August 20th, 2019
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Uli and Denise

Things That Make Us Happy

  • 1. Being outside
  • 2. Cooking
  • 3. Traveling
  • 4. Riding my bike
  • 5. Movies
  • 1. Riding my horse
  • 2. Photography
  • 3. Art
  • 4. Ice cream
  • 5. Movies


Hello there!

We truly admire how selfless and brave you are to consider adoption. We’ve been through the process once before when we adopted our son, Axel, so we understand the complex decision you are making for you and your baby. Maybe you know exactly what you are looking for or maybe you’ll know when you see it and it just clicks. We are thrilled that you are taking a few moments to let us tell you about our loving family. The most important thing we can tell you is that we have a devoted and stable home that can’t wait to expand with another beautiful soul. Your child will have a home that is full of joy and laughter, and will be constantly surrounded by animals, exploration, nature, art and music. We have so much more we’d like to share so thanks for getting to know us!

With admiration and warmth,

Denise & Uli

Meet Axel

He is our one year old baby boy. He is very social, curious, adventurous, determined, sensitive and funny. We know he’ll make an amazing big brother! He loves people and isn’t shy about crawlingup to someone to say hello. And he’s so gentle and sweet when he plays with other babies. Even when he was super tiny, he would reach out his arm to touch people who were around him.

Our Home

We live in Los Angeles, California. And we love it! We live on a beautiful tree-lined street in a residential community where many of our friends and neighbors are also starting families. It’s close to many parks where Axel likes swing on the swings and we get to watch older kids play. We often walk to dinner, the grocery store, or to coffee to meet friends. The local library is just a few blocks away where we enjoy going to story time or music class with Axel. Our home is also very close to our horse, Teddy! We visit him everyday where we get to explore the mountain trails and see the city lights. Since we live in the city, we love to take advantage of everything it has to offer like the beaches, outdoor movies, family concerts and interactive art galleries. We look forward to a time when we can explore it all on bikes together as a family. But it’s the simple things we can’t wait to experience in our home like eating ice cream, putting on plays from the ledge of the fireplace or making up silly songs while Uli plays the guitar. And since we are super close to Disneyland, the mountains, and the beach, we look forward to having family day trips to see it all!


Our Story

Introducing Denise by Uli

Whether you’ve known Denise all your life or for just a few moments, everyone describes her as bubbly. Her laugh and smile can light up any room! She is very curious about everything and that includes everyone in her life. I have never known anyone as compassionate and loving. But she is really a magical set of contradictions. She is strong emotionally but is the first person to cry over something sentimental. She is adventurous but also loves creating a warm and comfortable home for our family. She is creative and imaginative but totally down to earth and can relate to anyone. I count on her because she the best listener and a great problem solver. I melt when I see Denise with Axel. She’s an amazing mom! She got a great intuition for Axel and all of his needs. And to see the way Axel looks at her is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see her as a mom again! Our next baby will be so lucky to have her love.   And I’m excited to grow old with her and raise our family together.

Denise’s interests

I’m a professional photographer. And even if I won the lottery tomorrow, I would still be a photographer. It’s my dream job! I love that I get to show our children that they can do anything that they love to do. Since I work for myself, I have a lot of flexibility and get to devote so much time to our family. I love working from home because I get to hear Axel laughing in the next room and we get to have afternoon play dates with our friends. I’m excited to volunteer at school, drive carpool, help with homework and plan adventures with our kids. I love everything about being a mom – even the feedings in the middle of the night and changing diapers. It’s true, I do!

Fun Facts about Denise

I love ice cream!

My fantasy job is to be a secret agent

I like to organize and clean as a hobby

I love to buy magazines to look at the pictures

I was a ski racer in High School

When I was a child, I was always voted Biggest Smile or Most Contagious Laugh

I love to sing sappy love songs really, really loudly in the car

I’m equal parts girlie and tomboy

I love taking care of my horse – even cleaning his stall


Introducing Uli by Denise

Uli is my rock. He’s the most stable, trustworthy and committed person I’ve ever known.  When I first met him, I fell in love with his enthusiasm. He even has a bounce to his step! He just brings so much laughter and happiness to our life. He’s a little quiet at first but that’s because he doesn’t need to be the center of attention and he likes to let other people shine. He’s got the best sense of humor by being witty, intelligent and silly all at the same time! He grew up in Germany and has lived all over the world which means he has great wisdom and really interesting life stories to share. He’s a better dad than I ever could have imagined. I love seeing how goofy yet comforting he is with Axel. He’s patient, kind and never happier than when he’s surrounded by people he loves. The thought of being able to see him with another child brings tears to my eyes. He’s a completely devoted father

Uli’s interests

I work just five blocks from home and my job as a business executive is really flexible and allows me to work around whatever our family needs. Every day is different and it feels like such a luxury to be able to go to the park or playground with Axel, play with him and see him develop! Becoming a father is better than I could ever have imagined. I am trying to speak to Axel mostly in German so that he will learn my native language and be able to speak to my family. I’ll do the same with our next baby, too. The United States will always be our home but I am excited to travel with our children to visit where I grew up and show them many of the amazing places around the world.

Fun Facts about Uli

I speak 5 languages – English, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese

I love cycling and hope one day to cycle across the United States

I love chocolate but only when it’s cold

I make most of our family meals and love trying new recipes

I’m up late and always raid the refrigerator at midnight

I prefer to ride my bike or walk everywhere instead of driving a car

I have lived all over the world including Japan, Brazil and Colombia

I’m an LA Lakers fan


Meet Teddy

Teddy is our horse! He lives just a few miles from our home and we see him everyday. His personality is out of this world! A lot of people think he looks like he would be Barbie’s horse because he’s so beautiful. But we think it’s his amazing soul that shines from the inside out. He adores Axel and is super gentle with him. It’s so fun to see them interact and show affection for each other. Teddy is definitely part of our family and our daily life. We can’t wait to introduce a new baby to him!

When the time is right, we look forward to bringing more animals into our home We think it will be so fun for our children to pick out and name the animals they want to include in our family.  We aren’t sure what that will be but wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with a family that includes dogs, a cat, a bunny rabbit and chickens. We love animals!

We love …

Hiking together as a family.

Traveling. We hope to go to Vietnam, India and Cuba soon.

Making dinner together. We’ve especially loved taking extra care and devotion to what Axel eats.

Spending time in the water

Finding new adventures together whether it’s a new restaurant or trying something we had never heard of

Doing art projects that reflect on our travels and favorite memories

Our thoughts on parenting

One of the biggest things we’ve learned through adoption is that our children may not be anything like us. And that’s OK! Since we are such adventurous people, we love wondering what new experiences our children will bring us. We don’t have any set expectations for them – we just want to create a life for them that will encourage them to find their joy and become good citizens of the world. We will do this by teaching our children good values and morals while inspiring them to be the best person they can be.


Our Tribe

Since our family is spread out all over the world, we love that we have so many friends who feel like family. Your baby certainly won’t miss out as there’s plenty of love to go around from many aunties, uncles and cousins! We love to celebrate all the holidays – especially dressing up for Halloween and opening presents on Christmas morning in our pajamas. We make a big deal out of birthdays, too, making sure they are extra special. Even Teddy and Lucy have had birthday parties.

Our Commitment to Your Child

You can expect that your baby will not only be loved unconditionally throughout their lifetime but will be celebrated every day. And you will always have a treasured place in our hearts. Your baby will be a part of a loving, committed family in a warm and cozy home where their health and well-being will be the most important priority. They’ll be surrounded with plenty of laughter, furry family members and adventure galore. Thank you for considering our family as you make your adoption plan. We know this process can be overwhelming but we hope you’ll find peace through knowing when it just feels right.

If you have any questions for us or would like to speak with us about adopting your child, please call your adoption advisor at AdoptHelp at 1-800-637-7999.