August 23rd, 2019
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Baby Gabe

Kyle Photo Success Story (002)

It was a Saturday afternoon. My cell phone rang and our coordinator said “surprise, we have a baby for you!” The baby was born that morning in another part of the state. The birth mother did not want to be involved and we needed to get on the road NOW! Because you need a good story to tell…my husband was not home. He was 3 hours away hiking in an area where there was no cell phone reception. So it was all on me! A friend came to my house within 5 minutes to take my older son. And within 30 minutes, I was on the road to make a 7 ½ hour drive by myself to meet our baby! I did not know the sex of the baby. We had absolutely nothing prepared to take care of a baby…clothes, diapers, car seat, or crib. To say that my head was spinning is an understatement!

My husband ended up making a plane reservation to fly up to join me first thing the next morning. I kept driving and made it to the hospital around 11:30pm. The nurse took me to the nursery and led me to a bassinet where I met our precious, beautiful baby BOY! My husband met him the next morning. We were discharged from the hospital that afternoon and we drove another 7 ½ hours bringing our little guy home to meet his brother. It was a whirlwind of a weekend!

We had almost given up hope and now here we are with a baby that is the perfect fit for our family. It is truly amazing. We have 2 beautiful boys. Our family is complete. Dreams really do come true.

Baby Gwynn


After years of having difficulty conceiving, we decided to explore adoption. When we met with Mark at Adopthelp, we knew adoption was the right path for us. He answered every question we had, was down to earth, and very professional.

We will never forget the phone call telling us we had been chosen by a birthmother! We had been matched only 5 months after completing our profile. Our first phone conversation with the birthmother lasted over 2 hours! We felt an immediate connection with her. Two weeks before her due date, we flew to Texas to meet her and the birthfather in person. At the end of the weekend, our daughter decided to come into the world two weeks early! She is the light of our lives and we cannot imagine life without her. Thank you Adopthelp, for making our dreams of having a family come true!

Baby Brianna

R - Brianna 2


We made our final decision to pursue adoption while vacationing on the beach in St. Lucia, it was September. We spent the rest of that year attending adoption seminars, meeting with national and local private agencies as well as researching adoption through the Department of Health and Family Services. After meeting Mark in December we knew this was the law firm for us, he was very down to earth, friendly and honest. The values of AdoptHelp were very much in line with our own and we really liked the fact that they work with people from all walks of life. We officially joined the AdoptHelp program in January. Almost one day to the year, our cell phone rang giving us the news that a birth mother chose us.  We immediately went in to action: travel plans, baby supplies, house sitter for our dogs, etc.  We were on the first flight to the east coast after receiving the call from the birth mother that she was in labor. The next day, our beautiful angel was born (Best day of our lives). We arrived at the hospital 30 minutes after the birth mother checked in and she has been in our arms/lives ever since. My husband even got to cut the umbilical cord.  The whole experience was a dream come true and AdoptHelp was there to assist every step of the way.

Baby Michael

Michael 2


Baby Michael has been a blessing for us since the moment we laid eyes on him and heard his first cry. As soon as we got married, we knew we wanted to start a family right away. We both have family and friends who have become parents by adoption and we have seen personally the love and devotion of their families. We were excited at the possibility of adoption but were overwhelmed by the whole process. We heard it would take years to adopt internationally and thought domestic adoption was impossible. When we contacted Adopt Help, they were very warm and personable and reassured us that domestic adoption was achievable and that we would definitely become parents more quickly than we thought.

Months would pass and there were moments when we thought our dream of having a child would never happen, but Adopt Help always reassured us that it definitely would. Well, they were right. Months later, when we least expected it, we got a call from Meredith who then told us a Birth mom was 8 months pregnant and chose us as potential parents for her child. We were so overjoyed and nervous at the same time. Things had to move quickly and we didn’t have to time to be nervous or think about all the details. Adopt Help guided us through every step of the way from beginning to end. Three weeks later we drove 10 hours and we were in the delivery room with both birthparents while our little baby boy was born. We fell in love with Michael right away and there is no doubt that he is meant to be our son.

Baby Sammy

Smilin' Sammy!


We were chosen by our baby’s birthmother six weeks before she gave birth to our son Sammy. Our bags were packed and we were prepared to fly across the country to meet the birthmother in the afternoon when we got the call at 5:45 a.m. that she was in labor and had been admitted to the hospital. We rushed off to the airport to catch the next flight and get our older son off to his grandparents. An hour and a half after arriving at the hospital, baby Sammy was born and we witnessed his arrival, cut his umbilical cord, and gave him his first kiss. Our AdoptHelp caseworker helped us deal with hospital red tape so that we could start spending every moment with our baby boy. We continued talking with the birthmother and her family during this time, getting to know them and working out how we would keep in touch. While tears were shed by all, we were grateful for the opportunity to meet this loving family and for the amazing gift the birthmother gave us. We now feel so blessed to have baby Sammy in our lives. His smile lights up the faces of everyone he meets and he gives us more joy than words can express.

Baby Milo

Baby Milo


We knew we wanted to adopt, but there were so many options to choose from. We spent a year researching international vs. domestic, agency vs. attorney adoption, and we learned a lot! Early on, however, AdoptHelp became our first choice. We wanted to bring a baby home from the hospital, and we wanted it to be the right match. And that is exactly what we got!

We really liked the AdoptHelp matching process because they let our family profile speak to the birth mothers directly. Olga helped us design a terrific profile, and we were in a match within five months. Our birth mother was a college student in northern California who was due in ten days. We were nervous about changing our lives on such short notice but, after a long phone call with both birth parents, we knew it was a perfect fit.

Nine days later, we were planning to meet the birth parents in a hospital here in L.A. That morning, however, Mark called to say there was a change of plans: our birth mother was going into labor in her dorm room! We threw our brand-new infant seat in the car and drove five hours north, getting to the hospital two hours after Milo was born. We walked into the delivery room and the birth mother said it was time for Milo’s parents to hold him. We will never forget that moment—or any minute of that wonderful day!

Milo is three months old now, and we are amazed by how much he has grown in such a short amount of time. He is a healthy, happy baby, and parenthood is even better than we thought it would be. We take lots of photos of Milo every day, just like we promised the birth mother in our family profile. We can’t wait to show that profile to Milo in a couple years—along with a photo album of the day he was born!

Baby Addison


In our decision to adopt, we researched several adoption agencies and decided upon AdoptHelp and together with our caseworker we started the journey that would change our lives. After completing our birth mother letter, our caseworker called and said that she had some great news; we were chosen by a birth mother and she was due in two weeks! We talked with the birth mother that night and everything fell into place. We originally planned on flying to Kansas the day before the scheduled birth in order to be there when our daughter was welcomed into this world but it seemed that she was on her own schedule and the birth mother went into labor almost a week early. After receiving the call from the birth mother at the hospital, we frantically rearranged our flight from Washington DC to Kansas hoping to arrive before our daughter was born. Although we missed the birth by a few hours we were holding our daughter that day and with the help of AdoptHelp we were able to bring her 9 days later. There were no words to describe the overwhelming feeling of love and completeness and we thank AdoptHelp for making our dreams come true and forever grateful to the birthmother for giving us our most precious gift, Addison.

Baby Larissa


R-Baby Larissa

We chose adoption after realizing that we were unable to conceive. It was an easy decision for us, as we had agreed early on that it was more important for us to experience the joys of parenthood and to give a child a loving and secure home that it might not otherwise have, than it was to have a biological child. After researching several agencies we chose to work with AdoptHelp on our adoption journey. We were chosen by a wonderful woman who was struggling to raise 3 children, and felt she could not adequately support the fourth that she was 6 months pregnant with. As she said the first time we spoke to her, “love is not enough”. She is one of the most loving, caring people you could wish to meet, but knew that she wanted her child to have better opportunities and more stability in life than she ever had, in addition to being loved.
We flew to Texas to meet the birth parents prior to Larissa’s birth, and then went back to Texas again for the birth. We are so grateful that we got to meet the birth parents and to get to know them just a little bit before Larissa was born. We remain in touch with the birthmother, and feel it is so important to do so in case Larissa ever wants to know more about where she came from when she’s older.
Larissa is a wonder and a joy. She makes us laugh and smile every single day. We are so grateful for her, and love her very much.

Baby Austen



I was with my mom and a friend in London when I received an urgent message from my sister: A baby was to be born and call Meredith from AdoptHelp immediately! When I spoke to Meredith, I learned that I was the #1 choice of a birthmother who’s due date was in 5 days – the day we were flying back home!  It took about 8 months for the birthmother to find me, although I had been in “the adoption process” for several years – initially pursuing the international route.  When I learned how good AdoptHelp was, I immediately switched over to domestic.

Full of excitement, I said “YES!” right away to Meredith and my very short Phase II period began.  Over the next few days there were lots of discussions on just what to call my new little boy. “Austen” seemed so fitting since we were following the footsteps of my favorite historical person and author (Jane Austen) when I heard the wonderful news. The next day I called this birthmother and we had a good talk.  We were both a little nervous (I know I was), shed a few tears, and she told me that she looked at herself as a surrogate…knowing that she wasn’t able to take care of a baby but wanted to do good for everyone. We met in person a week later (luckily she surpassed her due date by a week which gave me time to prepare for the new arrival); the next time we met was in the delivery room when I helped deliver beautiful Austen and cut his umbilical cord. Since then it’s been the most amazing year.  Austen will soon be one and is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Baby Jacob


It was love at first sight when adopting parents Paul and Roberta met 15 years ago. They had talked about adoption for years and when they found out they were not able to have more biological children, the final decision for them to adopt was easy. They could not have expected the phone call they received one afternoon from their AdoptHelp caseworker telling them that Baby Jacob had been born the night before and that Baby Jacob’s birth mother had contacted AdoptHelp and chosen them to be his adopting parents. Immediately, Roberta jumped into the car and drove two hours to the hospital and Paul left his work and followed soon after her. Roberta and Paul saw Baby Jacob that night and it was love at first sight…again! 

Baby David



We will never forget the day we became parents through AdoptHelp, because it was a day we had waited for so long. We were hesitant to try a domestic adoption, so we waited for over 2 years to hear the news from another country. Finally, we found AdoptHelp, through their website. We immediately knew they were the right choice for us. Just 6 months after completing our Dear Birth Mother brochures, we got a call telling us we had been chosen by a birth mother who had given birth to a healthy baby boy! We needed to immediately go to the hospital! We were at the hospital and holding our baby for the first time by that afternoon. The next day we brought our son David home with us. We had our friends and family waiting at the door with gifts and supplies so that we could stay home and enjoy our new family. It was definately one of the best days of our lives and a moment we will never forget. We are forever grateful to God, AdoptHelp and David’s birth mother for making our family possible. 

Baby Katarina


Ten months after adopting parents Christian and Michelle met on a ferry boat in the San Francisco Bay, they were married. The decision to adopt was easy for Christian and Michelle because Christian was adopted and Michelle always thought adoption was a wonderful way to build a family. A few years after adopting their son, Leo, from Eastern Russia, they decided to adopt again; this time domestically. Katarina’s birth parents, both college students, agreed that they were not ready to raise a child at their age and that adoption was the best option. They chose Christian and Michelle because they shared the same values and connected with each other when they met for the first time. Katarina’s birth mother asked Michelle to be in the delivery room during Katarina’s birth and they all shared in the first few hours of Katarina’s life. Christian and Michelle feel blessed for their family and admire Katarina’s birth parents for their courageous and selfless decision.

Baby Winter

BABY WINTER.jpg (Wondra)


We will never forget the day we found out we had been chosen by a birth mother because it was also the day our precious daughter was born! Just three and a half weeks after turning in our “Dear Birth Mother ” letter, we received the phone call that forever changed our lives. At 6 pm that day, we got a phone call telling us we had been chosen by a birth mother who had just given birth and we needed to immediately go to the hospital! We were at the hospital by 7:30 pm and 10 minutes later we were holding our baby for the first time. It was by far one of the best days of our lives and a moment we will never forget. The next day we brought our daughter, Winter Faith, home with us. She is our biggest joy and hearts delight! There is nothing better than watching her smile as she looks into our eyes and knows we are mommy and daddy forever!

Baby Quinn



The phone rang exactly two weeks after signing up with AdoptHelp. We had been picked by a birth mother that was due in 10 days. We accepted the match immediately and spoke with the birth mother the following day on the phone. It was an instant connection. We laughed and talked openly about the upcoming event. She had asked us to be in the delivery room while she was in labor and wanted us to cut the umbilical cord. We flew out a few days later to be by her side while waiting for the birth to happen. We met for dinner and attended a couple doctor appointments before the big day happened. When she went into labor we drove her to the hospital and remained with her throughout the 22 hours of labor. We all welcomed Quinn into the world and was able to share a magical moment with Quinn, the birth mother and the two of us as his family. Quinn is an amazing baby and brings absolute joy into our lives every day.

Baby Phoebe


In adoption, they say that there is a right match for everyone, but we did not know how true that statement was until we matched with Phoebe’s birth parents! We were so excited when we got the call from AdoptHelp a week after an unsuccessful match and we felt very comfortable talking to Phoebe’s birth parents from the start. During the first few weeks, it was clear that the birth parents wanted to know more about us and where Phoebe would grow up and we wanted to get to know them better and learn about where Phoebe came from. Because of our mutual desire to spend more time together, the birth parents came to visit us for a weekend in California. It was a great and welcoming surprise when Baby Phoebe decided that she wanted to come into the world that very same weekend! We went to the hospital for Phoebe’s birth and shared her first moments with her birth parents. We are forever grateful to them for giving us their most precious gift, Phoebe.

Baby Jacob


When our Uncle Bill, who lived the last four years of his life with us, passed away, we were able to pursue adoption with his gift of some inheritance money. We joined Adopthelp and 7 months later on the one year anniversary of our Uncle Bill’s passing, we matched with our wonderful birth mother Christina. We believe the match was sent from heaven above. We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome when our precious son Jacob was born 29 days later. This was our first match since signing up with Adopthelp.

We want to thank our case worker Mia and the teams from; Adopthelp, IAC, Agency in Delaware and the wonderful nurses at the hospital for their support, patience and guidance and knowledge to help in our successful adoption story. Also thank you to our family and friends for their continued love, support and prayers. And a very special thank you to our birth mother Christina and birth father for picking us to parent their baby boy who we will love unconditionally forever! We prayed and God blessed us with this precious baby and now our family is complete!

Baby Elijah

BABY ELIJAH.jpg (Sepkowitz)


When the phone rang I had a sense something special had just happened. My wife’s voice was bursting with emotion. It was the call we had been visualizing and playing in our minds ever since we were matched. The birth mom was in labor and it was “go time.” Our adoption adventure had begun. I left work and went home to pack. My wife’s colleague got our flight organized and within three hours we were in the air on our way to Illinois. We arrived in Chicago, rented a car, programmed the GPS and took the shortest route to the hospital. I called the birth father a few times to get updates about everyone’s status. Of course, we had hoped to be at the hospital for the birth, but we weren’t sure what the fates had in store for us. The birth father was telling us that everything looked good. We arrived at the labor and delivery wing by 11:45 pm. The birth father greeted us in the waiting room. We were fortunate to have flown to Illinois a week before and had an opportunity to have met the birth parents. They were thoughtful, kind and gracious. We had a chance to talk to the birth mom in the delivery room just before the delivery. We were awed by her strength and calm demeanor. The birth father left the room with us and walked us back to the waiting room. “I’d like to congratulate you.” He said. We told him we will cherish the child for a lifetime. About twenty minutes later, we were summoned by the nurses to go to another delivery room. Standing in the corner was a nurse holding a little boy. She looked up and said, “Come meet your son.” We walked over to him and told him how much we love him. It’s been six weeks since his birth and we can’t stop staring at our boy and feeling blessed to have him in our lives.

Baby Sarah


After many years trying to have a biological child, we decided to focus on adoption and immediately found AdoptHelp. Within two months of the completion of our home study, we were chosen by a birthmother. Although she ultimately decided to parent her child, we felt confident, despite our disappointment, that the right situation would eventually come along … we just didn’t realize how soon! Six weeks later we received a call: a baby girl had just been born in Connecticut. How quickly could we get on a plane to meet her? By sunrise the next morning, we were holding baby Sarah in our arms and we were happier than we’d ever been. Sarah’s birthmother came to visit our room and we spent several warm hours together over the next two days. By the time we left the hospital, the whole staff seemed to know our story, and we received baby gifts not only from our nurses, but from total strangers in the maternity ward! Beautiful baby Sarah has brightened our lives unimaginably. We are forever grateful to everyone that has helped make our family possible.

Baby Eliana

baby eliana


When Tim and Kaeleya joined AdoptHelp, they never could have expected what the next few months would bring. The same day that Tim and Kaeleya completed their “Dear Birth Mother” letter, Eliana’s birth mother contacted AdoptHelp. Eliana’s birth mother, just 14 years old, was nine months pregnant and felt that she was not emotionally or financially capable to parent a child. Eliana’s birth mother lost no time in selecting Tim and Kaeleya as adoptive parents, and just days later, Eliana was born. Tim and Kaeleya had the opportunity to meet Eliana’s birth mother before taking their precious daughter home. They have developed a wonderful relationship with Eliana’s birth mother and are forever grateful to her for giving them their greatest gift.

Baby Cole


Just a few months after signing up with AdoptHelp, Daniel and Tracy were matched with Cole’s birth parents who were struggling to support themselves. Cole’s birth parents wanted the best for their unborn child and felt that Daniel and Tracy shared the same values they did and would provide a loving and stable home. Only weeks after their initial meeting with Cole’s birth parents, Daniel and Tracy shared with them the first hours of Cole’s birth. Daniel and Tracy are grateful for the wonderful experience they had with Cole’s birth family and for giving them the special gift of parenthood.

Baby Hannah


It was love at first sight for adoptive parents Howard and Melanie who always knew that they wanted to have a child together. After struggling to get pregnant, they realized that adoption was the right path for them since both had family members who were adopted and they were grateful for those positive experiences. Baby Hannah’s birth mother was struggling to take care of three young children when she became pregnant again and contacted AdoptHelp seeking a wonderful family. Shortly after they were matched, Howard and Melanie flew to Florida to meet her family and communicated often with her during the pregnancy. Howard and Melanie were there to greet their little girl, Hannah, when she entered the world and they are so grateful for the joy she brings each day!

Baby Matthew


Since the beginning of their marriage, Steve and Kasia knew they wanted to build a family together and always considered adoption as a possible option. A few months after contacting AdoptHelp, Steve and Kasia were matched with Baby Matthew’s birth mother who was seven months along in her pregnancy. When Baby Matthew’s birth mother called to say she was in labor, Steve and Kasia booked the next flight to Colorado so that they could witness the birth of their beautiful son. Steve and Kasia are thrilled to have shared these first moments of Baby Matthew’s life with his birth mother. With Baby Matthew in their lives, they now have the family they always dreamed.

Baby Lexington and her older sister, Kenzington


Two years ago, adoptive parent Lori contacted AdoptHelp to help her reach her lifelong dream of being a mother. Lori was matched with Kenzington’s birth mother who soon gave birth to Kenzington in Georgia. Lori and Kenzington’s birth mother formed a close relationship and when Kenzington’s birth mother became pregnant again, she called AdoptHelp to see if Lori would like to adopt Kenzington’s sibling. Lori traveled to Georgia and was at the hospital when Baby Lexington entered the world. In Lori’s own words: “My daughters have an incredible birth mom who gave from her heart the precious gifts of life! She has such a huge heart and a lot of love for her daughters and has enabled me to fulfill my dreams of being a mom and giving so much love to my daughters. Just when you think life can’t get much better . . . It Does!”

Baby Hallie


Adoptive parents Justin and Eleece always had a desire to have a large family and contacted AdoptHelp after they were unable to have any more biological children. They were eager to extend their love and home to a child in need through the miracle of adoption. Hallie’s birth mother was trying to rebuild her life with her young daughters when she became pregnant again. She decided that she could not financially support another child and wanted to give her child a better life. When Hallie’s birth mother chose Justin and Eleece, she was grateful for their incredible enthusiasm and excitement about meeting her and being chosen as Hallie’s adoptive parents. Justin and Eleece talked with Hallie’s birth mother many times during the pregnancy and drove from California to Montana to meet Hallie’s birth mother and their new daughter just hours after her birth. Justin and Eleece are so in love with Hallie and Eleece says that their older children are “over the moon in love” too!

Baby Maggie


Having been together for six years, David and Scott knew it was the right time to start a family through adoption. David and Scott were chosen by Maggie’s birth mother who wanted to give Maggie as many opportunities as possible and knew that her decision to place her baby for adoption was the right one. Maggie’s birth mother met David and Scott a few days before she delivered and when they met, she felt even more confident and enthusiastic about her choice of David and Scott as adoptive parents. David and Scott are forever grateful to the birth mother for giving them their most precious gift, Maggie.

Baby Natalie

Baby Natalie

Five months after we had completed our ‘dear birthmother’ letter, our case worker and one of the attorneys at AdoptHelp called to tell us that they had some exciting news for us. After waiting a few hours to receive the details, we found ourselves driving through torrential rain to get to a hospital in Texas. We held our daughter at the hospital when she was only 12 hours old. Although the birth mother did not choose to meet us, we were able to spend the entire day at the hospital, bonding with our new baby. When she was 2 days old, we brought her home, to be welcomed by our family and friends. We are so thankful for the service AdoptHelp provided to bring us together with our daughter. We highly recommend AdoptHelp for this journey called adoption.

Baby Keira


After adopting their son, Rory, with AdoptHelp’s assistance one year ago, adoptive parents Peter and Maeve were eager to grow their family once again. The excitement began when AdoptHelp received a phone call from Keira’s birth mother who had just given birth to Keira in Louisiana. AdoptHelp contacted Peter and Maeve with the great news that Keira’s birth mother had chosen them as adoptive parents. Peter and Maeve traveled from California to Louisiana to meet Keira at the hospital. Keira’s birth mother is so happy with her decision and believes that Peter and Maeve will be wonderful parents. Peter and Maeve are thrilled about their daughter and Rory especially loves playing with his baby sister!

Baby Shaia


When Shaia’s birth mother saw Phil and Kristin’s description on the AdoptHelp website and read their profile, she felt that her unborn son was meant to be with them. After talking to Phil and Kristin on the telephone, she knew they were the right people to be her son’s parents. Phil and Kristin drove from California to Kentucky to be with Shaia’s birth mother when she delivered him. Phil and Kristin shared the first moments of Shaia’s life and are forever thankful to Shaia’s birth mother for giving them the best gift of all.

Baby Trent


Looking back, adoptive parents Bob and Dana realize that the match that mutually dissolved two weeks before being matched with Trent’s birth mother was a huge blessing in disguise. Initially, Bob and Dana did not know how much contact they wanted with a birth mother, nor did Trent’s birth mother really want a lot of contact with the adoptive parents. That all changed when Bob and Dana traveled to her hometown on two occasions to meet her and her family. They exchanged emails and talked weekly up until Bob and Dana drove back for Trent’s birth. Baby Trent was five days late, but it was another blessing, as it gave Bob and Dana more time to spend with Trent’s birth mother and her family. When Trent finally arrived, Dana assisted throughout the 36-hour labor and even cut the umbilical cord. Bob got to see Trent cleaned up and weighed for the first time. Trent’s birth mother invited Bob and Dana to “camp out” in her hospital room to care for and bond with Trent. It was an emotional farewell the last day, as gifts were exchanged and tears shed. Getting to know Trent’s birth mother and being able to be with her to welcome Trent into the world has exceeded Bob and Dana’s wildest expectations as to what domestic adoption would be like. What a wonderful story to tell their son!

Baby Bryant


Two years ago, adoptive parents Shawn and Kerry welcomed a baby boy, Jett, through the miracle of adoption. Excited to expand their family, Shawn and Kerry reunited with AdoptHelp and were chosen by Bryant’s birth mother who hoped to find a loving, stable home for her unborn daughter. Bryant’s birth mother was grateful to find Shawn and Kerry, as they spent a lot of time with her during the pregnancy and often accompanied her to doctor appointments. Bryant’s birth mother feels extremely close to Shawn and Kerry and knows they will be excellent parents. Shawn and Kerry named Bryant in honor of her birth mother and they love every moment spent with Jett and Bryant. As you can tell by the photo, Jett loves his baby sister too!

Baby Nathaniel


Adoptive parents Carey and Sean met ten years ago and always knew they would grow their family through adoption. Nathaniel’s birth mother chose Carey and Sean because of an instant connection as soon as she saw their profile. After meeting Carey and Sean and seeing the love between them, she felt even more confident in her decision. Carey and Sean will be forever grateful for the gift Nathaniel’s birth mother gave to them and the happiness she felt in creating their family.

Baby Major


After struggling for several years with infertility, Josh and Heather decided to build their family through adoption. Just five weeks after becoming clients of AdoptHelp, they were matched with Major’s birth mother. A couple of weeks later, they flew to California for the weekend to get to know Major’s birth mother and her family. That weekend was a very special time. During the match, Josh and Heather got to check in on Major’s birth mother regularly over the phone. They flew back to California a week before her due date and waited in anticipation for their son’s arrival. Josh and Heather finally received the call to go to the hospital three days after the due date where they reunited with Major’s birth mother and their new son. They are forever grateful to Major’s precious birth mother for giving them the most miraculous gift of all.

Baby Clark


Just weeks after signing up with AdoptHelp, Michael and Elizabeth received a telephone call from AdoptHelp that a birth mother had chosen them to be the adoptive parents of her unborn son, Clark. Michael and Elizabeth accompanied Clark’s birth mother to her doctor’s appointment and were in the delivery room when Clark was born. In just three months time, Michael and Elizabeth signed up with AdoptHelp and took Clark home. Clark is the absolute joy of their lives and, even though his birth mother and adoptive parents come from very different backgrounds, Clark has an amazing resemblance to his adoptive father.

Baby Emily

Emily-cute smile for shower pic

After years of struggling with infertility, adoptive parents Karen and Terence were ready to pursue a domestic adoption. When they signed up with AdoptHelp, Karen noted that “pregnancy lasts nine months, but motherhood lasts a lifetime.” Emily’s birth mother was six months into her pregnancy when she chose Karen and Terence to be the adoptive parents. The birth mother lived in New York and Karen and Terence lived in California. Although many miles separated them, they stayed in contact throughout the pregnancy and became very close. Karen and Terence flew out to New York several days prior to the baby’s due date so that they could visit with Emily’s birth mother. Indeed, they shared a lot of quality time together since the baby arrived many days after her due date. Karen and Terence were in the delivery room to welcome Emily into the world and Karen even cut Emily’s umbilical cord.

Baby John


Five months after signing up with AdoptHelp, Pam and Steve were chosen by John’s birth mother who was to give birth the next day. Pam and Steve drove six hours to the hospital and arrived shortly after John’s birth. Initially, John’s birth mother thought it would be too emotional to meet Pam and Steve, but then changed her mind and visited with them for several hours. Pam and Steve and John’s birth mother feel very blessed to have shared the beautiful story of John’s birth.

Baby Torbin


Upon contacting our office, Torbin’s birth mother and birth father were homeless with three months to go in the pregnancy. After finding them immediate housing, the birth parents looked over many profiles to find the perfect parents for their baby. They both separately chose adoptive parents and were surprised when they learned they both had selected the same couple. They knew it was meant to be. During the process of getting to know each other the birth parents asked the adoptive mother to be in the delivery room to witness the birth of the baby. It was truly an amazing experience. The birth parents could not be more at peace with their decision and the adoptive parents could not be more ecstatic to start the family of which they have always dreamed.

Baby Koda Mae



Koda Mae’s birth mother contacted our office one month before her baby was due and wanted to keep everything confidential. She came to our office to meet us with her mother and did not want to meet the adoptive parent she would chose to adopt the baby. When we contacted Isabel about being chosen by the birth mother, she was ecstatic but had hoped that she would have been able to meet the birth mother at least once. As the match progressed, the birth mother expressed to her caseworker that she had a change of heart and wanted to meet the adoptive mother. It was arranged for them to meet at our office where the birth mother and her mother came in to meet Isabel for the first time. Days later they all were in the labor and delivery room together to take part in the birth of Koda Mae.

Baby Parker James



Birth mother Amy contacted our office two weeks before the baby was due to be born. She did not want contact with the adoptive parents but did want to choose them for her child.

Adoptive parents Jennifer and David were chosen by their birth mother and within six months of becoming clients. Jennifer and David flew to California and waited for the baby to be born. Although they did not meet the birth mother they did get to meet her sister. They are now proud parents of a healthy baby boy, Parker James.

Baby Denise


Adoptive parents Denny and Maria were chosen by placing parents Cristina and Joseph just one month after becoming clients. There was an instant connection. Denny and Maria were delighted to be at the hospital during the birth of the baby. They are proud parents of their little girl and are so happy to be a family.

Baby Grace


One week after Beck signed up as a client, she was chosen by a birth mother.  Taken by surprise, she decided not to move forward with the feeling that it was not the “right” match for her. Nine months later, she was elated to be chosen by another birth mother who she instantly knew was the birth mother she was meant to have found.

Birth mother Ilizabeth was 6 months pregnant at the time and very committed to the placement.  Baby Grace was born with her biological and adoptive families all together to welcome her into the world.  Beck flew to Alabama to spend time with the baby, Ilizabeth and her family while at the hospital. After a week in Alabama, Beck and Baby Grace flew home.

Baby Benjamin


Birth mother Corrinne had been through a lot and was wise beyond her young years. She knew adoption was the right path for her. With her mother’s help, she chose adoptive parents Hartmut and Petra, who had been clients for only five weeks before being chosen. Corrinne loved that they traveled often to their native Germany. They met in person shortly after matching and that solidified everyone’s belief that this was the perfect match. Corrinne’s happiness and joy for the adoptive family is truly inspirational. Baby Benjamin was welcomed into the world by Hartmut, Petra, and their family who flew out from Germany to be at the birth.

Zach and Julia



Adoptive parents Matt and Heather were chosen by their birthmother within 5 months of becoming clients however they had been considering adoption for a while. Zack and Julia’s birthmother contacted our office and was very involved in choosing the perfect family for her children. When Matt and Heather were chosen and were told they were having a boy and a girl twins they could not be happier. There was an initial scare because Julia was breach, however the labor and delivery was fine. Julia came first and a few minutes later Zack followed. Matt and Heather could not be happier having a son and a daughter at the same time. The adoptive parents and birthmother developed a great relationship and were all in the labor and delivery room together for the birth of the babies.

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