August 20th, 2019
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Vrisa and Bryan

Dear Birth Mother,

Thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your baby. We appreciate you taking the time to read our profile and are respectful of the very difficult decision you have to make. Even before we were married, we both knew that one day we wanted to adopt a baby. As you review our profile, we hope that we can show you how much love, support and happiness we can share with your baby. We are both ready to be parents and are excited to have an addition to our family. We know in our hearts that our adoption story has finally arrived and begun.

We truly respect and appreciate your courage and selfless effort in finding the right home for your child. If we are the lucky family chosen to bring your child into our home, we will spend the rest of our lives loving your child. As parents, we will always strive to provide them the best life we can give.

5 Things We Will Teach our Child:

  • They are loved unconditionally and it is okay to make mistakes; however it’s important to learn from those mistakes
  • They have the potential, Intelligence and ability to be anything they choose to be
  • To be thoughtful, loving and humble and always willing to help others
  • The importance of Education and how it will open many doors to success
  • Their birth story and the courage their birth mother had to have

Our story began in 2003. We were both college advisors in Los Angeles and our job was to guide and prepare students for college. Through our interactions at work and shared passion of guiding students to realize their college dreams, we instantly connected. As we worked and collaborated, we began to learn more about each other and became good friends. Even though Bryan left in November 2004 to become an admissions counselor at a prestigious college, we kept in touch. In May of 2006, after Vrisa had helped Bryan with his graduate application to become a high school counselor, Bryan took a risk and invited Vrisa on their first date.  Bryan told Vrisa that he bought tickets to an event to say thanks for helping him apply to graduate school. It worked!!! We immediately started dating and on July 7, 2007 (7/7/7), Bryan proposed to Vrisa. On August 2, 2008, we exchanged our vows and became husband and wife. Fast forward to today, we are more in love than ever. Though we are in different roles with Bryan as an assistant principal and with Vrisa as a director of a college preparation program, we continue to serve students.

Things We Love To Do:

  • Going to new restaurants to try new food and delicacies
  • Spending time with family and playing with our nieces and nephews
  • Traveling around to other countries and throughout the state of California
  • Taking care and playing with our dogs

A Little about Vrisa:

I was born in Los Angeles, Ca., and I have one older sister who was diagnosed at birth with Down’s Syndrome.  My parents are both of Mexican descent and my first language is Spanish. Growing up I remember practicing several cultural traditions including celebrating the “All Soul’s Day”, “Three Wise Men Day” and making Tamales and other traditional Mexican food during the holidays. I have many aunts, uncles and cousins and my sister and I grew up attending many family events. My parents always emphasized the importance of education growing up. When I attended college I found my passion in working within education and now I am a director of a program that guides and prepares students for higher education.

Vrisa Through Bryan’s Eyes:

Vrisa is filled with love and patience.  Every time I see her with family and friends I notice that they naturally gravitate towards her and want to be around her.  When we were dating it was common for me to hear how lucky I was to have found someone like her.  I know that she will make an awesome mom.  Watching her play and take care of her sister, and our nieces and nephews shows me each time how natural it is for her to take care of kids.

A Little about Bryan:

Bryan is currently an assistant principal at a high school located in the South Bay Area in California. For hobbies, he loves to run in the morning and he is a passionate cook. He loves cooking foods from many cultures ranging from Mexican cuisine to Italian food to Asian delicacies. When he is resting, he loves watching TV or researching the next travel destination for Vrisa and him. He also loves hanging out with friends and loved ones. Bryan loves to make people laugh and feel loved.

Bryan Through Vrisa’s Eyes:

Bryan is an energetic, outgoing and funny individual. He loves cookies, especially white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. He also is very musically inclined and plays the piano in addition to singing along to songs. Bryan loves learning and as the assistant principal of his high school he enjoys assisting teachers learn new teaching strategies and researches new strategies and techniques that supports teachers in helping students in their educational attainment.

Meet our Doggies:

Bubbles – Is a sweet, friendly, 12 year old Poodle/Terrier mix who enjoys sleeping, sun bathing, playing with her favorite toy, being loved, and being hugged.

Lucky – Is an outgoing, energetic, friendly 8 year old Schnauzer.  He loves to play with all his toys and enjoys being walked and most of all he loves being hugged.

We live about 30 miles south of Downtown Los Angeles, in a suburban city with lots of trees and parks. Our house is within walking distance of a park, elementary school, and mall. We are centrally located to a shopping center, a hospital, and we also live near the beach! We live in a great neighborhood and we love saying hello to our neighbors when we walk our dogs.

At home, you’ll see Bryan often cooking dinner in the kitchen in the evenings and Vrisa playing with the dogs in the living room. The open concept floor plan allows us to feel that we are always in the same room. The living room is the heart of our home and where we spend the most time. That is where we gather to host family gatherings and movie nights. Our backyard is filled with fruit trees and we grow avocados, lime, and other fruits.

We are surrounded by family and friends who are very supportive and care for us deeply. Often times, we spend quality time with our families through breakfast or dinner meal gatherings, or simply by stopping by their home for a visit.

We are very lucky to have most of our family within a 20 minute drive of each other. Both of our parents are very loving, kind, and enjoy taking care of and playing with their nieces, nephews, and grandchildren. Our parents to this day still call often to check in with us to make sure that we are doing well.  During the holidays, we make efforts to attend both family parties and participate in family traditions ranging from taking pictures in front of the Christmas tree to making tamales with Vrisa’s mom. Our siblings are also very fun loving and caring.


Our Promise to You:

  • To have him/her surrounded by a supportive, loving and fun family
  • To teach him/her to be honest compassionate, and respectful
  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • To support and assist him/her reach their goals, dreams and aspirations

We wanted to thank you for taking the time to read our profile.  We hope that it provided you with some insight into our family.  Once again we truly respect and appreciate your courage and selfless effort in finding the right home for your child.  If we are the lucky family chosen to bring your child into our home, we will spend the rest of our lives loving your child.  As parents, we will always strive to provide them the best live we can give.

Thank You,

Vrisa and Bryan