October 23rd, 2018
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Yumi and Joe

Yumi and Joe 

Thank you very much for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We can’t imagine how difficult this journey has been for you and we admire and respect your strength, courage, and selflessness.  Although we have been unable to conceive a child on our own, we are joyful that our paths have led us to adoption.  We have been married for seventeen years and our life is built on deep love, joy, friendship, compassion and support, and we are so excited about the day we get to share this with a child.  Our lives have been closely touched by adoption through family and friends, and we are very grateful for your bravery. We will forever cherish your child through unconditional love and support, and will do our best to bring joy to every moment of their lives.  Thank you again for helping us fulfill our dream of starting a family and we hope to have the chance to learn more about you.



Our Story

Our story started when we met in art class in college. One day while studying in the library, Yumi said “Hi” to Joe on a whim, Joe said “Hi” in return, and we quickly became friends. Over the next five years our friendship grew stronger, until one day the stars aligned and we fell in love. We got married almost a year later, and shortly after that Joe received a job offer to work in Japan and we moved to Tokyo. We lived in Tokyo for three years traveling the entire country until we decided it was time to move back home closer to family. We love to travel the world seeing different art and cultures, and cherish every moment we spend together.  Although we are from different cultures, we share the same strong values of being open to all cultures and backgrounds and look forward to the day we can share this with a family of our own.

Facts about Yumi & Joe

  • Together we have eighteen nieces and nephews, and four grand nieces and nephews (and counting!)
  • We love animals and have two sweet dogs named Jelo and Leo.
  • We live ten minutes away from Yumi’s parents and have a strong network of loving, caring family and friends.
  • Yumi is the oldest of three kids and Joe is the youngest of eight!


About Joe by Yumi

Joe is loving, supportive, hardworking, creative, and is always striving towards improving himself as a person. He is very passionate about his interests and will learn as much as he can about a topic and become very knowledgeable about it. The difference between BBQ and grilling? He’ll tell you! He is very responsible, prepared, will never be late, and I know I can always count on him. He is fun Uncle Joe to 18 nieces and nephews and you will always hear laughter and giggles when his is with them. When we were in college, he was a summer camp counselor and I remember seeing him walking around campus with his group of kids trailing behind him like little ducklings. It was such a cute sight, I’ll always remember it! Joe has a warm heart and I know he will be an amazing dad. I am so thankful to have him as my husband and best friends and I look forward to being parents with him.


Joe’s Career

Joe works in the eyewear industry. He loves what he does and gets to work with professional skateboarders, surfers, DJ’s and musicians on a daily basis. Because Joe loves snowboarding and skateboarding, his job is truly a dream come true. He has a flexible schedule which allows him to spend a lot of time at home.


About Yumi by Joe

Yumi is one of the kindest most caring and creative people I have every met! She puts her friends and family before herself, and always does the “extra something special” for everyone she knows (if you are cold she’ll knit you a scarf!) Yumi has a soft spot for animals, especially small ones, and does everything she can to make sure our family pets are happy, healthy, and get the best care. She loves art, visiting museums, and learning about other cultures around the world and sharing her culture with others. “Aunt Yumi” is a favorite among all of our nieces – they all flock to her and want to hold her hand and want to play with her. There is no doubt that Yumi will be a wonderful mother – caring for others and bringing happiness and joy to her friends and family is just who she is! Yumi is truly a bright ray of sunshine wherever she goes and I am blessed to have her as my best friend and wife.


Yumi’s Career

Yumi is a talented artist and graphic designer, and has worked with clients from all over including skateboard companies, non-profit organizations, and fashion brands. We are so lucky that she is able to work from home which is ideal for caring for a family.


Our Family

We are blessed to have a very large and supportive family nearby our home and across the United States.  We live close to Yumi’s parents and spend a lot of time with them going to fun Japanese cultural events around Southern California. Most of Joe’s family lives in Washington and Oregon and we visit his family and our nieces and nephews in that area several times a year. A strong, loving, safe and supportive foundation is at the heart of our family, making it a wonderful environment for a child to grow up in.  Joe’s father taught him to be honest, hardworking, and put family above all else. Joe’s mother taught him to give to others in need, and always try to help the less fortunate.  Yumi’s father taught her creativity, the importance of family and to always do her best. Yumi’s mother taught her to care for others, and to always give more than you receive.


Our Travels

We have traveled to many places together and we have many more places we’d like to visit with our child.


Our Home

We live in a family friendly neighborhood in southern California with lots of kids, only ten minutes away from Yumi’s parents’ house. We share our home with our sweet and loving rescue dogs, Jelo and Leo, who follow Yumi around wherever she goes! We love to BBQ for friends and family, work in the garden, and show artwork and photos from our travels on our walls. We live in a home with a great backyard and are close to lots of parks, great schools, and the beach.



Thank you very much for taking the time to learn about us as a couple and as individuals. Our hearts are filled with happiness at the thought of starting a family, and we are grateful for your courage and selflessness in considering adoption for your child. We believe strongly in the benefits of open adoption and your child will know what brought them to us and how special you are. We promise that your child will be surrounded by a large family full of laughter, joy, and constant support. We will provide a home full of unconditional love, exposure to many cultures, and we will strive to be the best parents we can be. We look forward to the chance to learn more about you.