July 16th, 2019
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Building Relationships with Other Adoptees

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Building Relationships with Other Adoptees

making friends with adoptees

Making friends is an important part of growing up. As a child, it is beneficial to be exposed to people that are both similar, and different than you. So, as an adoptee, finding friends that have also been through the adoption process can be helpful.  According to many adoptive parents, helping their adopted children meet other children and families in similar situations has offered them incredibly supportive relationships. One mother believes, “It is a crucial part of my children’s development to know there are other kids like them.”

Before searching for families that have also been through the adoption process, it’s important to understand the benefits of building these relationships, as well as how you can start looking.

How will this help my family?

There are numerous benefits for children who have been through the adoption process, and even more when they can connect with someone from a similar background. Meeting other adoptees can give your child a strong sense of belonging. When they are surrounded by peers that all live with their biological families, it may be easy for an adoptee to feel excluded. By having a friend or community with the same experiences, your child may feel reassured, proud, and even empowered about having such a unique story.

By talking to peers with the same experiences, your child will learn how to communicate about adoption freely and be more comfortable with their upbringing. These friendships foster a positive culture surrounding adoption that can help your child accept and form their self-identity while growing up. Other adoptees and their families can also be a wonderful resource for you and your child if you’re facing an issue and need advice from someone that understands. You can also share your experiences, advice, resources and more about adopting children if you make friends with other adoptive parents.

adopted children making friends

Where can I find other adoptive families?

Friendships are often built upon shared interests or similarities. Befriending other adoptive families may be easier than it seems, since you already share something in common. Some ways you can find other adoptive families are through support groups, social media, social events, adoption assistance programs, seminars, mentoring groups, and more. Oftentimes, your adoption professional or case worker can provide different ways to connect with other adoptive parents. By using these resources to connect with families, it’ll be easier to find adoptees within the same age group as your child.

AdoptHelp is a great resource for families to learn about adoption and connect with each other. Our program hosts a picnic every other year, where our adoptive families and their new additions can meet, interact, share experiences, and even continue the relationship outside of AdoptHelp. If you have any questions about how to build relationships with other adoptees or about adoption in general, feel free to visit our site at www.adopthelp.com or give us a call at 800-637-7999. Be sure to ask us about our adoption seminar on Saturday, April 29, 2017!

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