August 23rd, 2019
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Benefits of Selecting An Adoptive Family Through AdoptHelp:

  • AdoptHelp families are educated about and committed to adoption. Each adoptive family has a verified home study and background clearances.

  • We have a large number of adoptive families with diverse backgrounds from all over the country from whom to select.

  • You select from families who are prescreened to fit your requirements and also already demonstrate a commitment to wanting to pursue and adoption with you.

  • AdoptHelp case workers are your personal assistant and handle every aspect of your adoption plan so you don’t have to.

  • Your AdoptHelp case worker will assist you with everything from moral support, a hospital plan, financial support, housing, help with making the decisions that are right for you, handling all of the details of your adoption plan and following up with you after placement.

  • Your AdoptHelp case worker will help you choreograph your adoption plan. It is your case worker’s responsibility to handle all the difficult or uncomfortable conversations as your advocate. This way you can maintain a healthy and positive relationship with the adoptive family you have selected.

  • AdoptHelp will continue to assist you after delivery with everything from paying for counseling, providing moral support, advocacy, and assistance with employment and housing.

  • AdoptHelp families can only work with one expectant mother and must make a full commitment to you and your adoption plan in order to proceed.

  • All AdoptHelp families fund a housing and living trust for the birth mother with whom they are matched. Your expenses are paid through our program and we only present families to you who can and will be able to assist with your expenses.

  • AdoptHelp Law Center is a law firm that handles all legal compliance work.

  • You can explore all types of adoption and try it out without having to involve a family from the onset.

Reasons Why We Do NOT recommend Finding an Adoptive Family Online and Contacting Them Directly:

  • Catfishing is a huge problem. It is challenging for you to know with absolute certainty that the people you are speaking with and the story they are telling you is real.

  • The “do-it-yourself” approach means you don’t have anyone protecting you as your advocate.

  • After you deliver, who will be around you to assist and support you?

  • You will have to handle difficult discussions with the adoptive family yourself. If you need more living expenses or are having second thoughts about the adoption, you will need to discuss that directly with the adoptive family.

  • You don’t know if the family you are talking to is also talking to other expectant mothers and can be trusted to follow through with your adoption plan.

  • A family may not be open to assisting you with housing and living expenses or may not be permitted to provide you with expenses based on the laws of their state.

  • You don’t know if the family is truly open to the gender, ethnicity, level of openness you desire, etc.

  • The adoptive family you directly contact likely will dictate which attorneys and adoption professionals you will be working with rather than the choice being yours.

  • You can’t explore adoption as an option without getting a family involved. In which case, if you change your mind you have to tell the family yourself and risk hurting them.

AdoptHelp Testimonials

  • AdoptHelp was amazing.  They handled every aspect of my adoption plan.  My case worker was nothing short of AMAZING.  I love the family I chose and still keep in contact with them and my case worker.

  • After about 12 different websites, I found AdoptHelp. After reading everything the site had to offer, I sat mesmerized by the life one of these couples could provide for my child, the life I knew I couldn't. I will always be thankful for AdoptHelp. They erased my worst fears and helped me make the best out of a hard situation. - Birth Mother