July 23rd, 2019
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What You Should Know About Single Parent Adoption

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What You Should Know About Single Parent Adoption

AdoptHelp welcomes anyone who wants to become a parent and we don’t have age restrictions within our program. AdoptHelp believes that this is may be the best time for single parents to adopt domestically. Statistics reveal that nearly one-quarter of children are growing up in single-parent households, while almost 25% of adoptions are single-parent adoptions. It is not just the numbers that lend credence to domestic single parent adoption. Plenty of research studies have shown that children raised by single parents have experienced just as positive outcomes as children adopted by couples.

Single Parent

Single parents also have plenty of benefits to offer for children who need a home. Single parents invariably have had happy and fulfilling childhoods and they want to share that experience with their adopted child. Moreover, they have the same commitment and devotion as married couples when it comes to their approach towards adoption and are equally capable of providing a stable, loving and nurturing environment at home for a child. Adoptive single parents use family and friends for extended support and give their child full attention. They are secure with financial planning for the future and a vast majority of them are settled in their careers.

At present, adoption laws and regulations are favorable for single parent adoption across the United States (in all 50 states), be it a single mother or a single father who petitions a court to adopt a child.

In domestic private placement adoptions, birth parents select the adoptive parent(s) with whom they want to place the baby. This causes fear in the minds of some single parents that birth parents will more likely choose a couple to adopt. However, in reality, there is a lot of subjectivity in the birth parents’ choices, and a majority of birth parents do not express a preference and just want a wonderful home for their baby. They consider all family types without discrimination and make their choice based upon the connection they feel towards the adoptive parent(s).

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