August 23rd, 2019
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Given the ever changing adoption regulations in each of the 50 states, we believe that hiring an adoption attorney is critical and should be done prior to creating any adoption plan.

Among many other things, adoption laws across the country regulate the permissible ways adoptive parents can advertise or be introduced to birth parents. They regulate the types and amounts of pregnancy-related birth mother expenses that can be provided to a birth mother, whether an adoption attorney must be hired to represent the birth parents, the amount of counseling a birth parent must receive and the process and timing of obtaining irrevocable adoption consents.

Adoption is an intimate process. Be sure that you interview the adoption attorney you are thinking of retaining before you hire him or her. You also should check with the State Bar to see that they are in good standing and have no disciplinary record. Ask the prospective lawyer for a list of referrals and have a list of questions ready to ask about everything from their approach and personality to fees and fee structures.

Independent Adoption: One of the Leading Ways to Adopt

In the United States, independent adoption is one of the leading ways to adopt a newborn baby. This process usually is based on the open adoption concept in which a birth mother chooses the prospective adoptive parent(s) that she wants to adopt her baby, and the adoptive parent(s), after receiving full family history and medical records, choose to proceed with the adoption.

In an independent adoption, the birth parents sign placement papers that allow the adoptive parent(s) to take both legal and physical custody of the baby from the hospital. This means that the birth mother does not have to relinquish her parental rights to a licensed adoption agency that then takes legal custody of the child.

Independent adoption often is chosen by a birth mother because she does not want anyone other than the adoptive parent(s) she selects to take legal custody of the child. It also is selected by adoptive parents because it often is a quicker process than some of the other methods of adoption.

Each state has its own specific laws regarding this type of adoption. In a few states, adoption outside of an adoption agency is not legal. As always, it is important that you speak with an adoption attorney about therelevant laws in your state.

At AdoptHelp, we represent clients and birth parents in both independent and agency placements and believe that the benefits and liabilities of each method of adoption need to be explored on a client-by-client basis.

Whether you are a birth mother or a prospective adoptive parent researching your options, we welcome the opportunity to further discuss the best type of adoption for you. Our staff is available 24/7 to answer any questions that you have.

AdoptHelp Law Center is a full service adoption law firm. Each AdoptHelp Law Center adoption attorney is available 24/7 to discuss your options and we do not charge anything for a consultation.

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