July 16th, 2019
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Can you answer the following questions

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Can you answer the following questions

We have heard incredible things about your program. Can you answer the following questions: 1) Do most adoptive parents go forward with the 1st birth mother who selects them or do they pass & wait for the “perfect” match; 2) What is the average of this happening; & 3) when a birth mother selects an adoptive parent in your program, how likely is it that it results in a successful adoption.

Thank you for your wonderful questions. With respect to your first question, we only present prospective adoptive parent profiles to fully screened, last trimester birth mothers who fit the requirements of each prospective adoptive parent in advance. This greatly increasesthe likelihood that the client will want to pursue the first birth mother who selects him/her. That being said, the decision of whether to match with a specific birth mother is a visceral, as opposed to an analytical, process. Simply put, it has to feel right. If a client doesn’t feel that the situation is right for him/her, he/she can always pass on the opportunity and continue to be presented to birth mothers until the “right” birth mother selects them. With respect to your second question regarding the average number of clients who pass on being selected by a birth mother, we would estimate that approximately 80% of clients go forward with the first birth mother who selects them and about 20% pass on their first opportunity. With respect to your third question, we are very proud to be able to report that when a birth mother selects one of our clients through our program, and the client decides to go forward with the match, that match is three times more likely to result in a successful placement than the national average of all adoption programs. We hope this answers all of your questions. As always, please feel free to send us more or give us a call at 818-789-3477 so we can further discuss.


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