner every night. Being a doctor has allowed me to practice my passion for service while still being able to prioritize my family. My job is supportive of our plans to add to our family and is committed to making it possible for me to continue maintaining the best life-work balance possible.

About Trevor, By Wyatt: Trevor’s a wonderful example of what I call a “diamond in the rough”. He came from humble beginnings to make a world and career for himself that he undauntedly pursued and accomplished. What I love about him is that he has such focus and drive and works so hard to reach his goals. He also is very passionate about doing the right thing and very ernest. He also loves to learn new things. He loves to cook and bake and I love watching him share these skills in the kitchen with our children. He is committed to the environment with the philosophy of leaving the world a better place. He is so organized that he makes having three kids seamless. He keeps our home together. I couldn’t parent without him.



Our Life As Parents

As Parents: As parents to 3 beautifully unique people, we have come to respect the challenges of fostering an environment that meets their individual needs and inspires them to their greatest potential. To prepare them for world while still teaching them to prioritize those attributes we value most in ourselves and others, we try to teach them to respect themselves and others, to focus on service over financial success, to be hopeful but cautious in the world, to believe in their own sense of self without imposing it on others, to celebrate differences and to tolerate and be curious about those things they may not understand as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others.

We challenge our children to aspire to be, first and foremost, kind and clever. This simple goal perfectly reflects the tenements of our family and our priorities. We want to raise responsible citizens who prioritize service to others, understand their roles and responsibilities in the world and take seriously the impacts their actions and words have on others. We challenge them to do their best, respect their limitations, but push beyond their comfort zone.

Our Kids: Harper was our first miracle. Her birth mother unexpectedly delivered in Wyatt’s emergency room and chose us before she left the hospital. We always knew we wanted to adopt but never expected to start quickly. She is the most amazing big sister who watches over her brothers with great passion. She is clever and kind and loves to read, create and care for others and animals

Asher is our middle son and he is bustling with energy and creative play. He was born premature after a very complicated surrogate pregnancy but is as healthy as any 4 year old boy. He is currently obsessed with robots and Star Wars and often refers to himself as Luke Skywalker. He loves to build and create, dance and sing and makes friends very easily. While he loves rough and tumble play, he is very mindful of his younger brother and remains careful and gentle with him at all times.

Ronen is our newest addition. He was adopted in June 2014 and is a constant bundle of smiles, giggles and mischief. He is curious about everything and always climbing or exploring parts of the house, constantly trying to keep up with his siblings who dote on him constantly. He laughs easily and cuddles often, particularly when we read together.



Our Home, Loved Ones and Closing Thoughts

The Place We Call Home: We are settled in a very family friendly town in California where everyone bikes to school and work and the downtown area is within a mile. It is a college town full of quaint shops, parks and bike trails and the light ordinances at night allow you to see the whole starry sky after dusk. We have recently purchased a 14 acre lot where we hope to build our dream home soon, but while we wait, we live in a sweet and intimate space within a very quiet neighborhood. The kitchen overlooks the great room which allows Trevor to prepare meals while supervising homework and interact activity with the family and the bedrooms are close enough that it’s easy to hear and see all the kids throughout the day. We have a generous backyard where we keep a small coop for our 6 chickens that the kids care for each day. We have a cul-de-sac where the kids can practice roller-skating and bike riding or simply do chalk art without fear of traffic or cars and there are at least 3 parks within walking distance.

Our Family & Friends: Wyatt’s family lives mostly on the East Coast and Trevor’s in the Rocky Mountain States. Despite the distance, they are all devoted to the kids and travel frequently to visit. Trevor has 3 sisters with a total of 4 nieces and nephews between them who are amazing role models for the kids. Wyatt has one brother who, despite the distance, always tries to make the most of his time with the kids whenever we can get together.

Trevor’s mother has been a vital part of the kids’ lives. She is a dynamic and creative woman who showers our kids with love and attention while teaching them how to look for joy and laughter by not taking themselves too seriously. Wyatt’s parents are also intimately involved with the kids. In addition to frequent visits full of play and laughter, they maintain contact through weekly Skype visits, old-fashion letters and hand-made gifts.

In addition to our biological family, we have build an incredible community of close friends from all aspects of our lives, both together and separate. Spanning over 20 years, our friendships provide the kids with a large group of surrogate Aunties, Uncles and cousins.

In Closing: Thank you for considering our home. While we are a large family, we think that is our greatest asset and can’t wait to share all that we have and all that we have learned with a new baby. As we prepare for our fourth and final child, we realize we are better prepared to meet these goals than ever before. With 5 loving family members awaiting our newest arrival with great excitement, our future child will be surrounded by people who will lovingly help her achieve her greatest potential.