July 23rd, 2019
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How the Republican Tax Reform Affects the Adoption Tax Credit

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How the Republican Tax Reform Affects the Adoption Tax Credit

UPDATE: Some good news! The Senate’s revised tax proposal restores the adoption tax credit, but there are still actions to take to make sure the adoption tax credit remains as the House and Senate finalize their joint tax proposal.

Take Action (Source: RESOLVE)

  1. If this proposed bill is passed, the Adoption Tax Credit would go away completely beginning in 2018. Read RESOLVE’s statement.

  2. The bill repeals the employer provided adoption assistance exclusion. Currently, if you get an adoption assistance benefit from your employer it is not considered income for taxable purposes, but with this bill that benefit will be taxed as income.

  3. The bill eliminates the Medical Expense deduction, if you itemize your deductions and have a lot of out-of-pocket medical costs. Read RESOLVE in the news on this issue.

We’re asking everyone to send a letter to your U.S. Representative right now and let Members of Congress know that they can’t make it even harder for people to build their families.


House Republicans introduced a tax reform proposal on November 2, 2017 that eliminates the Adoption Tax Credit from the United States tax code. The Adoption Tax Credit has helped lessen the financial burden of adopting a child for many families. For the 2017 tax year, eligible families were able to claim a maximum of $13,750 in adoption expenses.

The Adoption Tax Credit plays a significant role in helping children find permanent homes with families who aren’t able to adopt due to financial restrictions. If the tax reform is passed and the adoption tax credit is eliminated, it may make it impossible for some families to adopt.

To protect the Adoption Tax Credit and keep it refundable, contact your local representative and encourage them to preserve the Adoption Tax Credit. For more information on how to contact your legislators, click here: https://adoptiontaxcredit.org/take-action/.

Stay connected with AdoptHelp on Facebook for further updates on the tax reform and how it will affect the current state of adoption.

Please note that we are adoption professionals and can discuss our program, but any specific information about the tax credit (like whether or not you qualify) should be directed to a tax attorney or accountant.

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