October 22nd, 2018
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Viviana and Juan

Our Favorites

  • Favorite Hobby

    V Gardening

    J Playing guitar

  • Favorite Food

    V Chocolate

    J Ham

  • Favorite Holiday

    V Halloween

    J Thanksgiving

  • Favorite Movie

    V Sixteen Candles

    J Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

  • Favorite Animal

    Both Dog

  • Favorite Vacation

    V Paris, France

    J Rome, Italy

  • Favorite Actor

    V Bill Murray

    J Simon Pegg

  • Favorite TV Show

    V The Big Bang Theory

    J Game of Thrones

  • Favorite Band/Singer

    V Bjork

    J Radiohead

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Thank you for getting to know us! We are Juan and Viviana, and we are so excited to welcome a child to our family through adoption.  We cannot begin to understand how difficult your decision is, but hopefully we can help by providing enough information about our family that you can feel comfortable knowing that we will love, cherish, protect, and guide your child in the way that he/she deserves.

Things we look forward to sharing with our child:

  • Disneyland
  • Traveling
  • Taking trips to Northern California and renting a house near the beach
  • Introduce to music
  • Baking/cooking
  • Art projects
  • Reading books/story telling

A little about us:

  • We both grew up in California and live in California
  • We live in the city we met and got married in
  • We love music
  • We are both gourmet food foodies
  • We both have wonderful, loving families

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Our Story,

We met in college while attending California State University Long Beach,18 years ago.  We met in Big Bear while vacationing with friends over our winter break.  We had an immediate connection and started dating immediately.  We loved spending time together and had many things in common.   After we started dating we knew right away that we wanted to be together and eventually get married.  We both started working even harder to graduate and start our careers so we could start our lives together. We were married on January 07, 2005.

Our Careers,

Viviana has been a public health microbiologist for about 12 years.  She supervises the Emergency Response Unit at the laboratory she works at.  She is responsible for overseeing testing and ensuring that the laboratory is prepared and ready to respond to any emergency where the public is threatened by infectious diseases.  It is an exciting and challenging career but still allows her the flexiblity to be able to take time off to be with family.  She gets holidays, weekends off, and plenty of vacation days.   She will be able to take 5 months off to take care of the baby.

Juan has been a special education teacher for children with moderate to severe disabilities for over 9 years. He is responsible in creating and maintaining students goals throughout the school year. Juan’s job includes working directly with families, support providers, doctors and nurses about his students. Not only does he teach his students but advocates for them to receive the appropriate services and makes sure families are aware of their rights. He is able to be creative, engaging, funny, patient and thoughtful all qualilites of the great teacher Juan is.  He also has all school holidays, winter break, spring break and summers off.


About Viviana, by Juan

Viviana is a loving and wonderful person. She loves nature therefore she maintains a beautiful garden, enjoys hiking and sight-seeing, and taking care of animals. Viviana enjoys focusing on details to make people feel special. She will often take it upon herself to celebrate others by hosting parties, or finding that perfect gift. She loves to express her artistic side by painting, sewing, knitting, sculpting. Viviana finds beauty in the smallest details, appreciates relaxing in the yard, taking a stroll on the beach, preparing a great meal for friends and family, and reading a good book. She is also hardworking, dedicated, and ready to tackle any problem head on. I cannot wait for Viviana to display all these characteristics as a mother. She is an amazing woman.

Viviana’s Favorites:

  • Family & friend time
  • Gardening
  • Favorite Trip Paris France
  • Going to Disneyland
  • Making homemade Ice Cream
  • Favorite dish to cook is Mac n’ Cheese
  • Sewing/arts & crafts
  • Shopping
  • Hanging out with Rocco (our Chihuahua)
  • Going to museums


About Juan, by Viviana

Juan is fun, outgoing, energetic, loving, and funny.  He’s always trying to find a way to make me laugh.  One of the qualities I have always admired about Juan is how he always sees the good in people and treats his friends like family. He’s a talented musician and has the ability to learn how to play almost any instrument he gets his hands on.  He is supportive of all my goals and has always encouraged me to better myself.  When I had to move away for a year for my career he was extremely supportive.  He is a dedicated teacher and truly cares about his students well-being.   I admire how much time he dedicates to his students and how he finds creative ways to teach.  It’s clear to see how much he impacts their lives.  We sometimes run into some of his previous students and they are so excited to see him and talk to him.  All of the qualities I see in Juan make me realize what a wonderful father he would be.

Juan’s Favorites:

  • Family & friend Time
  • Favorite movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World.
  • Playing guitar and piano
  • Writing music and poetry
  • Traveling my favorite trip was Rome.
  • Going to Disneyland
  • Golf
  • Hanging out with Rocco (our Chihuahua)
  • Playing with Lego’s
  • Gourmet dining

Our Family

Viviana’s family all live in California.  Her mom and two sisters live just a few minutes away.  Her brother and his wife live about 40 minutes away.  They are a very close family and spend as much time as possible together.  Birthdays and holidays are very important to the family.  She has two younger sisters, Yesenia and Melissa, and a brother just three years younger than her, Sal.  Sal is married to Liz.  Viviana is very close to her mom and siblings.  Every year they try to plan a weekend trip either to the Central Coast or to Big Bear.  They are all excited and eager to have a baby in the family.  Viviana’s parents were a great couple and very good role models.  They were married for 33 years when her father passed away.  He was a wonderful and selfless father and is greatly missed.

Juan is the youngest of four siblings.  His oldest sister Claudia is married to Dennis and they have a 17 year old daughter.  Esther is also married to Mark and they have two daughters Xochitl who will be graduating college next year and Citlali who will be starting college next year.  Francisco is married to Josie and they have two young children Elias who is 8 and Jesiah who is 13 and an older son Joshua. Juan’s siblings have done such a wonderful job raising their children and they are such a great example to us when we become parents.  Juan is very close to his family as well.  His parents have been married for 50 years.

Photo May 30, 5 14 51 PM

Our Home and Community

Our home is in a quiet neighborhood that has access to great schools and parks. We are only a few miles from the beach and close to a beautiful park with camping grounds and a hiking nature center park. Our backyard has a beautiful garden that attracts different birds and butterflies.  We have a vegetable and fruit garden that we enjoy tending to on our days off.  We’ve spent time setting up our garden to create a welcoming atmosphere for dinner parties in the evenings, BBQs, and have even hosted a tea party.

Living in sunny California we have the privilege of always being able to spend time outdoors or in the water.

We are fortunate to have a great group of friends and families that enjoy spending time with us.  We both love to cook and enjoy cooking and grilling for our family and friends.

We both love the city we live in.  It is a quiet and very nice suburb near the beach.  Our city is very family and pet oriented with great schools.  We have access to several parks, pools, tennis courts, golf courses, museums, and the marina.  There are many great restaurants, farmer’s markets, stores and even an aquarium just a few minutes from our home.  We live just a few blocks away from the university we both graduated from and enjoy walking through campus for exercise.  We like to take advantage of all of the activities and restaurants in our city.  Our beaches and parks offer movie nights, concerts, and food festivals we love to attend with our friends.  It’s a friendly and diverse community with many things to do.

Besides the city we live in we also take advantage of all of the things Los Angeles has to offer.  We definitely take advantage of the museums, farmers markets, festivals, and diverse restaurants we are fortunate to have in Los Angeles.  We enjoy going to concerts and enjoy different types of music.  In the summers we usually go to the Hollywood Bowl to enjoy the LA Philharmonic.  Just a few hours away we have the mountains.  We like to go in the winter with our families to enjoy the snow and in the spring time to enjoy the mountains where we go hiking or rent a boat on the lake.  There are many things around us we have had the privilege of enjoying and can’t wait to experience these things with our little boy or girl.

Our Promises

Thank you for considering us for the parents of your child.  We are thankful that you are providing us with the opportunity to become parents and be able to share our home and our love.

We will encourage higher education and support their interests.  We will do our best to surround him/her with other children to play with and socialize with.  We promise to create an environment full of love and fun times.  Our families and our friends can’t wait for us to adopt and will be wonderful role models for your child.  We are thrilled and thankful for you considering us to parent your child.  We look forward to telling him/her about their adoption story.

If you are interested in us adopting your child or if you have any further questions please contact your AdoptHelp case worker at 1-800-637-7999 toll free.