July 23rd, 2019
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Adoption New Year’s Resolutions!

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Adoption New Year’s Resolutions!

As the holidays and 2016 come to a close, you may be considering which New Year’s resolution to make for 2017. Over recent years, modern domestic adoptions have improved leaps and bounds, allowing for more transparency, understanding, and decreased stigma. But, there is always room for improvement! Whether you are considering adoption and want to learn more, have a personal experience with adoption, or just want to promote the cause, consider the many ways to get involved by making an adoption-focused New Year’s resolution! Read on for some suggestions for adoption resolutions.

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  1. Learn and use positive adoption language.

  2. Talk to a couple or someone who has adopted.

  3. Contact AdoptHelp for information on a personalized adoption plan.

  4. Check out your state laws to determine what options you have for adopting.

  5. Contact other adoption professionals to learn about their programs and processes.

  6. Research an adoption topic and educate yourself about recent studies on adoption.

  7. Buy a book about adoption.

  8. Peruse adoptive parent profiles or Dear Birth Mother letters.

  9. Research home study agencies in your state.

  10. Share your story and any personal experiences with adoption.

  11. Spread awareness about adoption through social media.

  12. Volunteer at an adoption or foster-related charity, organization, or event.

  13. Get involved with foster adoption by fostering, sponsoring a child, donating materials, or spending time with foster children.

  14. Highlight adoption at your local schools by speaking to an administrator or teacher about including adoption in the curriculum or donating adoption-related children’s books for the library.

  15. Offer support to someone who may be struggling in their adoption journey. If you have experience with adoption, reaching out to others who are struggling can be comforting and may even introduce new, helpful perspective.

  16. Get friends, family, and others involved in promoting, learning, and educating about adoption!

We have high hopes for the incoming year and especially for the world of adoption! We hope that these adoption-focused resolutions inspire you to get involved with adoption in one way or another. Whether you are just getting started learning about adoption, or have been involved for years, our case workers are happy to answer any questions you may have: 1-800-637-7999. If you have an adoption-related New Year’s resolution not listed here, share it with us in the form below!

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