July 23rd, 2019
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Tips for Creating Your Birth Mother Profile!

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Tips for Creating Your Birth Mother Profile!

Whether you call it a birth mother profile, dear birth mother letter, family profile, parent profile, or adoption portfolio, this is your chance to make a first impression on a birth mother. It can be intimidating to create a profile that reflects you and your personality, while appealing to a birth mother who is looking for a family to place her baby. With over a decade of experience in the field, AdoptHelp has seen all kinds of profiles, from the good, to the bad, to the ugly. Here are a few things we have learned when it comes to creating a successful profile.

Birth Mother

  1. Know your audience!
    First, know your audience. It is important to understand the demographic you are looking to reach—birth mothers. Birth mothers can range in age from teenagers to women in their early 40’s. Most are single mothers who are currently parenting two or three children. Make sure your profile appeals to this “20-something” demographic by making your profile bright, positive, and easy to read. Especially during her time of difficulty, birth mothers will gravitate towards profiles using positive language that is inspiring and uplifting. Also, keep in mind that the general population has an eighth grade reading level, so your text should be short and sweet while using more casual language. For example, instead of saying that you are a CPA, write out “certified public accountant.” Your profile is meant to be a friendly, heartfelt way to describe you to a young woman.

  2. Pictures are VERY important!
    We all know the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but often times birth mothers do just that! If a birth mother does not connect with the initial pictures she sees, she is not likely to continue reviewing your profile and the text you carefully crafted. This is why your pictures, and especially your cover picture, are extremely important to your profile! We recommend selecting casual, but fun and active photos that reflect your day-to-day life. It is important to select photos that exude happiness while also showing how you spend time with family and friends, celebrate holidays, and have fun. A birth mother should be able to picture what her baby’s life would be like as a part of your family. Because you are the focus of these photos, look for pictures that focus on your face but avoid hats, sunglasses, and any dark or cluttered backgrounds. In order to accurately portray your life, most of your photos should be recent and taken in the last year.

  3. Be yourself!
    Be genuine and be yourself! While the pictures, text, and layout of your profile are very important, make sure to be true to yourself and your personality. Don’t be discouraged when you see examples of profiles depicting a seemingly perfect, cookie-cutter family. Your intention shouldn’t be to create a profile that every birth mother loves, but a profile with which the right birth mother connects. Birth mothers come from all different backgrounds and are looking for very different things when selecting an adoptive family for their baby. You just want to make sure that your profile provides an accurate glimpse of you and your day-to-day life. This way, when you are selected by a birth mother hoping to place her baby with you, you can rest assured that she felt a genuine connection to you and the life she hopes her baby will have.

Still having trouble?
Take a look at some of the wonderful profiles on our website! These hopeful adoptive parent profiles have good examples of the kinds of photos, text sections, and layouts to use. Always feel free to reach out to your case worker, as they are a great resource and have seen it all! If you are still stuck, take a break. Step away from the profile for a while and come back with fresh eyes. If you are still having trouble, we can also provide referrals for graphic designers to assist you with your profile.

For more tips and advice on creating your profile, please reach out to your AdoptHelp case worker. Our expert case workers are happy to provide specific feedback and assist you throughout the creation of your profile.

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