July 16th, 2019
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The Most Helpful Smart Phone Apps for Adoption

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The Most Helpful Smart Phone Apps for Adoption

As technology advances and smart phones get smarter, we are always finding new ways to increase productivity and time management. In today’s world, there seems to be an app for everything, and adoption is no exception! Here are some of the best apps that adoptive families can utilize:

Pre-Adoption Apps
Not all adoptive families have time to prepare and organize before the adoption, but most do! In order to minimize stress during the pre-adoption, or matching phase, take a look at these smart phone apps:

Apps for Adoption

For organization of adoption paperwork, the Evernote app is great! This free app acts as a personal assistant and is helpful with reminders and keeping track of documents and resources. Categorize all of your paperwork and resources within the Evernote app, so that you never find yourself sifting through file after file, hoping to find those home study resources that you put down somewhere. The Adoption App is also a good choice here, and can even be used along with Evernote to enhance your organization. The Adoption App will help you keep track of all paperwork that is required, as well as resources that you may need during the adoption process. Utilize the Adoption App to keep track of what you need, and organize it and schedule reminders within Evernote.

To start saving money to fund your adoption, we recommend Level Money. Level Money is a free app that helps you plan ahead for your adoption expenses by virtually allowing you to set aside a specific amount to fund your adoption. It then calculates how much spending money you have left over, and how much you can spend every day to stay within your budget.

To assist with last-minute (and potentially out-of-state) travelling, we recommend Waze. This app provides directions in real-time, alerting you of road closures or heavy traffic while offering alternative routes, which is perfect for when you get the exciting phone call that the birth mother you’re matched with is in labor! This app will save you the struggle of printing and following a map of an unfamiliar, or even out-of-state area.

Post-Adoption Apps
Once the child has been placed and adoption is irrevocable, it is time to begin making memories and bonding as a family. This post-adoption stage can present its own challenges (especially at first); however, the use of these apps are sure to assist you with the transition:

For saving memories with your new addition, use Sweet Baby – a customizable, virtual scrapbook with its own special adoption section. Send your child’s special moments as updates to the birth mother, if she wishes to receive them, and then export it as PDF’s to create a lovely baby book. You can see Sweet Baby as a modern-day baby book, with a specialized section for adoptive families.

For tracking your baby’s schedules, we recommend Total Baby. This app helps you track feeding and sleeping schedules, and more! Using the app can help you see trends in your baby’s schedules and compare them with your spouse or other caretakers. This is a fantastic way to ensure that your baby’s schedules are always on track, as they can now be kept in one convenient, portable location.

If it is challenging to squeeze in a last-minute doctor visit, Doctor on Demand is crucial to providing peace of mind from the comfort of your own home. This app allows you to chat with board-certified physicians in your state through video conferencing, rather than dropping everything to go to the pediatrician only to wait for an appointment cancellation.

Now that you have a list of helpful apps to get you through the adoption process, you are more than prepared to get started. We hope that the resources mentioned in this article have you feeling confident and ready to start the process.

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