July 23rd, 2019
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3 Questions You Should Ask Your Adoption Attorney

The adoption process can be a beautiful and seamless experience with the right tools and resources. Depending on which route you choose, be it through an attorney, agency, or facilitator, there are precautions every adoptive…

Adoption Through Various Routes: Attorney, Agency, and Facilitator

Even once you’ve made the decision to adopt, there are still many choices to be made and different ways to go about the process. Some prospective adoptive parents may only want to adopt an infant,…

Understanding the Process of Attachment

Understanding the process of attachment and how to promote attachment as a parent are very important concepts for adoptive parents to understand. Attachment is the emotional bond between a child and his/her parents through a…

Preparing Your Adopted Child for Questions About Adoption

Talking to your child about their adoption can elicit different emotions from adoptive parents. Some may be excited to share the story of love, while other adoptive parents may be nervous about answering the questions…

Modern Domestic Adoptions, What is a Normal Case Like?

At first glance, adoption may seem like a complicated and overwhelming process. Not only are there domestic, international and foster care options, but there are different processes for adopting infants versus older children. Prospective adoptive…

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